The Most Transformed Celebrity

kelly o then & now FI

We first saw Kelly Osbourne when her family opened the doors of their home to millions on "The Osbournes". She was young, and her look would be best described as punk gone wrong. From the wacky hair styles and the mis-matched outfits, she was quite a bit off her style game in those days. Man how she turned things around! Kelly Osbourne's style went from an uncoordinated teenager to a sophisticated & chic style icon within just a few years. She even landed herself a coveted seat on E's Fasihon... Read More

Hot New Hair Trend: The Super Side Sweep

the super side part FI.jpg

                    The middle part has taken center stage for a while now, and we are more than pleased to see that the side part is making a serious comeback. Celebs & trendsetters everywhere are channeling their inner Hollywood glam with this exaggerated deep part. One great way to achieve this look is to give yourself a super deep side part and pull back the other side with either a bobby pin or some tight braids. To finish it off, add some... Read More

5 Snuggle Worthy, and Cute, Holiday Jammies


What better time to cozy up on the couch with your family/friends/significant other while sipping hot cocoa and watching movies than the holiday season? Well if you're asking me, there is no better time & no proper snuggle sesh is complete without comfy PJ's. Whether you wear them on Christmas morning, or are giving them as a gift, there really is nothing better than a pair of cute holiday jammies. Right? Here are 5 of our favorite cuddle worthy pieces...  Reindeer Tee & Shorts PJ set found... Read More

The Perfect Look for Your Holiday Shindig


So the holiday season is approaching quickly, and the party invites are just stacking up- right? If you have any fun holiday plans, you are most likely already planning out your outfit in your head. We wanted to make the task easier by giving you some festive outfit inspiration. Whether you are heading to a fun white elephant Christmas party or just doing gingerbread houses with your closest friends, it is always crucial to dress for the occasion!! Get the Festive Holiday Look:  + Leopard Print... Read More

The New Do: The Ice Cream Cone Twist


We first saw this hair style on the internet sensation, Karmin, and soon after celebs followed suit. From Katy Perry to Jennifer Hudson, this retro inspired hair style (aka the "Suicide Roll") has taken the red carpet by storm, and has gotten a variety of feedback. We personally think it resembles an ice cream cone from Dairy Queen, although we don't entirely disapprove of it. What do you guys think? Do you love it or do you hate it? Let us know! If you do love this style, Karmin herself shows... Read More

How to: Rock a Classic Pencil Skirt


Okay, so I have to admit... I have NEVER worn a pencil skirt before... but I really have always wanted to. My mom would wear them when I was younger and I always thought it was the sleekest & chicest look around. Now that I am an adult, and fashionistas everywhere are rocking pencil skirts like crazy, I think it is time I give one a try. All I need is an appropriate occasion, or do I? Maybe I will just pretend I had a business meeting & wear a pencil skirt and heels the next time I head... Read More

Look of the Week: 50 Shades of Grey


As winter nears closer and closer I am pulling out all my adorable jeans, beanies, and jackets- and from the looks of it, I am not the only one. I am so inspired by this adorable look I came across today from "My Showroom Blog". I have just got to get my pair of some cheetah print jeans (anyone know where I can find some??)! I love how Priscila, the lady behind the blog, paired together a variety of different shades of grey... something I plan to do in the very near future. What do you guys think... Read More

Barneys & Co. x Disney: “Electric Holiday”


We've heard about it, we've anticipated it, and now it is finally here! What are we talking about you may ask? Nothing other than the AMAZING 2012 holiday window display at Barneys. This year they teamed up with Disney to create an adorable short film called "Electric Holiday", which will be playing on repeat throughout the store (and the windows) during the holiday season. While oogling over a beautiful Lanvin dress in the Barneys window, Minnie Mouse begins to daydream, and finds herself right... Read More

Leopard Print for Every Occasion


In the world of fashion, for some reason or another, leopard print has often been reserved for events held after dark. Yet times are changing, and leopard print can truly be worn for any and all occasions. It is a chic print that can be dressed up for a night on the town, dressed down for a casual day shopping with friends, and dressed right in the middle for a day at the office. How do you rock your animal print?   Look #1 + Skinny & Destroyed Cuffed Jeans found here. + Leopard Faux Fur Jacket... Read More

Keep Your Mitts Warm This Winter


If you have ever been to the cold, or if you live in it, you know how important it is to keep your hands warm. Nothing is worse, or more icy, than bare hands on a chilly day!! I recently arrived in San Francisco and had completely forgotten to pack some gloves, which called for an immediate pit stop to H&M to pick up a few pair for the remainder of my trip. What a life saver that was. I honestly thought I was going to get frost bite on my phalanges. Not to mention, they add the perfect amount... Read More

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