5 Wallet Friendly Tweed Pieces We Love!


The start of a new year is the perfect time to step outside of your "comfort zone" and try something new. Want to know the something new that we can't wait to get our hands on? TWEED. This somewhat sophisticated fabric is making a serious comeback, and can easily turn any look from casual to chic in no time. Here are our 5 favorite tweed picks- all of which would be a perfect addition to your "New Year" wardrobe!! Tweed Blazer found here. Tweed & Faux Leather Dress found here. Wool & Tweed... Read More

6 Plush Perfect Velvet Pieces we Love


When I think of velvet, I always flashback to my younger days when my mom dressed me in a crushed velvet dress that more often than not came paired with a peter pan collar. If only I still owned that now (and could fit into it). This plush fabric has come back with a big old bang, and is the perfect addition to your cozy winter wardrobe. From shoes to blazers, here are a few of the velvet pieces we are coveting... Burgundy Velvet Leggings found here.  Blue Velvet Skater Dress found here. Black Velvet... Read More

Color Story: International Orange


I love love love San Francisco!! I have tons of family there, and was recently visiting for the holidays, which was when I got inspired to write this post. Driving over the Golden Gate bridge, or at least visiting it, is a must when in the city (the rainbow is an added bonus). Did you guys know... + The color of the Golden Gate bridge is referred to as "International Orange". + The Golden Gate bridge is always being painted. Once the painters reach one end, they turn around and head towards the... Read More

Look of the Week: Cute & Comfy Camo


Camo (along with all other things nineties) is making a serious comeback, which is making us seriously happy. When we stumbled upon this look from the blog, Samira Sophie, we immediately had some fashion inspiration. An oversized sweater + camo print leggings (or jeggings) + some sky high black wedges = our new fave look. What do you guys think? Will be you rocking camouflage anytime soon?  + Camo Brodie Jeans found here. + Knitted V neck Slouchy Burgundy Sweater found here. + Luella Black Suedette... Read More

10 Most Popular Trends of 2012


2013 has some pretty big shoes to fill, at least when it comes to fashion. Of course there were quite a few trends we are happy to leave in 2012. Yet, in this particular case, there was definitely more good trends than bad. Here are 10 of the most noteworthy and show stopping trends from the past year... all of them which we will probably still rock in the coming year. What was your favorite trend of 2012? (source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source)

9 Trends We Hope Stay in 2012!!


I personally never partook in the flat form trend, and I am really hoping we have seen the last of it. Not only ar flatforms just plain unattractive, but they are not flattering for the foot either. (source) I am still not quite sure how saggy butt denim shorts with some shreds became a hot trend, but if you don't want "mom butt" in a pair of jeans, why would you want it in a pair of shorts? (source) We liked the peplum for a bit, but once you see too much of something- you kind of get over it.... Read More

The World’s Most Fashionable Lady


If you haven't yet been introduced to the oh-so-glam Iris Apfel, then this is very well an intro that is long overdue. We have had our eye on her for a while now, always oohing-and-ahhing at her latest look. Apfel, now 91, has taken the fashion world by storm with her over the top, awe-inspiring, style. Her personal style motto, "More is More, Less is a Bore", is just about the best way to describe what miss Iris Apfel is all about. From her stuffed animals to her wrists, fingers, and neck- she loves... Read More

Look of the Week: Bronze Metallics


Metallics are all the rage these days, and we are right on board with this hot winter trend. Jessica from the adorable blog, Hapa Time (you've got to check it out), rocks the metallic look and pulls it off flawlessly. We love how she kept her whole look monochromatic & in the bronze/gold family. Not to mention, her coordinated gradient glitter nails and loads of jewelry are the perfect way to finish off this look. What do you guys think- are you loving the metallic trend that is taking the... Read More

5 Show Stopping New Years Eve Frocks

new years FI

I know, I know, you probably haven't even finished eating Christmas dinner, but the time has come to start planning out your NYE (if you haven't already). New Years Eve is personally one of my favorite holidays. You get to join together with all your friends, drink just a bit too much bubbly, wear sparkly dresses, and smooch at midnight- what could be better than that?! Be sure to start the year off right surrounded by good people, lots of dancing, and of course... a fabulous frock. Cheers to 2013!... Read More

6 Adorable Reasons to be a Cat Person

cat fashion FI

Clearly leopard print wasn't enough for the cat obsessed fashionistas... they are now onto bigger, better, and more literal. Kitty motifs are popping up everywhere, from sweaters donning cat whiskers to shoes & hats complete with a set of cat ears. I never considered myself a cat person, but now I am becoming borderline obsessed with fashion forward felines. Even bought myself a black beanie with adorable little ears attached. Everyone has that one cooky, yet charming, aunt who loves her cats... Read More

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