The Secret’s Out…

by Maria McNamara | 74 Comments

Secret Store

POP QUIZ: What comes with your Maven Box each month?

A. Your new favorite nail colors and beauty obsessions
B. Crinkle paper
C. An invisible key that unlocks a mind-blowingly awesome private sale
D. All of the above & more!

The answer, of course, is D. But I want to talk a little more about C—a fabulous perk you might not know about. (Because, you know, it’s invisible.)

The Secret Store is a monthly online pop-up shop where Mavens can score insane deals (up to 65% off!) on best sellers, cult faves, and goodies from recent collections. Whether you’re looking to kick-start your color stash or feed an existing beauty addiction, the Secret Store is not to be missed. (To help you not miss it, we’ll email you when it opens—usually a few days after Maven Boxes start shipping. Once it’s open, you can also access it from your My Account page.)

Your monthly Maven Box gets you on the VIP list for the next Secret Store—and VIP Mavens get first dibs on everything, including some verrrrry tempting, VIP-exclusive sets. Once the VIP window closes, the Secret Store opens to all Mavens, plus any friends and family you’d like to invite. A couple days later, it disappears into the abyss…until next month.

  • I have the same question.

  • erika

    If we spend $50 but then use a $15 off referral code will it still count as $50 purchase?

    • disqus_wZ72CEXzLj

      Just toss a few add-ons in!

    • Yes! You will still get credit if you use your referral code.

  • Erika Elswick

    Shelly, usually codes dont work in the secret store, except referal codes

  • Susan Forest-Rode

    Great question!!!!

  • Yes you will!

    • erika

      So 1. Does every item have to be from the Secret store? 2. If u put $50 in my cart then use a $15 off referral will my purchase still count as $50?

      • Hi Erika, Yes you can use your $15 referral gift card and still get credit for a free box.

    • Kim


  • Hey Heather, Great question, you will get an additional 2,000 Jules added to your account.

    • Rachel Rosenthal


    • Megan

      How long does it take for the 2000 Jules to come into an account?

    • Jamie W

      I purchased the $50 plus in the secret store over a month ago and no sign of my points? Where are they and how long till they are in my account?

    • Stephanie

      Is the additional 2,000 Jules for spending $50 in the Secret Store still valid? During last month’s Secret Store window I spent over $50 in the Secret Store (not including add ons) after reading the comments in the discussion and I still haven’t received the Jules.

      • Janel O

        Neither did I and I also emailed Julep and they said no, this was not a perk, so is it or isn’t it?????

  • Hey Rebecca, Yes $50 in one purchase.

    • Hey Heather, The $50 has to be from the Secret Store and does not include add-ons.

  • Helen Storey Crosson

    my answer is D!!!

  • Karen Lee Copen

    Julep, can you please answer this question? It seems many of us would like to know! Thanks!

    • Hey Ladies! Yes you do have to spend $50 from the Secret Store, add-ons are not included.

      • What about items from the regular site?

      • Jewels

        I’m disappointed because I recently spent over $160.00 and was never informed in any way shape or form about a “secret store” so I think I’m going to cancel since as a Maven member you didn’t even tell me.
        Very disappointed!

        • Janel O

          I didn’t know about this either, so I have been in my membership for almost a year now..your not the only one!

  • Lady V

    I receive a message that I cannot access the Secret Store until the payment for the July Maven Box has been processed. That tells me that my payment from a week ago has still not been processed by Julep. However, it was fully processed through by bank by the very next day. Seriously, Julep??? More than WEEK to process a payment??

    I would also like to suggest that you drop DHL and just use the USPS. I have had 2 orders now that just sit for days at a time at each DHL interval. Once the orders transfer to the USPS, it is here within a few days.

    In this day and age, it should not take so long to process payments and 2 weeks or more to send a package.

    • Lady V

      The message now says that I cannot access the Secret Store until the payment for the August Maven Box has been successfully processed. Huh?? I prepaid for 3 months.

