A Strange New Nail Polish Trend… for Men

by Erica Stolman | 36 Comments

alpha nail

If you have ever tried to get a man to go get a mani/pedi with you, then you know it is near impossible. Which is why we are a bit baffled about the latest trend in polish… Alpha Nail (for the Alpha Male). Yes, you heard right, nail polish made solely for men. It looks like there are quite a few men who are actually using the stuff (including UFC fighters Roger Huerta & Chuck Liddell).

From visiting the site, here is what I found. This polish is geared for the true Alpha Male, specifically athletes, fighters, and guitar players. It comes in a variety of “manly” shades such as: Burnin’ Rubber, Pirate Gold, Gasoline, Concrete, etc. The polishes ingredients include Ginseng and Citral, both of which are meant to strengthen nails. I personally had no idea that a chipped nail could be such a travesty for Alpha Males… you really do learn something new everyday.

“AlphaNail is for strength, for style, for swagger, for protection, or to cover up your fugly toenails.” -The Alpha Nail Site

Would you buy your man Alpha Nail? Would he wear it? Should Julep start creating nail polish for men? Please, share your thoughts!

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  • I’m a male. I wear nail polish. I think the Alphanail is an OK idea, but Manglaze http://www.manglaze.com is better as well as BB Couture Men’s nail polish. They have many colors for men. I also wear OPI, glitter, Loreal, and many others. I also have a Julep Maven subscription. I think nail polish should be a unisex fashion. I love nail polish and the positive attention that comes with wearing it. I tell you I think it would be amazing for for Julep to have a men’s line

    • Erica

      Wes, thank you for your comment! We love how you use nail polish as a form of self expression- great blog as well!

  • Jess

    Urgggggh! For me it’s a big no no..

  • Denise

    I love julep, I am a maven and bought all the girls in the family awesome julep products for Christmas. BUT I do not like the idea of Julep making A line for men. I asked my husband and dad their thoughts… And the response was NO.

    • Erica

      Thanks for your output 🙂 We were just curious what people thought about this new trend.

  • Paul

    I’m a man and I live in Arizona. Trust me, you prefer me with nail polish on my flip flop wearing toes.

  • Here

    I’ve just started doing my nails. Experimenting with false nails and everything. They look nice! I’ve never understood why nail polish and nice nails is a women only thing. Im realizing life is too short to care what people think. Isn’t it amazing gay marriage is acceptable, we preach all this tolerance, etc but so many are against men wearing mail polish? Just proves people aren’t as tolerant as they seem, more like they just don’t want too offend. Seems making fun of men wearing polish is acceptable. I will admit not every guy can pull this off! Those men with big man hands and stubby nails shouldn’t wear it. But if it looks nice than why not?

    • Erica

      We agree! Everyone should be free to express themselves anyway they choose. Thanks for the comment.

  • I have mixed feelings about men wearing nail polish. I love having pretty, fun colors on my nails and can certainly understand the appeal to men as well as women, and I would never want to deny anyone that enjoyment. But I also like to have nail polish and cosmetics as a special, ladies-only thing. I really enjoy getting prettied up and I don’t know if I would like it if my husband’s manicure looked better than mine. Double standard? Probably. I have four young sons, and while I won’t be painting their nails for them anytime soon, I believe in picking your battles and my boys painting their nails probably won’t be one of them. (Unless they spill a bottle of HTF polish on my carpet–then it’s on! lol)

  • Malik

    I wear nail polish all the time. Go just about every two weeks for mani / pedi. I use OPI, China Glaze, Man Glaze, BB Coulture, Zoya, EvolutionMan etc etc. Haven’t tried the Alpha Nail. EvolutionMan is another brand geared towards men. I see nothing strange about it. Its only paint. I agree it should be labeled as unisex.

  • Dennis

    I’ve been painting my finger nails for several years and enjoy the look. I get lots of positive comments from women. I love the look of clean looking nails to and self expression. My friends and family also thinks its cool. In summer time I do my toes which looks so cool with sandals and in the pool. Actually I never saw male paint but wife and I share the store bought polish. Try it guys, and see how nice you appearance will look.

  • Jamie

    It is really interesting that a lot of women that don’t approve of men wearing nail polish are at the time that they are expressing their disapproval wearing boyfriend shorts, a man’s shirt, man’s watch, man’s shoes, or a tattoo. Years ago, women didn’t wear tattoos, but today tattoos on women are very prevalent. Women seem to get a free-pass to wear anything from male fashion, however the opposite is not true. For example, there have been many articles in Cosmo and other women’s magazines about incorporating male fashion items into their wardrobe. There was even an article in the New York Times about how popular it had become for women to wear large men’s luxury watches. There really seems to be a double-standard, but men are slowly making progress. We should not be restrained by items that are “gendered”. If you want to wear something and it anatomically fits, then just wear it regardless of the prescribed gender of the item. Nail polish is one of those items.

    • Erica

      Really great points 🙂 Anyone and everyone should be able to express themselves any which way they choose!

  • Dan

    What do you all think about men wearing <a href = "nail polish that changes color? Is that going too far?

