Olympic Female Athletes: Spotlight on Two of USA’s Most Inspirational

Photo: AP

Becoming a US Olympian is hard enough as it is, but through dedication and strong will, these two ladies developed into true American icons. Wilma Rudolf Wilma Rudolf is a straight up legend. At age 4, Wilma contracted polio, a crippling disease that robbed her of her physical strength. Although doctors told her she would never properly walk again without braces for the rest of her life, she did just the opposite. She taught herself to run, and eventually was dubbed the "fastest woman in the world"... Read More

Rihanna: New Nails for 2014? We’re Guessing She’ll Swap Her Stiletto Shape for Almond

Selena Gomez Almond Nails

While Miley Cyrus is instagramming pics of her pedi, let’s talk about manis for a second. The new shape of 2014 - Almond Nails. The bold trend among celebrities in 2013 of long and sharp “stiletto nails,” or “dagger nails” – loved by Rihanna, Katy Perry & Lady Gaga – will quickly be replaced by a less severe look, a shorter, rounder, softer approach. Although almond nails are the less edgy stepsister of stiletto nails, we’re a little relieved that we’ll be snagging our tights... Read More

Miley Cyrus: Her Best Decision of 2013

gold miley cyrus nails

Miley may have had more than a few… controversial… moments in 2013. One thing we think she did right? Her over-the-top golden glam nail color in the “We Can’t Stop” video.   Achieve a similar nail look using Sienna as a base, topped with two coats of Oscar. Okay, and we’re actually obsessed with the rings too. You can find similar ones here from Nasty Gal.  

Cat Eyes with Kajal


I was curious to see if our new easy-to-use Kajal Eye Glider would be a good fit with Preen's seemingly easy-to-do cat eye tutorial. So I grabbed a coworker, and a Kajal from Product Development, and we gave it a shot. Here's my colleague's attempt: This gorgeous cat eye job? I'm happy to report--it was a piece of cake. Preen's brilliant tutorial walked us through the top lid only--but our Kajal's super soft formula is so simple to work with, we attempted to add the bottom line on our own. Aaaand... Read More

The September Issue: Bombshell


  Favorite Julep color: I love Janel's subtle shimmer. And the pretty raspberry shade is a great transition color for fall. (shop Keri’s sets) Favorite Julep product: Getting pedicures is probably my favorite thing ever, and Instant Warming Foot Scrub helps me recreate the experience at home. So nice on cold days. (get it free today with any $25+ purchase!) This fall, I’ll be… Wearing over-the-knee boots with skinny jeans and leggings, moto jackets, brimmed hats, and quilted leather.... Read More

The September Issue: Boho Glam


Favorite Julep color: Vera is the definition of a non-boring neutral. (shop Laurel’s sets) Favorite Julep product: Dry Clean Invisible Dry Shampoo saves me when I oversleep, which happens more than I’d like to admit. (get it free today with any $25+ purchase!) This fall, I’ll be… Wearing lots of cozy cardigans, knit beanies, and comfy boyfriend-style jeans with riding boots. I was really into layering necklaces this summer, but now I’m switching my focus to colorful scarves and cool earrings.... Read More

How to give yourself the BEST Manicure

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 3.25.37 PM

Jane shares her secrets and tricks of the trade so that YOU can get the same long lasting manicure that we offer in our parlors. [youtube value="BQaOwVl3TsU"]   Step 1: Have the right tools ready Step 2: Moisturizing your hands Step 3: Clean your nails with polish remover Step 4: File your nails Step 5: Apply base coat Step 6: Choose your color and apply two coats Step 7: Apply top coat   <!-- Start of DoubleClick Floodlight Tag: Please do not remove Activity name of this tag: Blog URL... Read More

#TBT Longchamp

Longchamp Featured

The French are known for their enduring fashions and classic sense of style, and the Longchamp brand is no exception. The company was founded in Paris in 1948, originally labeled Jean Cassegrain et Compagnie after its founder, but was changed to Longchamp as another company ran under the name of Cassegrain. Originally, the Longchamp brand catered to a specific demographic, creating leather goods for smokers. Eventually, the Longchamp brand extended its focus to include travelers, producing leather... Read More

The Women Who Inspire Us

Hello, girlfriend!

"Who says I can't hang with the boys in the high alpine and have great looking nails at the same time?" Meet April. She's a Seattle-based numbers-whiz with a knack for reaching high places. VERY high places. Read on to hear from the woman who might be the very first to swing an ice axe with Julep-polished nails. NAME: April H OCCUPATION: Financial forecasting at a high-end retailer in Seattle. However, right now I'm training for a climbing expedition in Bolivia and felt this was the perfect time... Read More

How to Style an Oxford Shirt

Oxford Featured

Start raiding your boyfriend’s closets, ladies- oxford shirts are our favorite style piece for summer wardrobes. They're polished and classy, and give off that “effortlessly sexy” vibe we all probably spend a little bit too much time working toward (case in point: we’ve noticed that achieving the perfectly tousled and teased bedhead takes more time than it really should, you with us on this one?). Oxfords are extremely versatile. They can be worn easily with a pair of skinny jeans and pumps,... Read More

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