The Celeb Halloween Costume Round-Up

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From the lavish parties to the insanely detailed costumes, the celebrities really know how to do Halloween. Each year I love to get a recap on some of the best celeb costumes of the year as they are always so creative and mind blowing! With all this inspiration, I am already planning (in my head) next years costume. Which celeb costume made the top of your list? We want to know! + Best Overall Costume: Heidi Klum as the Queen of the Nile + Cutest Costume: Christina Milian as a Cupcake + Creepiest... Read More

Chic Raingear to Keep you Dry


As I am sure you are aware, some parts of the country are getting more rain than usual right now with the onslaught of hurricane Sandy and we want to take a minute to send all of our thoughts and prayers that way. We hope that all the people who have been displaced from their homes are safe & warm and that they get the help needed to get through this. If your wardrobe isn't quite prepped for the rain, now is the time to stock up with some of these great pieces to ensure that you stay dry if rain... Read More

Panty Party: Are You Wearing the Right Undergarments?


Alright ladies, it is time to get down to the nitty gritty world of underwear. When talking about undergarments it is usually geared toward all things brassieres. Am I wearing the right size? Is this the best bra for my figure? What bra will help give me the best shape? The list goes on and on. Yet there is another undergarment that is in need of some attention, and that is your panties. People often don't realize that they are wearing the wrong undies until they finally get their hands on some... Read More

7 Short Do’s to Inspire YOU!

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For some reason or another, when the seasons change, I always have the urge to change my hair. Sometimes I will go from light to dark or other times I may even take it a step further and get a whole new haircut. I have already darkened my locks for the fall season, but now I am kind of craving even more of a change. This year I have been really focused on shorter do's, which would be a HUGE deal for me since I rarely ever cut my hair. I have been scouring the web for all of my favorite celebs' short... Read More

Look of the Week: Winter Whites


Wearing white past labor day, as you can see above, is a total fashion DO! Multiple layers of this basic color... even better. The more the merrier, right? For more great fashion inspiration, be sure to check out one of our new favorite fashion blogs, Casey's Collection. White Slouchy Sweater found here. White Skinny Jeans found here.   Gold Boyfriend Watch found here. Jeweled Ballerina Flats found here. Black Studded Satchel found here.  (source)

Get The Look: Dressed Up Sweats


Nothing is better than a comfortable outfit that is also beyond chic. This is the exact reason we at Julep are so smitten with the idea of dressing up your sweats! Whether you rock a vintage sweatshirt with a great pair of skinnies and some boots, or you step it up a notch by pairing a blazer with skinny sweat pants- this is a look that will be sure to turn heads of fashion lovers everywhere. Caution: street style photogs may ask to snap your photo with this little ensemble.  What do you guys think... Read More

Loving Us Some Fall Lace!!


Lace is one of the more "girly" fabrics around, and I pretty much stay away from MOST things girly (pink is definitely NOT my color). Yet I think my aversion to frill may be just the reason I am so in love with lace for fall. Sounds weird, right? I love to have fun with fashion and doing things a bit unexpected or different. That being said, when I wear lace, I love to put my own little spin on it... edge things up a bit. Add some dimension to your lace by layering it with a army cargo jacket, some destroyed denim,... Read More

We are MAD for Hats!

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One of my least favorite things about fall? The way the crazy winds make my hair look. One of my most favorite things about fall? Wearing hats. It is the time of the season where we dig into the backs of our wardrobes and pull out all of our winter gear, hats included. I have already started my fall strong with just about a hat a day... except for today, as I am bundled up inside (it's just a bit too chilly to venture out). Yet, when I do leave the house, my outfits are rarely complete without a... Read More

Vintage Fashion & Its Modern Counterparts


The other day I was watching some old home videos, and often caught myself saying "Man, I wish my mom still had that, I'd totally wear it today"! I loved almost all her outfits and accessories she wore throughout the whole video, throughout each era. Who knew my mom had such great style? After I was done reminiscing on my childhood, I started to think about the trends we rock today and where they came from. If you ever feel your look is getting a little stale, simply pull out your oldest family... Read More

Look of the Week: Fall Plaids


Plaid is always a great print to include into your fall wardrobe, and we love how Kasia from Fashion Salade added a girly spin on a classic with thigh high socks, platform heels, and a cute a-line mini skirt. We are so smitten with her Autumn ensemble that we wanted to feature her as our "Look of the Week", and help you get the her adorable & chic look. Large circle frame sunglasses found here.  Black circle mini-skirt found here.  Black thigh high skirts found here.  Blue and red plaid shirt... Read More

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