Day & Night Looks with Sweep Eyeshadow Palette: Neutrals


 Hello, Maven! It pays to click through to the blog… Not only are you getting a sneak peek of our new Sweep Eyeshadow Palette: Neutrals in action, you're now officially the first to hear about December's featured add-on tool -- the Julep Eyeshadow Brush. Extremely soft bristles (yes, synthetic) and a great dome shape. We're obsessed! Day look    For both eye looks in this tutorial you'll need: Sweep Eye Palette: Neutrals brown eyeliner & black eyeliner (we used our double-sided Kajal Eye... Read More

DIY- Pumpkin Decorating

Carving pumpkins was so last year, and the year before that .... and the year before that! Yes, carving pumpkins brings back that feeling of nostalgia and to our youth, but have you forgotten the mess it leaves? Those pumpkin guts and seeds get stuck to everything! We thought it was time for a change. We've found our favorite pumpkin decorating ideas that are chic, stylish, easy to do, and best of all- GUTS FREE! Pumpkin Decorating 2.0- Grab the girls, a glass of wine, pop a Halloween classic movie... Read More

Kitty Cat Nails with Special Guest — Ashley


Introducing Ashley, a Maven who inspires us. It began with frequent, mind-blowing Nail of the Day submissions (send us yours! The ladies in Julep Social receive heaps of NOTD pictures every day, but whenever Ashley turned one in, she was nearly impossible to beat. Typically her enviable nail looks were sent to us through her Instagram account sooo..... Naturally, we stalked her. (It feels good to be honest.) From Kate in Social: We started poking around her awesome Insta, and... Read More

Mask Noir, Demystified

Isn't she lovely?

In October, we're releasing a peel-off cleansing mask called Mask Noir. It looks like this:   What's with the name? We call it Mask Noir because it's a pitch-black mask. Jet black. Mystery 8 Ball black. Blackest black. How is it jet black? ( + ingredients) The gorgeous color comes from hectorite clay --- a derivative of black volcanic ash.  Hectorite draws out pore-clogging debris and other impurities, then gently lifts them away. Other star ingredients: -Kaolin clay - great for removing... Read More

Cat Eyes with Kajal


I was curious to see if our new easy-to-use Kajal Eye Glider would be a good fit with Preen's seemingly easy-to-do cat eye tutorial. So I grabbed a coworker, and a Kajal from Product Development, and we gave it a shot. Here's my colleague's attempt: This gorgeous cat eye job? I'm happy to report--it was a piece of cake. Preen's brilliant tutorial walked us through the top lid only--but our Kajal's super soft formula is so simple to work with, we attempted to add the bottom line on our own. Aaaand... Read More

Our Kajal Eye Glider will change your life (or at least your makeup routine)

finished look

    Everyone in our office is pretty excited about our new Kajal Eye Glider, and it’s easy to see why. Debuting in October Maven Boxes, this versatile pencil features two richly pigmented, super-blendable colors that make it easy to create a variety of gorgeous eye looks. Plus, it comes with an amazing round-tip sharpener. And because of its soft texture and opthamologist-tested formula, it’s ideal for tightlining and waterlining. Not sure what that means? Don’t stress—I’m here... Read More

Galaxy Nails 101


To create this cosmic nail look, you'll need: - Nail Therapy Base Coat - Freedom Polymer Top Coat - Estelle (from the Galaxy Mystery Box) - One dark nail color (we used Brandt) - Three bright nail colors to create a "galaxy" effect (we used Gunta, Abbie, and Lauren) - One white nail color for dotting (we used Bunny) - Small sponges (just cut up a clean makeup or kitchen sponge) - Paper plate (or something else you can drop polish on) - Dotting tool or bobby pin Step 1: Apply base coat. Step 2: Apply... Read More

Product Review: Bare Face Cleansing Oil


When our own Jennifer in Product Development first told her friends about her idea for a face wash made of oil, they were confused. Face wash made from oil? But…don’t we wash our faces to remove excess oil? Well, turns out that Jenn knows what she’s talking about, and Bare Face Cleansing Oil was soon born. And my face---nay, the world!---would never be the same. I wear waterproof mascara (greetings from Seattle) and have accepted that a normal skin cleansing/makeup removing regimen won’t... Read More

Sip Like a Pro

Awesome poster courtesy of

Note: In my previous life I was a wine professional. I’ve stood tableside umpteen times listening to one dinner guest chastise another for committing a “wrong” while tasting. Snobbery like that scares smart, wine-curious folks away from one of life’s most delicious pleasures. I’m here today on behalf of our new Wine Collection to talk you through some super simple tasting steps. Salud! The Cork: Know what smelling the cork tells you? Zip. Zero. Occasionally, if the wine is “off” in... Read More

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