5 Tips for Hosting a Girl’s Night In Grammy Party

by Nichole from Vanilla Extract | 0 comments

At Home Grammys Party

It’s almost Grammy time, Mavens. What better way to watch the awards than with a little girls- night-in watch party? It’s time to ooh and ahh over the show’s most memorable moments and trade groans over red carpet wardrobe malfunctions and interrupted acceptance speeches. But seriously, hopefully no one pulls a Kanye.

Cue the music. Here are five tips from Vanilla Extract for hosting a fun Grammy award party:

1. Pick a theme.
The party is centered around the awards of course, but you could take it one step further and have all of your girlfriends dress up as their favorite childhood pop star (or current one!). But if dressing up as Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera seems like too much of a throwback, you could always go with a disco theme or call it a jammie night.

2. Get toasted.
No party is complete without a little bubbly and a great spread of appetizers. So create a signature drink, like the Elderflower Champagne Cocktail, and have each girlfriend bring a different dish to snack on during the show. It will alleviate the stress of having to prepare everything on your own so you can focus on cleaning, the pre-show playlist, and getting your mani station in order!

3. Show off your inner Maven.
Sunday is mani night. Nothing says let’s G.S.D. like a fresh manicure in your Monday meetings. If you have 99 problems trying to paint your non-dominant hand (guess who?), you can ask one of your girlfriends for assistance. Lay out all of your Julep faves ahead of time and make sure to have extra cotton balls and paper towels on hand in case of an emergency.

4. Make it interesting.
Watching the Grammys is entertaining as is, but turning it into a game is even better. Create a Grammy award ballot of the show’s nominees, so guests can vote on the winners in each category. You could even add a category for who’s going to have the best wardrobe malfunction, just for laughs. Award a fun prize, like a Maven Box, to the person who chose the most winners.

5. Snap the night away.
Take lots of photos throughout the night so you can laugh about them the next day or use them as next year’s invitation to remind everyone how much fun you all had!