Tuesday Tips: Sprucing Up For Spring

Sprucing for Spring by Julep

The colder months are slipping behind us and spaghetti straps are up ahead! It’s time to prep our skin and style for the arrival of warmer days and nights. Here are three Julep faves for a style spring clean. Shop Your Closet While we all adore shopping for our closet, we love using the transitional season to shop in our closet. Spring needn’t be about a style overhaul. Like the season itself, it’s just easy pops of color in between winter’s darks and summer’s flirty lights. This year,... Read More

DIY Nail Polish Bobby Pins


Ever since we saw the models from the Cacharel Fall 2012 fashion show strut down the runway sporting baby blue and cherry red bobby pins, we have been head over heels for the whole visible bobby pin trend. Considering that we here at Julep are in the business of nail polish (DUH!), we are always thinking of fun new ways to use our favorite shades of polish (other than on our nails, of course). We tested out making our own, custom colored bobbies, and it was a success... to say the least. All you... Read More

Cherry Blossom DIY by Noy


Thank you to our talented DIY artist Noy! We are over the moon that she wanted to share her talent with our readers.

Learn to Water Marble from a Professional

Mucking Fusser

Hey everyone! Here's a step by step tutorial for heart designs and water marbling by Instagram's @Mucking_Fusser. Happy Valentine's week! What you need: Julep's Base Coat Lauren Eileen Julep’s Freedom Polymer Top Coat Quick-Dry Polish Drops  Part One: Heart Design Tools: Masking or scotch tape Scissors A pen Step by Step: Cut a piece of tape, fold it in half. Leave some of it untaped so that it is easy to pull apart later. Draw a half heart design (or you can free fall it) then cut out the heart... Read More

Pinterest Roundup: Cute & Creative DIY Valentines


+ Got broken crayons laying around? Melt them up to create your very own custom, heart shaped, crayon. Perfect idea for your kids classmates! See how it's done here.  + Who doesn't love to blow bubbles? This bubblegum Valentine will be sure to "blow away" your friends and/or kids friends (and their parents too). Get the free printable here. + A great gift for your kids teacher, this adorable apple sticker can be found here. + This "Orange You Glad" Valentine will be a sweet treat for your coworkers... Read More

Make It: Valentine’s Day Garland


Supplies: clothes pins, loose glitter, Mod Podge, twine. Paint one side of your safety pins with your Mod Podge. Sprinkle on your glitter & let fully dry (may take overnight). Hang your twine on the wall and use your sparkly clothes pins to attach Valentine's Day cards/ love notes/ pictures/ etc. 

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