10 Fabulous Short Do’s for Every Face Shape


Ever get the sudden urge to just chop off all your hair? I know I do. Whenever I am having a bad hair day, and I see a celeb rocking an adorable new short haircut, I always get an itch to head straight to the salon. I have never actually gone through with it (the shortest I have been able to do is shoulder length), yet it doesn't mean I don't still swoon over all the celebs cute crops.  If you are planning to chop your locks anytime soon, make sure you have an idea of what you want and know what... Read More

Varsity Jackets Hit a Fashion Home Run


Single ladies rejoice!! Boyfriend jackets aren't just a way to show your relationship status anymore (we have Facebook for that), they are a huge fashion trend that we are loving big time. The temperatures are continuing to drop, and throwing on a varsity jacket over any look is a fresh & fun way to stay warm. Channel your inner Justin Bieber, Fonzie, and/or Frenchy and get at least one of these fun pieces in your closet. STAT. Black and White Letterman Jacket found here.  Red and White 84... Read More

Look of the Week: Neon Done Right


Have you guys been noticing a trend here at Julep? Yup, this month is allll about neons. Couple days ago we talked about how to wear neon in the winter, and now we have found the perfect example of neon done very right. We've followed Jessica and her fabuuuulous blog, Vintage Virgin, for a while now. We adore her awesome sense of style, and she really hit the nail on the head with this chic neon ensemble. P.S. Be sure to check out our new neon collection! You'll love it.  Religion Statement Necklace... Read More

Fashion Prediction: Michelle Obama’s Inaugural Gown

michelle obama FI

The inaugural ball is almost here (January 21st to be exact), and there is one thing on just about everyone's mind. What & who will Michelle Obama wear this year? So far we've heard that she'll opt for a dress designed by Prabal Gurung as she has been favoring his pieces lately. Not to mention she also enjoys supporting up & coming designers. Remember last year when she wore the off-white Philip Lim gown? No Oscar De La Renta or Dior for this Mrs. O. We also can conclude, from her previous... Read More

Golden Globes: The Fashion Low Down


We love love love awards season!!! Don't you?? Sure the ceremony was great, but our favorite part of any awards show is always the red carpet. Whether good or bad, the gowns are never short of extravagant. Last night was no exception and we of course made a few observations. + Trend No.1: Black on black on black. There sure was a lot of black. We were especially fond of Kristen Wiigs cut out gown and Amy Poehler's sleek suit. + Trend No.2: Pale colors were also a big hit on the red carpet, and... Read More

How to Incorporate Neon Into Your Winter Wardrobe!!


Neons were all the rage this past summer, little did we know that they would find their way into the winter wardrobes of fashionistas everywhere! We are pretty excited about it... Wearing brights in the summer is pretty much a no brainer, but when winter rolls around you have to be a bit more strategic. Our trick to pulling off this trend is to choose one pop of color, and pair it with neutrals for a chic look. Multi Neon Bangle Set found here. Neon Yellow Cotton Blazer found here. Neon Rib Knit... Read More

Fashion Inspiration for 2013’s Hottest Hue


Last year Pantone hit the nail on head when they chose Tangerine Tango as their 2012 color of the year, and we think they nailed it once again with their 2013 pick- Emerald Green. We are loving this rich jewel tone and can't wait to incorporate this hot hue in our color-lacking wardrobes in any and all forms. What do you guys think? Will you be going green? Knit Eternity Scarf found here.  Beaded Bib Necklace found here. Crocodile iPhone Case in Vineyard found here. Green Cuffed Jeggings found here. ... Read More

Look of the Week: Shorts in Winter


Shorts in winter???? You bet. There are those people who have seperate wardrobes for summer and winter... I am definitely not one of them. Why stow your favorite sundress away in storage when you can simply throw it on with some tights, a denim jacket, and a chunky circle scarf and be good to go on a chill day? Joan K. from Fiction a la Mode is on my same page. I love how she warmed up her hot little black leather shorts with a bright cobalt blue sweater, black tights, and a sleek blazer. Cobalt... Read More

10 Celebrity Beauty Faux Pas

beauty fails FI

You'd think that being famous would pretty much guarantee that you were immune to any serious beauty (and/or fashion) malfunctions. With a team of clothing stylists/hair stylists/and make up artists, plus the added fact that you KNOW you will be photographed pretty much anywhere you go, it seems highly unlikely you'd be leaving the house looking anything less than perfect. Right? WRONG. Here is solid proof that celebs are 100% human, and completely capable of beauty mishaps... just like the rest... Read More

Look we Love: Long Sleeve Frocks

long sleeve frocks FI

Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? With long sleeve dresses you can still look sexy & cute, without freezing your tail off or showing too much skin in the middle of winter. You can go casual and wear one during the day, or dress it up with some pumps for a hot night out on the town. It's pretty much a win/win all around when it comes to long sleeve frocks. You need to get this versatile piece in your closet, stat!! Here are our top 6 picks.  Long Sleeve Contrast Lapel Floral Dress... Read More

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