5 Fun Ways to Practice Sustainable Fashion

by Erica Stolman | 1 Comment

Green Fashion Trends

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Sustainable, or eco-fashion, is the notion of considering the social & environmental effects of the clothes you wear on a daily basis. Have you ever recycled an old t-shirt by cutting it into a tank top? Good job, you just recycled your clothes!

If you aren’t much of the creative type, that’s okay too, because there are many ways you can go green with your wardrobe

  1. Instead of tossing out your old clothes, why not drop them off at a thrift store or Goodwill. They do say that ones man trash, is an others treasure. Who knows, the thrift store may even pay you for your old clothes?! Wouldn’t that be a nice added bonus.
  2. While you are in that thrift store dropping off your old clothes, grab yourself some new digs. Instead of heading to the Internet and paying a fortune for new clothes that come wrapped in plastic and cardboard, head to your local thrift store & do your shopping there. They often even reward you with a discount when you opt not to take a bag. 
  3. Natural fibers are much better than synthetics, as they are… natural (duh!). Some natural fibers to try: 100% organic cotton, wool, hemp, bamboo, etc. 
  4. Check out Etsy!! Etsy is a shopping site full of handmade, sustainable jewelry and clothing products. Not only are you supporting other artists, but also you are doing something for the good of everyone. I’d call that a win-win. 
  5. Try your hand at some DIY projects. Turn that tee you don’t want any more into a fabulous headband, or cut those worn out jeans into a fun pair of shorts! With a few snips of your scissor you could turn your old clothes into new show-stopping pieces! 
Happy World Environment Day! GO GREEN!
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  • LunA

    Hi Erica Stolman,
    Is brandy melville a sustainable brand, on what facts did you base that? I was wondering for a while now, but couldn’t find any information, thanks!