DIY Thanksgiving Table Decor


Halloween may be long gone, but don’t throw your pumpkins out yet. Here are some fun, easy ways to re-purpose pumpkins and other fall items to use for a Thanksgiving feast. Pumpkin Vases + Cut an opening around the stem of a large pumpkin. Discard this portion of the pumpkin. + Clean out the inside of the pumpkin. + Place a short vase with water and flowers inside the pumpkin. Another option is to place the flowers directly inside the pumpkin and then arrange as desired. Candle Holder + Fill a... Read More

NOTD: The Jawbreaker Mani


Each layer reveals a new and exciting color, just like our favorite candy from the 90's... Jawbreakers! Colors Used: Leah, Gloria, Carrie, & Maggie How to: Apply one color at a time, layering the desired number of colors. Apply top coat and wait until dry. Dip a q-tip in acetone and gently rub off polish, one layer at a time, to reveal colors underneath.

DIY Pumpkin Halloween Nails by Nail Art Couture


“For my Julep collaboration, I wanted to create a nail art that fits the special occasion that is coming up… Halloween! For this nail art I was inspired by pumpkin carving because some people can be as simple as they want or they can be as complex and intricate as they want. Much like nail art, pumpkin carving takes a lot of thought and creativity. If you don’t have access to pumpkins or you think carving pumpkins is a little too messy for your liking, then I think this is the perfect alternative... Read More

#DIY Manicure Series by Love for Lacquer

The "Walking on the Dotted Line" Manicure. A great tutorial for beginners!

Tools                                                                                             Julep Colors Gunta & Popova Top Coat Bobby Pin Piece of Paper Step one: Paint your entire nail bed with Julep Popova. Make sure it is completely dry before dotting! Step two: Take Gunta and dab a generous amount on a piece of scrap paper and then take your bobby pin and spread it apart just a little bit so... Read More

DIY Tasty & Delicious Lipstain!!


((+ Tropical Punch makes a great bright cherry red color, cherry is a great classic orangish-red, black cherry (what I used) is more on the crimson side, and orange is a bright & fun shade of (you guessed it) orange.)) I used to never wear lipstick, not because I didn't like the thought of it, but it was such a pain in the you-know-what. I have heard of lip-stains in the past, obviously, but for some reason I never thought to give them a try. My beauty-obsessed friend insisted I test 'em out,... Read More

Nail Art Tutorial: Subtle Contrasting Stripes


Hi Guys!! Today I am bringing all you nail artist loving ladies a fun tutorial that is simple and extremely classy. Hope you enjoy!! Step 1: First I started with the base color Julep Renee. I used two coats for even coverage. Step 2: I then placed nail polish striping tape onto my nails. What makes nail polish striping tape helpful is that it is not as sticky as normal household tape.  You can still use normal household tape and cut it into thin strips but it will be too sticky on your nails... Read More

Sunday Manicure Series by Katrina


    Tools used: Julep colors Susie, Kate & O’Canada Paint Brush Red Acrylic Paint     About the Nail Artist: Katrina’s Nail Blog Katrina started blogging to become a part of the nail art community. Katrina’s Nail Blog gives her the opportunity to not only share her nail art but also keep up with her own favorite bloggers, share ideas and talk with others. One of her biggest tips is “to practice, practice, practice! Having a steady hand is an important key in painting... Read More

Fishtail Braid Nail Tutorial by Top Coat It

fishtail braid FI

I love nail art that doesn't require any special tools. No tape, no dotting tools, no stamps. This popular fishtail braid design is one of those manicures. I took step by step pictures to illustrate the process for you. You'll get a tiny bit messy and will have to do a little clean up, but nothing too bad. Choose three different colors for your braid, preferably nothing sheer. For mine, I chose Julep Selena as my base color, then added Alicia and Annie in to the braid. + Step 1: Apply your base... Read More

Wicked Takes on October Crackle Nails


October is one of our favorite months, not only because we love Halloween, but we also love the endless possibilities when it comes to our mani's. Literally, you can get away with just about anything. So whether you are an American Beauty or a Classic with a Twist, we have conjured up some great crackle related nail-spiration just for you! Enjoy. + Step 1: Prep your nails and apply two coats of Eloise as your base color. Let dry completely. + Step 2: Apply two thin coats of Sabrina shimmer crackle... Read More

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