How to: Rock a Summer Red Lip… the Right Way!

I have never been the girl to rock a red lip, not because I am not a fan, but more due to the fact it never has looked quite right on me. Thanks to some extensive red-lip research, I realized I just didn't know what I was doing in regards to choosing and applying red lipstick. If you are one of the many ladies who have been dodging all crimson lip colors, you may want to revisit that thought after you read the rest of this post... I know I did (and the result was fabulous)! Here are some essential... Read More

How to: Dry Water Marbled Nails


Once upon a time, I tried to do a water marble technique on my nails... and it was a complete disaster. Nail polish was all over my fingers, and bubbles caused the actual design to look pretty awful. This was really disappointing to me, because I was quite fond of the look that came with water marbled nails. Using the same technique I did to create my DIY nail decals, I found a simple way to create the water marble nail look without the mess. + Supplies: pen or toothpick, small cup filled with water,... Read More

How To: Upside Down Braided Bun

Everyone, at one time or another, is plagued by a bad hair day. Some people (myself included) have these days more often than not, and a ponytail or bun is an obvious go-to style to remedy unruly locks. For that exact reason, ponytails and buns are often categorized as a not-so-chic hair style, but that doesn't need to be the case. This easy, breezy upside-down braided bun is the perfect way to spice up a boring bun or ponytail. Give it a try, and be sure to share a picture of your upside-down braided... Read More

Tips for the Perfect Summer Cat Eye

Summer is a great time to back down on the layers of makeup and go for a more natural look. I think that it is great to embrace your natural beauty and show off your summer glow, but that doesn't mean you have to give up all of your favorite makeup looks. A summer cat eye is my personal favorite makeup trend for summer 2012, especially when paired with a makeup free face. This summer the runways were full of fierce cat eyes with a modern spin. We saw double winged cat eyes, white cat eyes, and even... Read More

New Versatile 2012 Sseko Sandals

  Being a new Seattlite, by way of Maui, I've been dying to get my puppies into some stunning sandals again. It really doesn't rain all that much here, right? Wrong. But since it's officially summer here in the Emerald City—and before it rains again—here is my pick for the hottest summer sandal. The best thing about Sseko (pronounced SAY-KO) Design Sandals are the 13, yes THIRTEEN, different ways to tie your sandals—and the inspiring story behind Sseko. "Sseko Designs uses fashion to provide... Read More

How to: Find Your Accurate Face Shape.

Have you ever asked a friend or a family member what they would consider to be the shape of your face? Well, I have, and the responses jump around from oval to triangle to heart and most recently, diamond. Who knew there were so many options to choose from?? Knowing the shape of your face is crucial when it comes to getting the right haircut, finding out what hats and sunglasses are best for you, and even which way you should contour your facial features (all of which are very important). I hate... Read More

Get the Perfect Ponytail

Ponytails are often a go to hairstyle when having a bad hair day or headed to the gym, yet that doesn't have to be all ponytails are good for anymore. Ponies are a great look for a night out on the town and are incredibly chic & fashionable, when done correctly. Here is some ponytail inspiration, as well as some tips on how to create the perfect pony. Next time you rock your hair in a ponytail, we'd love to see how you do it! Share a picture with us on our Julep Facebook page! Pony Tip #1: Clean... Read More

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