Back to School Fashion: Cute Day Dresses

by Erica Stolman | 0 comments

Back to school is an exciting time of year, and it is an especially fun time to get on your fashion a-game! Dresses are a versatile piece that are perfect for a day at school as they are comfy, can be layered easily, and will be sure to have you looking chic & fashionable. Not to mention, once the weather begins to cool down a bit, dresses look fab when paired with leggings and a pair of cute boots!!

back to school fashion

  • When wearing dresses at school there are a few things to be aware of:
  • – Make sure that your dress is longer than the length of your fingertips when your arms are at your side.
  • – Make sure that your bra is never showing, spaghetti straps and tube top dresses should be avoided.
  • – If your dress is too low in the front don’t be scared to layer it with a cute tank top or short sleeve tee underneath- this is an easy way to make your cute dress school-day appropriate!
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