I Only Have Eyes for Eye Gliders

by Emma Thesenvitz | 14 Comments

I like to think there are two versions of me: the just-mascara version and the version that appears every so often when I obsess over, say, a smoky eye and suddenly wear lots of makeup all day, every day. My current obsession: Eye Gliders.

This eyeliner lasts. All day. Let it set for 30 seconds and it’s clinically proven to stay put at least 10 hours even in water. Just imagine: a pool party without the risk of raccoon eyes. A girl can dream, and dreams do come true.


Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was apparently living under a rock disguised as my apartment and thought you had to choose between pencil and liquid eyeliners. A gorgeous, easy-to-apply, stay-put alternative just wasn’t available. I was wrong.

Our Eye Gliders are formulated to feel creamy like a gel, so they glide on (get it?) rich and pigmented without pulling at eyelids or showing every caffeine-jitter mistake. The finish is nice and even, especially if you warm up the tip by rubbing it on the back of your hand first. Try a little cat-eye flick. It’s so easy!


All four striking shades—Blackest Black, Smoky Taupe Shimmer, Smoky Plum, and Rich Brown—will make their debut in August Maven Boxes. Let us know how much you love ’em!

P.S. For the nitty-gritty on what’s inside, just click on the Ingredients tab!

  • Kristen

    Ahhhh, love! The plum looks gorgeous!

  • Nikki MacNeil

    I want to try these! I’m guessing these will be in the next maven box?

    • Yes they will! All 4 will be in the Maven Luxe box or you can customize what colors you want in My Maven.

      • Nikki MacNeil

        Awesome!! I’m very excited to try black and plum!! 🙂

  • Becky Walters McCully

    YESSSS!!! I am so excited, I have been looking for a long lasting eyeliner and hoping it was Julep!

  • Liz Doonan

    Will these be the same size as the “Eyes All A Glow” eye gliders or will they be larger, like the Kajil Eyeliner?

    • Hi Liz, These are full size.

  • Susan Forest-Rode

    The only problem I have with these is which color to choose because I love them all! Too bad we can only get 3 add-ons!

  • Shell

    Hi, has anyone had problems w/the polish not going on smoothly and the Plia’ handle and pro brush not helping the application and feeling like they are not quality?

    • Gypsy

      I always use the brush that comes with the polish unless I am attempting art work. I love the Plia’ wand.

  • Dawn Hoffmann

    I tried the eye glider for the first time today and I really like how long it has lasted, but I have a silly question. How do you lengthen the product? I thought the bottom would turn, but mine doesn’t seem to do that.

    • Haley Thomas

      I have the same question. How do I sharpen or lengthen this? I have used it three times and I would really like a finer point.

    • Rachel Rosenthal

      Hi girls! I love them too! New favorite liner for sure! I’ve used a regular eye pencil sharpener on the one I got and it works great! 🙂

  • Gypsy

    I tried the gliders last night on the back of my hand because I usually sleep on my hand so I figured this would be a good way to test them since I also have night sweats. Gotta say I love them they did not budge one bit at all. This am when I woke up the swatches were perfect so right into my makeup bag they went and the other so called bullet proof brands made their way into my stash box in the closet. The only problem I have is I did not receive the Taupe. My kitten even helped me go through all the packing shredded paper I call her worms she likes to play with and it was not in my box. She had a blast and thought it was Christmas boy was that a fun clean up session.Hehehe! Guess I will have to give Julep a call tomorrow but thats quite ok they are always very pleasant to talk to.