NOTD: Happy Spring Polka Dots

NOTD: Happy Spring Polka Dots

Check out this cheerful manicure that one of our Mavens, @samoyednutnut, showed off on Instagram today!   Don't all those polka dots in light, happy colors just make you feel all spring-y inside? This mani would look absolutely adorable with a floral sundress in the sunshine. Want to recreate this look at home? Here are the polishes you'll need to do it: 1. Apply a base coat, and then one or two coats of Hope (for a satin finish) or Brigitte (for a crème finish). Allow to fully dry. 2.... Read More

Spring Cleaning: How to Clean Out Your Beauty Supplies

A well organized Julep nail color collection from @RacheLynn11 / Twitter

Think fast: How old is your mascara? How about your foundation, or that lipstick you put on this morning? If you're not sure---you're definitely not alone. Most of us don't keep records on the age of each of our beauty supplies. But to safeguard our health and make sure we're getting the most out of our makeup, it's a good idea to take stock every so often and toss out anything that's expired. And since we're in the spring cleaning spirit this week, now is the perfect time! Step 1: Toss out anything... Read More

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

The Julep Blending Brush & Sweep Eyeshadow Palette at work

Spring is here! (Well, in our hearts, anyway.) Which means it’s time to refresh, rejuvenate, and reinvigorate our beauty routines---in other words, it’s time for some spring cleaning! This week on the blog, we’ll be exploring a variety of ways you can start fresh this season. And we’re starting with something that most of us should be doing regularly all year long: cleaning our makeup brushes. Cleaning your brushes is an easy step to forget, but it’s an important one. Each time you use... Read More

A Delicious, Skin-Healthy Pineapple Pie Recipe for Pi Day


Happy Pi Day! Pi Day (3/14) is a fun way to commemorate the mathematical constant "π," the never-ending number (a trillion digits and counting!) that starts with those world-famous three digits, 3.14, and is used to calculate the circumference, area, and volume of circles. But Pi Day isn't just for math fans anymore---at least, it doesn't have to be. Since π is pronounced "pie," and pies are round (and delicious), it seems only fitting to bake a yummy, circular, seasonal, and skin-healthy pi-neapple... Read More

Tutorial: Lucky You! DIY Shamrock Nails

Tutorial: Lucky You! DIY Shamrock Nails

Looking for a festive St. Paddy's mani that combines a rich, stylish shade of green, a hint of gold, and a lucky shamrock? Well, we've put together the perfect tutorial just for you! Get Lucky this St. Paddy's Day with shamrockin' nails! You'll need: A base coat, Roc Solid, Bunny, Oscar, and a top coat Step 1: Apply two coats of Roc Solid to all fingers. Step 2: Use a dotting tool to dab two dots next to each other with Bunny on the finger(s) of your choice. Step 3: Still using the dotting tool,... Read More

How To Throw a St. Patrick’s Day Party By This Weekend

St. Patrick's Day Pug

St. Patrick's Day is coming up fast! (Have you ordered your Lucky Mystery Box yet? Time is running out!) Everyone's favorite Irish holiday falls on a Monday this year (March 17), but why not get the celebration started early? Here are some tips for throwing a fabulously festive party that are so easy, you'll be able to put it all together by this weekend. That way, you can save Monday night for pints of Guinness at the pub... or on the couch. Your call. Step one: Send an invitation If you're looking... Read More

5 Tips for Wearing Pastel Eyeshadow Like a Pro

Photo: Getty Images

Mint, peach, lavender, lemon... No, we're not making our next grocery list. We're naming some of the most popular shades of spring! From fashion and hair color to makeup and nails, pastels are a huge trend this season, and one of the most flattering and fresh ways to embrace the trend is with your eyeshadow. But if you're used to wearing mostly neutral tones on your eyes---or having scary flashbacks of all that bright blue shadow in the 80's---swiping on a sherbet shade can be a bit daunting. But... Read More

4 Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Beauty Routine for Spring

4 Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Beauty Routine for Spring

Spring officially begins March 20, so now is the perfect time to plan a prettiness pick-me-up that will take you into the sunshine feeling lovelier than ever. Here are four easy tips that ought to help even an ice queen shed her winter blues and embrace her warmer hues: Start fresh. Press the “reset” button on your beauty routine by exfoliating with a cleansing plan designed to slough off dead cells and leave your skin silky smooth. Lightweight and antioxidant-rich, our Bare Face Cleansing Oil is... Read More

Celebrate! Party’s Over


Step 1: Open packette and place an aloe vera-infused pad on nail  Step 2: Cover with nail cap. (Use large caps for thumbs) Sit back and relax for 3-5 minutes Final: Squeeze and pull to remove cap and pad. Use pad to wipe off any leftover glitter. Get Party's Over for $19.99 with promo code PARTYTIME. Buy it now here!

Purple, Green & Gold: 8 Fresh Ways to Celebrate Mardi Gras With Your Makeup


Happy Mardi Gras! It’s Fat Tuesday, and even if you’re not in New Orleans to celebrate, there are still lots of ways to incorporate the spirit of the party into your spring look. In fact, the official colors of the holiday---purple, green and gold—are perfect for adding some fashion-forward fun to your makeup or manicure. Why purple, green and gold? The official Mardi Gras colors date back to 1872, when King Rex selected them as a way to celebrate the guest of honor, Russian Grand Duke Alexis... Read More

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