No Tools Necessary Nail Art: The Claw


Eye catching nail art is such a trending statement to make nowadays, everyone wants in on it. It can be expensive and daunting to collect all the tools you could possibly need to recreate the hot looks you see in your favorite magazine.  Here's one bold design that is sure to make your BFF jealous. I call this "the claw" because the shape that it creates near your cuticle resembles a talon to me. All you need to get started are two complementary polishes.  I prefer a lighter shade and a darker... Read More

Nude & Gold Mani: Brought to you by The Frugalista Diaries


90% of the time I have something bright and intense for my mani's and pedi's so every now and then I want to treat myself to something a bit more on the muted side. Since gone are the days of the delicate (and dated) pink and white french manicures, I thought I'd take a stab at a nude and gold tipped french manicure instead. The right amount of neutral looked great with a subtle, almost missed, pop of metallic.   Step 1: I started out painting my nails with Julep's Alyson.   Step 2: Let... Read More

Beauty School: How to Curl your Lashes & Apply Mascara

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People often don't realize the importance of mascara, nor do they know how it can really change the whole look of their face for the better. Mascara, if applied correctly, can enhance all the beautiful details of your eyes and make them look bigger than they actually are. The main problem about the statement above is that many people don't know how to properly apply mascara, which is the precise reason I am writing the post! Time for a little make-up refresher.... Step 1: Okay, so the first thing... Read More

DIY Salt Spray for Fun Beach Waves

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Beachy waves are one of the most sought after hair styles during the summer time, yet are usually best achieved when after going to the beach (hence the name)! It's a shame because I love the way my locks look after a dip in the ocean, but going to the beach and swimming everyday just isn't reasonable... for obvious reasons. As I was trying (and failing) to achieve this look with my curling iron, I had an epiphany. Why not just make my own salt spray to get my hair those waves I am longing for? This... Read More

Beauty School: How to Apply Foundation!

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Class is officially in session! We here at Julep decided that it is time to touch up on some our basics. Whether in fashion or beauty, we will be covering it all!! Today's lesson we will be talking about how to correctly apply your foundation! You may not think twice in the morning about slathering on your makeup's "base coat", but it is actually much more important than you think. Applying foundation correctly won't only make your skin look flawless, but it will last throughout the day and make... Read More

Hair 101: The Right Way to Rock Bangs


I love bangs so much, they always look so great and chic... on everyone but myself! Whether it is the fact my cowlick is acting up, or my bangs are a bit too long- there are always seemed to be a problem that ultimately ended up with me wearing a headband. Eventually, I'd spend the next few months of my life ferveriously trying to grow out my pesky bangs, only to end up wanting them again in the end. This is wear I currently stand. I keep seeing bangs on all of my favorite celebs & fashionistas,... Read More

Beauty in the Kitchen: DIY Lip Scrub


Once in a while we all suffer from pesky chapped lips. Not only is it annoying to deal with, but it also prevents our favorite lipsticks from going on smoothly. If you have ever seen someone wear lipstick with dry lips, or have done it yourself, you know that it is not a particularly good look. This recipe for a brown sugar lip scrub wasn't only incredibly easy to make, but it left my lips looking and feeling better than they have in a while! It sloughed off all the dead skin (ew!) and made my lips... Read More

How to get Healthy Cuticles… While you Sleep!


Okay, so once summer hits.... my skin always gets super dry, and when my skin gets dry- my cuticles start acting up. If you have ever had a hangnail, you know how pesky it can be. Good news for all of us, I have finally learned how to effectively manage annoying hangnails and keep your nails looking healthy, all while sleeping! Two more things to help you take proper care of your cuticles: Don't cut your cuticles. Cutting away your cuticle can cause damage to your nail & can create infection.... Read More

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