Lupita Nyongo’s Bold, Fresh Style (+ a Giveaway!)


Did you see the woman at the Golden Globes who quietly, effortlessly (and maybe accidentally) stole the show? Lupita Nyong'o climbed the steps with her winning co-stars of 12 Years a Slave and mesmerized millions of viewers without ever taking the mic. Behold the glowing skin, the beaming smile, the red dress: Lupita (we've obsessed over her so much, we feel like we're on a first name basis) was wrapping up her MFA from Yale's School of Drama when she was cast in 12 Years a Slave. Now, ONE role and... Read More

American Hustle Fashion by Style Profile

American Hustle_3

“There was a new spirit in the clothes for American women in the late 1970s. They were enjoying new freedoms in fashion…” says style veteran—and American Hustle costume designer—Michael Wilkinson. That is exactly what we got in the Oscar-nominated American Hustle. With plunging necklines, gorgeous fur collared coats, and sequined dresses (that left little to the imagination), it’s no secret Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence got the better end of the wardrobe bargain. Pasties and Studio... Read More

How to Throw an Oscar Party

Jane's Oscar Party

Every February, my whole family has fun planning our annual Oscars party. Although I’d love to invite everyone, we’re limited by the physical space constraints of our house. Instead, I thought I’d share our family secrets on how to throw an Oscars party. Also seen here on Pretty Impressed! 1. Make your theme colors Black & Gold–plates, tablecloths and chargers. 2. Oscar statutes everywhere! Mine are just $1.70 each at Oddly, my order last year came with a complimentary... Read More

Jennifer Lawrence: Why She’s the Coolest Actress in Hollywood Right Now


Jennifer Lawrence. We’ll be the first to admit it – we have a major girl crush on this all-around awesome celeb. What’s not to love? She’s witty, comfortable with herself, and she’s totally killing it right now. Here are just a few reasons why we’re obsessed with J-Law: Jennifer Lawrence has real-life moments during glamorous occasions, like falling up the stairs when going to accept an Oscar:    Or opening mints during a press conference:     While some stars would be... Read More

Drew’s Mismatched Mani

drew 2

As the mother-to-be shows off her new book, Find It in Everything, we couldn’t help but notice the adorable manicure she donned at one of her book signings. The book is a collection of Barrymore’s photography that illustrates hidden heart shapes in everyday scenery—a theme she carried over to her adorable mismatched mani. All we can say is thanks for sharing the love, Drew! How do you feel about mismatching your mani?   Images: Getty

New York Fashion Week Necessities


NYFW is a whirlwind of fashion shows, events, meetings, deadlines--it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Be prepared with these must-haves! 1.)    Mini hairspray: Cold weather means static is at an all-time high. Use hairspray to tame those fly-aways, so you don’t appear as crazy as your schedule. 2.)    Emergen-C or some other type of cold-fighter: During all the activity, it’s important to take care of yourself. 3.)    A stack of business cards & the ever-present, always handy Starbucks... Read More

Beauty Color Trend from Fall Fashion Week

Photo: Julep, Jesse Untracht-Oakner, JUO Photography

As Pantone recently announced, “Sangria” is one of the top ten hot colors for NYFW designers at the Fall 2014 shows. We love how this deep berry/wine color not only graces the gorgeous collections, but translates through beauty trends as well! Nails: Trina Turk Fall 2014  (Color Pictured – Julep Evelyn) Lips: Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2014 Eyes: BCBG Max Azria Fall 2014

Sizzle! Peter Pilotto for Target


If you weren’t up at 8am this past Sunday ready for a fashionista fight at your local Target, or sitting up in bed frantically refreshing your browser for the sale to begin—don’t worry. You’re not behind the times (yet!). The Peter Pilotto for Target collection launched on Sunday, February 9th, and word on the street is to buy quickly. Many stores have cleaned out racks, and several items are already reading ‘sold out’ online. Target is known these days for bringing in unique and fashion-forward... Read More

Olympic Female Athletes: Spotlight on Two of USA’s Most Inspirational

Photo: AP

Becoming a US Olympian is hard enough as it is, but through dedication and strong will, these two ladies developed into true American icons. Wilma Rudolf Wilma Rudolf is a straight up legend. At age 4, Wilma contracted polio, a crippling disease that robbed her of her physical strength. Although doctors told her she would never properly walk again without braces for the rest of her life, she did just the opposite. She taught herself to run, and eventually was dubbed the "fastest woman in the world"... Read More

Rihanna: New Nails for 2014? We’re Guessing She’ll Swap Her Stiletto Shape for Almond

Selena Gomez Almond Nails

While Miley Cyrus is instagramming pics of her pedi, let’s talk about manis for a second. The new shape of 2014 - Almond Nails. The bold trend among celebrities in 2013 of long and sharp “stiletto nails,” or “dagger nails” – loved by Rihanna, Katy Perry & Lady Gaga – will quickly be replaced by a less severe look, a shorter, rounder, softer approach. Although almond nails are the less edgy stepsister of stiletto nails, we’re a little relieved that we’ll be snagging our tights... Read More

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