Style Profile: What’s In Your Bag?


+ This striped tote bag just screams "American Beauty", not to mention it can literally hold just about anything and everything you can imagine! + What it is cuter than stripes and polka dots? We think this polka dot wallet is the perfect match. + When it comes to your make-up, you like to keep things simple, yet chic. This e.l.f. lip balm is a perfect pick for you as it adds a touch of color while moisturizing. + Keep your peepers protected with these understated, yet fashionable, vintage inspired... Read More

Paisley: The Hot Print for 2013


Move over leopard, there is a new print in town!!! Let us cordially (re)introduce you to paisley... We are expecting to see a lot more of these swirls come Spring, but we are ready to start getting our hands on this print NOW. Somewhat reminiscent of the grungy 90's (think velvet babydoll dresses), yet with a lot more sophistication (think pencil skirts and silk shorts). Yup, we're pretty much obsessed already. Will you be rocking paisley, or is this a print that you will be passing on? Share your... Read More

Oh Mickey, You’re so Fine


Honestly, who doesn't love the oh-so-charming Mickey? We are pretty excited to see that our favorite mouse is making a serious comeback in the world of fashion. It's refreshing to see people having fun with their style and not taking themselves too seriously! What do you guys think? Will you be getting your Mickey on? Mickey Mouse Pull Over sweatshirt found here. Minnie Mawi by Disney Couture Mickey Mouse Necklace found here. Minnie Mawi by Disney Couture Mickey Mouse Ring found here. Mickey Denim... Read More

Shoe of the Moment: The “Boot-Dal”


Designers such as Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler, & DKNY are going a little nutso over the boot-dal on the runway, and it has caught our attention. It can be best described as a grown up and chic version of the tall gladiator sandal that we have seen in the past. It's a great look on the runway, but we are not quite sure how well it will translate for the day to day.  The verdict is still out and we want to know what you guys think! Would you rock a boot-dal? (source, source, source, source,... Read More

Look of the Week: Kick Back & Relax


We are always on the search for outfit inspiration for those days where you want look cute, but aren't doing anything special. You know, something that is comfortable and casual, yet chic and fashion forward. This is look is perfect for any such instances.  Check out more awesome style-spiration by Christina at her amazeeee fashion blog- Trop Rouge!! + Geek Crew Neck Sweatshirt found here. + Brown Faux Leather Bomber Jacket found here. + Dark Cherry Twisted Band Floppy Hat found here.  + Dark... Read More

Designers Dresses and Dirty Sneakers


We aren't quite sure why Kristen Stewart keeps swapping out her heels on the red carpet for a pair of seriously worn in sneakers. She always starts off looking chic in stilettos, but by the end of the night (like clockwork) she swaps 'em out for some dirty sneakers.  We get it, heels are uncomfortable, but all the other celebs seem to manage. Why can't she? It's been said her stylist has to beg her to even put on heels at the start of the night... we just wish she would keep them on!! What do you... Read More

Hollywood’s Biggest Fashion Make-Under


Did you guys know that "Ke$ha" first got a sneak peak at the limelight when she was on the show "The Simple Life" with Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie? I had no idea, until recently. I even pulled out my DVD box set and re-watched the episode. I could barely believe it! My how she has changed over the years...  Once she came out with her first album, and her popular song "TiK ToK", all eyes were on this new pop sensation... and her outrageous outfits. Whether it was war paint on her face, an intense... Read More

Varsity Jackets Hit a Fashion Home Run


Single ladies rejoice!! Boyfriend jackets aren't just a way to show your relationship status anymore (we have Facebook for that), they are a huge fashion trend that we are loving big time. The temperatures are continuing to drop, and throwing on a varsity jacket over any look is a fresh & fun way to stay warm. Channel your inner Justin Bieber, Fonzie, and/or Frenchy and get at least one of these fun pieces in your closet. STAT. Black and White Letterman Jacket found here.  Red and White 84... Read More

Look of the Week: Neon Done Right


Have you guys been noticing a trend here at Julep? Yup, this month is allll about neons. Couple days ago we talked about how to wear neon in the winter, and now we have found the perfect example of neon done very right. We've followed Jessica and her fabuuuulous blog, Vintage Virgin, for a while now. We adore her awesome sense of style, and she really hit the nail on the head with this chic neon ensemble. P.S. Be sure to check out our new neon collection! You'll love it.  Religion Statement Necklace... Read More

Fashion Prediction: Michelle Obama’s Inaugural Gown

michelle obama FI

The inaugural ball is almost here (January 21st to be exact), and there is one thing on just about everyone's mind. What & who will Michelle Obama wear this year? So far we've heard that she'll opt for a dress designed by Prabal Gurung as she has been favoring his pieces lately. Not to mention she also enjoys supporting up & coming designers. Remember last year when she wore the off-white Philip Lim gown? No Oscar De La Renta or Dior for this Mrs. O. We also can conclude, from her previous... Read More

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