3 Beauty Tips to Make Your Eyes “Pop”

by Erica Stolman | 1 Comment

eyeshadows for your eye color

  • First, and foremost, you want to pick the right color shadow/liner for your specific eye color. 
  • + Grey Eyes: Grey is a cool color, and grey eyes typically look best when paired with other cool colors. Even matching greys and silvers. 
  • + Blue Eyes: Brown is the contrast color of blue, so stick to colors in that general area… i.e. warm shades such as peach. 
  • + Green Eyes: Using colors that are in the orange family will be your best bet and will make your eyes pop like never before. 
  • + Hazel Eyes: Purple, purple, purple! Not much else to say there, if you have hazel eyes- load up on any and all shades of purple. 
  • + Brown Eyes: Not going to lie,  brown eyed ladies are pretty lucky as they can wear just about any color. Although being a brown eyed girl myself, my favorite color choices have got to be purples, greens, and natural shades of brown. 
  • tips for making eyes pop
  • To finish off your total “eye look” and make your eyes look way bigger and more stunning than they already do, you are going to need to do two very important things.
  • + When you are all done applying your mascara, don’t forget to curl your lashes (as many people do). The act of curling your lashes is probably the single most important thing you can do to open up you eyes.
  • + Bushy & overgrown brows are never a good look, but they will also make your eyes look much smaller. Be sure to keep your brows groomed either by tweezing your self or seeing a brow-expert. If you can’t afford a wax every two-three weeks, that’s fine. Get one wax from a pro, and from there on out be sure to keep up the shape by tweezing stray hairs on the regular.

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  • Suanne Lilla

    I’m loving the eye liners…..sooo pretty. I’ve got hazel eyes, so would like a bright blue or purple liner.