    • natercia furtado

      i very much agree w/u !! i hate that sometimes i get that months box at the begining of the next month….Also,the items in my box has gotten very small,sometimes its jut about all small samples… im not sure how much longer im keeping my subscription open…. i get better items with ipsy & they`re half the price

      • disqus_wZ72CEXzLj

        wth??? I was told I could not access my secret store until four or five days from now??? now it is suddenly OVER?! A FEW DAYS AGO I DROPPED… well that is besides the point… and NO JULES!? Okay, I need a jules cliff notes…

  • Hi Shelly, Unfortunately the only gift card that can be applied in the Secret Store is the $15 referral code.

  • Christiana Cruz

    Ok, it’s saying I cannot access the secret store until my payment is processed? It cleared through my bank. I’d like to buy some more products. 🙁

  • Janel O’Farrell

    I still cannot access the Secret Store!????

  • KateR

    I made a mistake in an order from the august secret store on August 29th and tried to cancel it; I sent 2 e-mails to, I called about 10 times and left 1 message; no one has answered me. I know Julep is having issues (since I had to listen to that message on the voice mailbox MANY times), but this is ridiculous! Now the items I wanted to cancel have been processed and shipped.

    You really need to add a way for your customers to easily cancel an order by themselves on the website before it’s processed.

  • Emma Crew

    Would have been nice to actually get the e-mail at all, not to mention before the VIP window closed. Nothing from you since my box selection confirmation. Is August shipping yet?

  • Teri Rose

    I ordered my box secret store 50+ Box last night and also added the 100 degree box to it as well. Do I still qualify for the 100 maven gift card and ice cold box promo? 🙂

  • Traci

    What are Jules I cant find an answer on the site?

    • Teri Rose

      Basically points you get from buying/sharing the product 🙂 and you. Can use them towards your future maven purchases.

      • Traci

        Thank you so much!

  • Erin Todd

    I think the secret store should be open longer. I missed the window. 🙁

  • elly

    the secret store this month was awesome, but i didn’t shop in it because of the delay with my regular maven order. i had no idea what was happening, so decided not to spend the extra cash. hopefully everyone else got some great stuff 🙂

  • Katie

    Do we have to use the 2,000 Jules toward the September box or can we skip September and apply them to a future box?

  • Heather

    Ever since I started julep I have never accessed to secret store. It had never been open. And I never receive anything telling me when? Kind frustrating, bc I love julep and I would love to shop the secret store and spend my $50

  • Sara Amacher

    Since the rules changed and now you can only spend your Jules during a small window, how will I know when that window is open? I must just miss it every month and would love to spend some of my Jules getting extra Julep products!!

    • I just found out that its the 20th-24th of every month… I found this out after trying to deal with a billing issue for the past 4 months. So, it starts tomorrow 🙂
      If im wrong, I apologize!!

  • Anna

    Is this offer for every month? If I spend $50 in the Secret Store in September can I get my October box free with Jules?

  • Dawn

    So… I have never been informed of a secret store opening via email so I’ve never shopped it. … and I am STILL waiting for my August order … and today I received an email saying I can edit my September order. If the access to the secret store is in the maven box, then I’ll NEVER be able to shop the secret store because I receive my box so late. Is there any way to rectify this?

  • Dianne Ranalli

    Hi. Can you please give me the link to cancel the monthly Maven Box? Thank you

  • Kellie Mason

    I’m anxious!!! Open secret store, open!!!

  • Dena

    About to order and the total 53.00 I’m not sure if I need a promo code

  • Asia Mie Santini

    I’ve received my second julep maven box and have spent $200 in the secret & regular store. I only have 100 Jules. Something is wrong. How many Jules should I have and where are they? Thanks for ur help.

  • Alicia L Hopkins

    This months maven box shipped out later than usual. And. I didn’t get notice of Secret Store this month. Was really looking forward to it.

