#TBT: Sperry Top-Sider

TBT Sperry Featured

ToWe were surprised to discover that the well-known boating shoe brand Sperry had been established in 1935, considering the shoes have increased tremendously in popularity over the past several years. We were quick to learn, however, that this trend of Sperry Top-Siders has come about recently due to a brand overhaul and campaign launch in 2003, which has proven to be very successful for the brand. No longer are the boating shoes thought of exclusively as made for yacht owners while sailing, because... Read More

What to Wear to Summer Music Festivals

Festival Style

With summer upon us, we are excitedly anticipating the many music festivals that await us. One of the highlights besides enjoying live music from our favorite bands is dressing up to go see them! Of course, we don't want to compromise comfort for chicness, (especially since we'll be dancing the day and night away,) so it's important to pick outfits that will keep us going all day. Here are some outfits that will keep you cute and dance floor-ready! If you're more of a no-fuss dresser and prefer to... Read More

Workout of the Day: Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

When we heard the word “workout” we typically think of things like P90X, yoga, and running. If something doesn't require changing into gym shorts or doesn't induce full-body sweating we generally don’t classify it as exercise. However, there are exceptions to this unwritten rule. Horseback riding gives you all the benefits running does plus an added bonus of an ab workout and then some. The best part is, you can stay in your jeans and look cute doing it! Because balance and good posture are... Read More

#TBT: Lacoste

TBT Lacoste

We don't know about you, but we cannot get enough of Throwback Thursdays! Those embarrassing childhood photos just beg to be posted on Instagram (and Facebook, and Twitter...), but we also greatly appreciate this social phenomenon of Throwback Thursday to pay homage to brands that have shaped the way we view fashion today. Lacoste, known for its high-end polos and famous Crocodile logo, has been our go-to for achieving ultimate prepster style. The French company, founded in 1933 by Rene Lacoste,... Read More

Need to Know: Tennis Tournaments

Grand Slam

With the French Open going on and a slew of other famous tennis tourneys coming up, we are heading for an onslaught of full-blown tennis frenzy. All taking place at tourist hot spots like London, New York City, and Paris, the tournaments have stirred up our desires to take a spontaneous summer-long trip full of sight-seeing, classy dressing, and of course lots and lots of tennis! While we unfortunately can't see this happening anytime soon, we will enjoy all the action right from the comfort of... Read More

Trend Alert: Not Your School Backpack

Trend Alert: Backpacks

The purse is a staple that no woman can live without. Each stylish satchel contains an abyss of everything from your phone and wallet to those loose Advil tablets from the aftermath of last month's big night out. The glaring downside to this universal accessory is the fact that you have to sling it over your shoulder and hold it there all day long. Enter the backpack. Long considered a dead giveaway for tourists and students, the backpack is making a fashion statement in 2013. We go crazy for trends... Read More

Work-Appropriate Prep

Work Appropriate Preppy

Preppy style doesn't have to be all boat shoes and polos, especially when you want to take preppy into the workplace. Nautical stripes, clean whites, and an über cute mani all create the perfect prepster look...no Carlton Banks bowtie required. Prepsters are all about stripes. Go for the original navy and cream, or play with adding in color for a twist on the classic. Red stripes maintain the nautical theme, but are fun and fresh. If you are able to wear jeans to the office, pairing a nautical themed... Read More

French Open Style

French Open Featured

Unless your name is Maria Sharapova, you probably aren't on the lookout for a sporty yellow Nike skirt, visor, and tennis shoes to wear to the 2013 French Open (if you are Maria Sharapova, however, you work that visor, girl!). For the rest of us that won't be competing, we'll take fashion cues from the likes of Pippa Middleton and Diane Kruger for putting together our own wardrobe to wear to the French Open⎯even if the trip to Paris is only imaginary. No matter what you choose to wear, a hat is... Read More

Shhh…Your Nail Color is Talking

Let your nails do the talking...

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” -Pablo Picasso We’ve learned a thing or two about women and their nail polish colors thanks to the 150,000+ (and counting) manis and pedis we’ve given in our nail parlors. It’s “arm chair psychology” at its un-scientific best. There are SO many colors to choose from (hooray!). So today, we’re keeping it simple and weighing in on the rainbow....and black (we couldn’t resist). Red. The nail color version of the power tie.... Read More

Fragrance: Which One is Right For You?

Fragrance Featured

It's easy to get lost in the vast sea of fragrance; perfumes range from musky to fruity, floral to oriental, and everything in between. There are masculine and feminine scents, and some are unisex. Do you want to come across as flirty and feminine, ethereal and playful, or sensual and dangerous? You get the idea: the list goes on (and on). Fragrance is the next best accessory to confidence. It is the last finishing touch of your get-ready regime, the icing on the cake. Navigating the perfume counter... Read More

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