  • Jake

    It’s really not a such a big deal for men to wear nail polish if they want to anymore. It’s just paint after all.
    I do find it interesting that in just the past couple of years, some forward-thinking companies such as BB Couture, Alpha Male, EvolutionMan and Man Glaze have begun marketing nail polish for men. Guys can certainly wear any brand, but try to find colors that are more earthy and look good on guys – it’s tough! These new offerings make it a lot easier, plus the message is clear – that more men do wear their nails polished these days. Some women find that exciting (and yeah, some don’t).
    It’s the whole ‘earrings for guys’ debate happening all over again…
    Personally, I like it!

  • mark

    I like it too, makes anybody’s feet look better IMO. what’s interesting to me though is the reactions of some like ewww, I like my man manly kind of think. bet they don’t realize that their version in their mind is really a made up one by Hollywood more than anything else.

    thing is, if a man, or even social custom would tell a woman she can’t drive a pickup, because that’s what men drive, or that she couldn’t play baseball because boys do that, then they’d think the person saying that would be certifiable, and rightfully so. but if a man ever crosses into what girls customarily do then it’s Katie bar the door, and all sorts of unsupported nonsense comes out. interesting.

  • Jason

    I think it’s pretty cool. A few years ago I might have shrugged it off as something weird, but my GF got me to try it on my toenails and I do like the way it looks.
    I think a lot of the negative reaction is because it’s still pretty new and it takes time for these new styles to mature. Once you see more celebrities wearing it (there are quite a few who do it already) it will catch on for regular guys.
    Hey, it’s only paint, man…

  • Billy

    I see nothing wrong with men wearing polish, I normally keep my toes painted but not so much my fingers only because I work on cars and it destroys nail polish. As far as your question on making polish for men why not the more company’s that do the more it will become acceptable

  • David


    A Strange New Nail Polish Trend ????? I don’t think I’m alone when I say I love wearing nail polish and have always had an affinity for everything about it. Let me be honest….. I love seeing it on women and I love seeing it on myself. Along with simply making my nails just look better, I find wearing it sensual and it no doubt puts me in touch with my feminine side. I find the feel, the smell, the look and the visual of its application is exhilarating; exciting: and intoxicating……… Wearing it makes my toe nails look good and my feet not so boring.
    As far as my hands go, I prefer a clear, high gloss polish on my freshly manicured nails, though I usually go with a more matted look just to avoid being ostracized. If I were to wear a color on my hands, it would most likely be a low gloss, light pastel tint or an almost nude color.
    I don’t necessarily see why there needs to be a “mans” line of nail polish since just about every color imaginable already exists, unless it were to be a line of polishes that come in different levels of shininess and more tinted clear choices including nail strengtheners.
    I find that using a matte top coat over anything, never endures well for me. If I could just find a clear nail hardener for my weak finger nails, that had something less than a high gloss finish, but with a light tint to it, I’d use it everyday.

  • I wear polish on my toes and hands. I started with my toes when I was diagnosed with diabetes. I was told foot care was very important. One time the nail tech suggested color and I have had color on my toes ever since. They just look boring without it now. My polish collection started to grow and now I wear polish on my nails too. The sky hasn’t fallen and I get a lot of positive comments. Life is too short to worry about what strangers may think.

  • Will

    Erica, thank you for the great article. I wasn’t aware of this trend for guys until recently when my wife showed me some articles like this one online.
    She has been trying to convince me to try nail polish on my feet for some time. She said it would make my feet look great. Well, she did manage to get me to go in for a pedicure with her and it was pretty decent, but I didn’t want the polish. However, now that I see it is becoming more common for men, I think I may give it a try.

  • David

    Thanks for taking the time to reply….
    I followed the link and it read:
    Apply in layers on clean nails to achieve desired high gloss……
    It sounds nice, but from reading about it, I’m not sure just how high a gloss it will produce… I guess there’s only one way to find out…..
    I ordered and just received half a dozen polishes in the mail trying to fill my desire. If none of these accomplish what I’m looking for, I will order the Jelup….. “oxygen nail treatment” and give it a try…..
    Again , thank you for your reply…….

  • steve

    Glade to hear guys are finaly using polish. I have been painting my toe’s for decades but only showing the public for maybe five years or so. now I see more guys doing it and it feels good knowing I’m not alone. Pretty feet make you feel good, male or female. But so do smooth shaved legs. try that !

  • David

    I haven’t yet warmed up to guys wearing nail polish on their fingernails, maybe because the way we are so tough on our hands a manicure would last about 10 minutes and look pretty ruddy after that.
    On toenails though I think it works for guys. As one commenter above put it, it sure makes the typical guy’s feet look so much better.
    I tend to like the more earthy colors for men like black, brown, gray, and darker green, blue and maroon. But I guess it’s like anything else, if it fits the person, then why not wear it proudly!
    I think this trend of guys wearing nail polish is pretty cool and definitely overdue. I mean, most men wear pretty safe (boring) attire so why not have a little fun for a change?

