I started Julep out of a passion for girlfriends and the magic that happens when we create freedom for each other. I am so grateful for the women who have helped me see that my comfort zone is much bigger than I could see on my own.

Whether you are trying a new color, applying for a new job, moving to a new city, I wish you freedom and fun! There’s no wrong way, only your way.

That’s what Brave Pretty is all about.



Pretty is precious.
It’s dainty. And polite.

Pretty follows the rules.
 Never speaks out of turn.
 And always asks for permission first.

Let’s stop it with the pretty, please.

It’s time we take that box of
crayons we call makeup.
 And draw outside the lines.

Whether we’re doing the boldest eye 
Or nudest lip.
All that matters is that we’re trying it.
And having fun with it.
Knowing that there are no mistakes.
No judgments.

Because pretty shouldn’t be
something we define for you.
 It’s whatever you choose to show us.

Brave Pretty