A Fashionable Cup of Jo… Who Would’ve Thought?

by Erica Stolman | 2 Comments

I cringe over the thought of paying $5 for a cup of coffee, so it’s no surprise that my mind is a little blown over the fact that they now make high end accessories for your already overpriced cup of jo. Not saying I don’t think all of the below designer coffee sleeves are pretty cute, but I just don’t see myself ever paying more than nothing (since they are free at Starbucks) for a zarf. Speaking of which, did you know that the formal name of a coffee sleeve is a zarf? Just a little fun fact for the day….

What do you guys think? Would you break the bank to dress up your latte? Personally, I would much rather make my own, and now that I think of it- I may very well do just that.

fashionable coffee sleeves

  1. At $180, Jimmy Choo’s crocodile leather sleeves are actually a steal compared to what you will see from Hermes. They also come in a variety of different finishes and colors.
  2. BCBG also came out with their own leather studded mug hugger, which retailed for $68…. before they all sold out. 
  3. Hermes, as stated above, also hopped on the coffee sleeve train, and they definitely upped the ante by using real leather and charging people $250 a pop! If that’s not completely crazy, I don’t know what is!!
  4. You KNOW Starbucks had to get involved in this upcoming trend. They paired up with Rodarte to create a whole collection, which includes: mugs, bags, coffee sleeves, and even giftcards. The prices are much more wallet friendly starting at $6 (for a sleeve), but still…. I prefer the one they give you behind the counter for free-ninety nine.  
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  • Marlene

    I have a faux fur one that I got on sale for $4 from Caribou Coffee because sometimes the coffee shop by my university will run out and it’s nice to have one with you so you don’t burn your hand.

    I have to say I don’t see the point in a designer zarf. That seems a little (okay… very) excessive.

  • sarah

    No thank you… although this idea sounds cool it is absolutely unnecessary. I would purchase it if I was excessively rich and even then I wouldn’t buy one with brand name. Knowing me, I would probably loose the ‘zarf’ before I can put my latte in it.