    • Kitty Kerosene

      Same here for the October Secret Store — and no notice of my box shipping yet either. Something’s up with their system, clearly. Kinda not so cool, Julep!

  • Hayden Southerland

    I’ve been a maven for three months and at no time have I been able to access the secret store. Sooo not fair!! I have checked every single day. What’s up Julep??

  • cat smith

    How do you get to be a VIP MAVEN?

  • Lauren Thompson

    I have a question – will I ever have access to the secret store? I never get emails about it, so I check for access DAILY. No love.

  • Emily

    Every coupon I have received does not work. VERY frustrating- makes me not want to buy any more.

    • Angie

      I have had the same issue Emily. I was able to use a $15 referral coupon & one 50% off coupon. I have two other 50% off coupons, and a $10 off coupon I’ve never been able to use no matter what I put in my cart. I’ve read all the fine print etc. And cannot get them to work…very frustrating.

      • Bethany Holmes

        My referral code isn’t working, either 🙁

  • Bethany Holmes

    Has anyone paid attention to how long the secret store actually stays open? I watched last month and of course I forgot. I know they sent an email for last call, but that doesn’t really tell me much, and I was hoping to get my referral code issue fixed before I made a purchase.

  • Lori

    When is the secret store opened?

  • Renay Tait

    I never get notified about the secret store its always closed is there a certain date I can check? Ive got an email? Thank youRenay♥♡♥

  • Angel

    I have been getting my Julep boxing nearly a year now and have never received an email when I can peek into this secret store. Every time I have been to the site it tells me closed.

  • Kelly James

    See you said when packages start shipping it opens. I looked last week and this week. I still can’t access the secret store and I opened the new month box last night.

  • Alyssa Martinez

    When Does The Secret Store Open? I never get a chance to get it in time

  • Marie Rodriguez

    i just an email bout the special for the month and now i cant get it. that really stinks

  • Rebel Wheelz

    Doesn’t the secret store open right after your box closes?

  • Jessi

    When exactly does the Secret Shop open?

  • Emily Nichols

    Is the secret store still active?

  • Dawn Williams

    I always seem to miss the Secret Store, I need some sort of reminder to pop up for me on my cell phone. Is this available for the Android phones?

  • momwithscissors

    I have only been notified of the secret store once or twice when I signed up. Now I don’t get notifications. At all.. Is there a reason? I have been a subscriber for over a year. Maybe two at this point. Am I not on the list anymore? 🙁

    • Sherry Ebersole

      I Don’t think there really is a secret store and if there is , its a secret from everyone including Julep lol .

  • Sherry Ebersole

    no one seems to answer any of these questions. Maybe we should all quit being Mavens. I even wrote that even though the box was the right color on a eye pencil the pencil inside was wrong color to costumer service and no reply. nerve racking .

  • jusstac

    I agree with everyone else, I thought you would earn Jules for add on as well!? I’ve been doing it for nearly 2 yrs…
    Julep you should really look into that, both areas carry the same products now, polishes colors can choose to charge higher/lesser amt based on add on or ss and higher/lesser based on rewards earned too…if you are hoping people will upgrade like I have every month, the only reason I did for free add on and thinking my Jules were growing in rewards as well….really don’t have have a reason to do add on anymore then, will wait for ss every month if I ACTUALLY remember shortly after the maven ..I think it’s fair to say all areas carry same colors…etc….I dont even?why this wouldnt be anything but than points earned anywhere else on the site and ebut traffic moving me in all directions to upgrade kind of defeats the purchase for ?

  • Susan

    When is the secret store open? I never get any email notifications. I usually just sign in to my account and keep checking each day at or near the end/beginning of a month, but it’s never open.

  • Cyndi Detrick

    I love how they avoid answering the question by giving a “standard” answer or no answer at all. Been in customer service for almost 30 years and this is ridiculous poor customer service.