  • I am a 58 year old guy who has ben painting my nails for years. I used to really be into nail art, I have been featured in Nailpro, Scratch, and Exceptionail. It’s fun, and expressive. I usually now do vampy colors, but on an occassion or two, will do in in-your-face red. A line for men would be great. If you need a model, I”m your guy!

  • Fernande Lenharr

    Earrings have been around forever. Well, ok, as near as we can tell, a really really long time. The oldest known earrings are the Lunate earrings. The Lunate earrings were excavated in Ur in Mesopotamia, what is now Iraq (of all places). These gold crescent hoops are approximately 4,500 years old. The earliest designs of earrings were hoops and pendants made of precious metals, most commonly gold, and sometimes bone.*,

    With kind thoughts

  • MakeUp Rox

    44 straight male

    I have for so long of a time wanted to have my toes painted. After surfing the net and finding many artilcles like this one & expressing my desire as well as the new found info to my girlfriend, After her approval & support, we went together to have pedis. We both picked out our desired color.

    First, what a GREAT experience, just the actual pedicure, ( have had many in the past), but to have color ( a nice bluish~gray/silver) was SUCH a coo lexperience.

    The real FREEDOM comes when I just walk freely with flip flops to almost any place here in my home of Chandler Az.

    This has been such a FREEING and fun experience!!! Also, last but not least, getting “pedis”together with my loving girlfriend is another fun, relaxing activity, that we enjoy together!

  • Richard

    I enjoy wearing my toenails painted now because I like the way it makes my feet look. I started this because my toenails were dis colored from running and my wife suggested I try a neutral colored polish to “even out the color”. Pedicures are a great way to relax and keep your feet healthy and looking great too. I have never had a nail salon balk at polishing my nails with a color either, many saying they have other male clients who wear their nails with polish as well.
    I’m happy to see other guys trying it too.

  • Mark

    Add me to the toenail polished crowd. Like others, I think polished toes make everybody’s feet look way better. Like others, not my hands because I am really hard on them and trashed polish on anybody looks terrible.

    I have always been fascinated with color, and noticed it all the time on girls. I just thought it looked so cool. The I was also diagnosed diabetic and started really taking care of my feet. The next was pedicures to help even further, and at my first one the tech didn’t even bother to ask, she pulled out the clear topcoat and said, don’t worry. They’ll look great or I’ll take it off. Well they did look great and from that point on it was polish all the time. Sometimes neutral shades to even out the natural color, sometimes the dark blues, browns and reds, like the tans a lot. Darker colors on a guy in my opinion look the best. But bottom line is that what it says about you is that your a fun, creative, confident individual and to me that’s the type of people I want to hang with in the first place.

    There’s no gender in polish, or color, no matter what anybody else says. Hardly any behavior or article is truly gender segregated or required on it by itself. It’s merely made up consensus that has no basis in reality because there really is no answer that I’ve come across for why men shouldn’t wear color on their nails. Anyway, I like it and that’s good enough for me.

  • richard in ky

    i went out to work with bright orange polish on both hands and feet . ( truck driver ) had no bad reactions from people during my travels. starting into week 3 this week . im enjoying it alot. wife likes it as well. it makes my hand and feet look much better than plain old blah. i intend to keep doing this as long as i can . Yes i think men should wear polish as well as other things if they wish , i do.

  • zad

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. nail polish for ANY GENDER shouldn’t exist

    • zshagnasty

      What the hell is wrong with you?

  • jinkies04

    I say, live and let live. Painting nails is traditionally a female thing and there’s nothing wrong with guys who want to wear polish. And if it comes in a clicky tube to get them to wear it, so be it. The site does have a point too; If a guy came up to me and asked me which polish would I like better on him, that would be an instant conversation starter.

  • Eliza

    How disappointing.

    It’s one thing to present this information neutrally and ask what people think. It’s another thing to present it as IF you’re doing that but begin it with *anything” but neutral terms: how can you possibly expect to get unbiased feedback after beginning your little “article” with a title, “A STRANGE … Trend…”?

    Personally, I’m not sure what’s so STRANGE about it, save for, perhaps, the need to MANLY it up to make it palatable to men.

    What I *do* find strange, however, is that a company that presents itself as proudly wearing feminism–questionably “soft” feminism as it has always clearly been–as part of its corporate image and fiscal profile, would even more proudly proclaim such misogynistic tripe.

    I realize this is an older article that seems to have been bumped, so, if this has long been redacted and apologized for, I apologize for not finding the statement, but, hey, it’s still out there and, thus, still influencing the thoughts of your readers, and, clearly, you continue to follow the basic message presented here, regardless: polish is for girls/women (and, indeed, through the STRANGE anthropomorphizing of your polishes, polishes also ARE girls/women–much as, historically, have been land, cars, anything men have set to conquer, own, rape, and/or pillage–but, although men may NAME your polishes [STRANGEly enough, the few non-girl names], men must not wear them.

    I guess they are there for women, this time to own and conquer, a shift of the old misogynistic trope, to LET us master this domain. How feminist, indeed.

  • Dkrdb Songer