Fashion Icon: The Caped Crusader


Okay, so Batman really isn't a fashion icon of ours, but we do really love the way he rocks a cape. More & more we have been seeing capes on the backs of fashionistas everywhere, and we want to get on this adorable new trend. Wearing a cape may not give you actual super powers, but it will give you some serious fashion street cred. Which is almost equally as cool, right? Topshop 'Baxter' Skinny Moto Jeans found here.  Brown Fur Lined Cape found here.  Long Sleeve Black Tee found here. ASOS... Read More

Fashion Must Have: Winter Friendly Furs


Every winter, like clockwork, fur comes back into style with a bang. Whether real or faux, I am not even going there... all I am saying is that it is a chic & fashionable look for winter. Here are some of our current fave fur pieces that we are hoping to get our hands on in the near future (making our holiday wish-list as we speak). Are you a fan of fur? How do you like to rock it?  Ombre Faux Mongolian Fur Coat found here.   Faux Fur Green Slouchy Coat found here.  White Faux Fur Cropped... Read More

No Closet Space? No Problem!


+ One day I will have this closet!! This weekend I have one thing on my to do list that I have been putting off for far too long... and that is cleaning out my closet. I guess when it comes to clothes, you could very well call me a hoarder. Yet I am also a neat freak, and with all these clothes- I am running out of storage ideas. This lack of space has led me to feel that it is time to purge my wardrobe, especially since I don't wear the majority of the stuff in there. It won't be easy, I may get... Read More

7 Celeb Brides Who Broke the White Dress Mold


Tradition Shmarition... celebs don't follow the rules, so why should we? Just recently Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake tied the knot, and heads turned not once, but twice, over her shocking pink wedding dress. Usually they say that you don't have to wear white if you've been wed before, but since this is Biel & Timberlake's first go-round, it looks like the rules are being bent. I decided to take this opportunity to dig a little deeper and see which other celebs went out on a limb with a... Read More

Look of the Week: Pretty Little Details

lotw FI

Today I was doing my daily web browsing when I stumbled upon The Mop Top, an adorable fashion blog that documents the daily outfits of Tonya (the lady behind the blog). She has such great style, and picking one look to feature was not an easy task. Because I rambled on about my love for crimson yesterday, I figured this particular look would be quite fitting. Chiffon burgundy mini skirt found here.  Headscarf headband in burgundy found here.  Pearly collar shirt in black found here.  Little polka... Read More

Color to Crave: Red Red Wine


Crimson, oxblood, red wine, burgundy, brick, dark cherry, maroon... whatever you want to call it doesn't matter, all that matters is you get this color in your wardrobe stat. I don't knowwhat it is about this color that has got me so excited... oh wait, I actually do know. It looks great on all skin-tones, its vibrant, and it is beyond perfect for the fall season. What do you guys think? Are you as in love as we are?? + Splendid leopard print leggings found here. + Burgundy roller bowler hat found... Read More



When it comes to nail art, celebs are really stepping up their game. We couldn't be more thrilled that many of these style icons are stepping away from boring shades of tan to something more artistic and creative. Can you guys guess which mani belongs to which celebrity?? See how you do below... (source, source, source, source)

The Celeb Halloween Costume Round-Up

halloween celebFI

From the lavish parties to the insanely detailed costumes, the celebrities really know how to do Halloween. Each year I love to get a recap on some of the best celeb costumes of the year as they are always so creative and mind blowing! With all this inspiration, I am already planning (in my head) next years costume. Which celeb costume made the top of your list? We want to know! + Best Overall Costume: Heidi Klum as the Queen of the Nile + Cutest Costume: Christina Milian as a Cupcake + Creepiest... Read More

Chic Raingear to Keep you Dry


As I am sure you are aware, some parts of the country are getting more rain than usual right now with the onslaught of hurricane Sandy and we want to take a minute to send all of our thoughts and prayers that way. We hope that all the people who have been displaced from their homes are safe & warm and that they get the help needed to get through this. If your wardrobe isn't quite prepped for the rain, now is the time to stock up with some of these great pieces to ensure that you stay dry if rain... Read More

Panty Party: Are You Wearing the Right Undergarments?


Alright ladies, it is time to get down to the nitty gritty world of underwear. When talking about undergarments it is usually geared toward all things brassieres. Am I wearing the right size? Is this the best bra for my figure? What bra will help give me the best shape? The list goes on and on. Yet there is another undergarment that is in need of some attention, and that is your panties. People often don't realize that they are wearing the wrong undies until they finally get their hands on some... Read More

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