Work-Appropriate Prep

Work Appropriate Preppy

Preppy style doesn't have to be all boat shoes and polos, especially when you want to take preppy into the workplace. Nautical stripes, clean whites, and an über cute mani all create the perfect prepster Carlton Banks bowtie required. Prepsters are all about stripes. Go for the original navy and cream, or play with adding in color for a twist on the classic. Red stripes maintain the nautical theme, but are fun and fresh. If you are able to wear jeans to the office, pairing a nautical themed... Read More

French Open Style

French Open Featured

Unless your name is Maria Sharapova, you probably aren't on the lookout for a sporty yellow Nike skirt, visor, and tennis shoes to wear to the 2013 French Open (if you are Maria Sharapova, however, you work that visor, girl!). For the rest of us that won't be competing, we'll take fashion cues from the likes of Pippa Middleton and Diane Kruger for putting together our own wardrobe to wear to the French Open⎯even if the trip to Paris is only imaginary. No matter what you choose to wear, a hat is... Read More

Shhh…Your Nail Color is Talking

Let your nails do the talking...

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” -Pablo Picasso We’ve learned a thing or two about women and their nail polish colors thanks to the 150,000+ (and counting) manis and pedis we’ve given in our nail parlors. It’s “arm chair psychology” at its un-scientific best. There are SO many colors to choose from (hooray!). So today, we’re keeping it simple and weighing in on the rainbow....and black (we couldn’t resist). Red. The nail color version of the power tie.... Read More

Fragrance: Which One is Right For You?

Fragrance Featured

It's easy to get lost in the vast sea of fragrance; perfumes range from musky to fruity, floral to oriental, and everything in between. There are masculine and feminine scents, and some are unisex. Do you want to come across as flirty and feminine, ethereal and playful, or sensual and dangerous? You get the idea: the list goes on (and on). Fragrance is the next best accessory to confidence. It is the last finishing touch of your get-ready regime, the icing on the cake. Navigating the perfume counter... Read More

Meet May’s Be Good to Yourself Winners!

Be Good to Yourself winners by Julep

The 1920s are roaring back into fashion, and for May's Be Good to Yourself Challenge we asked our Mavens to share with us how they infuse their modern style with the spirit of this vintage decade and their June Maven goodies.Choosing our winners was NOT an easy task, to say the very least. Big thanks to all the entrants for submitting their photos. Be sure to continue in this challenge for next month! Check out the final three winners below! Congrats ladies. Meet us on Facebook June 1st to submit... Read More

Wedding Attire for a Rainy Day

What to Wear to a Rainy Outdoor Wedding

There is nothing more unpredictable than the weather, and unfortunately for us, sometimes it can occur at the worst possible time: the wedding day. If it's slated to rain on your friend's upcoming nuptials, don't worry. There are ways around the rain that will ensure that you stay stylish and comfortable, no matter what the weather report says! What to Wear to a Rainy Outdoor Wedding by julep featuring vince camuto   1. Pick a dress that's made out of a fabric that can get wet. Don't wear silk,... Read More

#TBT Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Featured

Having helped jumpstart the careers of young Kate Moss, Mark Wahlberg, and Brooke Shields, it's safe to say that Calvin Klein is an iconic brand. In the 80's and 90's, Calvin Klein advertisements were known for their risqué suggestions (anyone remember Brooke Shields cooing, "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins"? We do, and we haven't forgotten). Let's not forget Mark Wahlberg's rebellious ad wearing nothing but a backwards hat and his... somewhat revealing...knickers. The designer made denim... Read More

Gatsby Glam


The much anticipated premiere of Baz Luhrmann's screen adaption of F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1925 novel, The Great Gatsby, is finally here!! We have been teased with mesmerizing still images, stunning previews, and even got a glimpse of a few of Prada's uh-mazing collaborative costume designs for the film several months ago. It is time already. We are primed-and-ready to drink in the gorgeous fashion that this film seems to promise with as much indulgence as the year in which it is set. Until we can... Read More

Fashion’s Big Night: the 2013 Met Gala

Best Dressed at the 2013 Met Gala

The annual Costume Institute Benefit, affectionately known as the Oscars of Fashion, had the fashion world and us at Julep in a frenzy as it kicked off Monday night. Celebrating the PUNK: Chaos to Couture exhibit at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (on display to the public May 9th-August 14th), the event had celebrities crowning the red carpet, donning their best punk get-ups. From ridiculous headdresses to edgy cut-outs, the sea of mostly black-clad famous models, actresses,... Read More

Fashion Do: Leather in the Summer


What's the fun in fashion if you don't break the rules sometimes? This summer we highly suggest that you to step away from floral prints and flowy dresses, and instead opt for something a bit edgier. Like leather. In the past, fashion critics have strongly disapproved wearing leather in the summer, but the times are certainly a changin'. This fabric is now becoming a summer staple in fashionistas wardrobes everywhere, and we are completely on board. If this trend is something you'd be interested... Read More

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