7 Fair Trade Fashion Pieces Fit For a Fashion Queen

by Erica Stolman | 1 Comment
  • fair trade fashion
  • Happy International Women’s Day ladies!!! Let’s celebrate… with some awesome fair trade fashion.
  • Fair trade, in layman’s terms, is a business model that was developed in order to help create a sustainable economy in various disadvantaged communities throughout the world. This is a movement that is slowly, but surely, making it’s way into the world of fashion.
  • Big name fashion designers, including (but not limited to): Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney, Nicole Miller have joined in on this fabulous movement by placing orders with designers in these third world countries to help stimulate their economy.
  • This movement helps to empower women in these third world countries by giving them the opportunity to improve their living conditions, take proper care of their children and family, and express themselves through creative means.
  • It is our hope that as more people purchase fair trade fashion pieces, that this movement will only grow and continue to make it’s way into mainstream fashion everywhere. Not to mention, the goods these women create are outstanding, to say the least. See for yourself…

fair trade fashion

  1. Basik Natasha Envelope Clutch found here
  2. Nicole Miller Indego Africa Dress found here.
  3. Wrapped Rainbow Ring found here.
  4. Chevron Dangle Earrings found here.
  5. Dangling Shells Necklace found here.
  6. Mod-Print Woven Bracelet Set found here.
  7. Nicole Head Wrap Turban found here
  • Great picks of colors, patterns, and color combos. The fashion you’ve chosen could go with many outfits and occasions.