Express Yourself With Graphic Tees

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Graphic tees are fun ways to express yourself and share with the world what music you like, how you feel about the environment, or what vintage cartoon characters were your favorite growing up. Fashionistas everywhere are pairing their favorite graphic printed tees with floral skirts, shredded denim, and combat boots- making for a fun and chic look, perfect for any occasion! Graphic prints aren't just for the kiddies anymore... here are 6 affordable and fun printed tees you will be sure to love.... Read More

8 Adorable, Summer Approved, Rompers

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Looking for an alternative to the classic day dress for the impending warm summer months? Than the romper/playsuit is the perfect piece for your ever-growing wardrobe. Rompers are easy to wear, and look especially fabulous when paired with a fun pair of sandals, loads of jewelry, and a slouchy shoulder bag. What do you think? Would you rock a romper? I know I would, and I definitely intend to. Nasty Gal mad mesh romper ($68) dELiAs lace inset romper ($34.50) Jack Willis white baslow playsuit ($70)... Read More

Get the Look: Wild Nineties Child

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Growing up in nineties, I didn't think I would be excited for that era's fashion trends to come back in style, but once they did- my whole opinion changed drastically. I am now, all of the sudden, overly excited to get my hands on various body con dresses, neon brights, shredded denim, combat boots, creepers, crop tops, crosses galore, printed leggings, and anything else nineties inspired! Some of our favorite celebs (as seen above) can't get enough of the styles that Kelly Kapowski and other 90's... Read More

6 Fabulous Summer Wedges Under $50


I will make any and every excuse in the world to shop. Summer is one of my all time favorite excuses because I need new swimsuits, sandals, sundresses, and my favorite item of all- summer wedges! I am slowly, but surely, building up my summer wardrobe... and all that is left to buy is a few pairs of fabulous wedges. Here are 6 of my favorite wedges under $50... which ones should I choose? I want them all! Forever 21 Woven Wedge Sandals ($32.80) H&M Coral Suede Wedges ($39) My Delicious Glow... Read More

Denim Skirts Make a Comeback!

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There was only a short stint in my life when denim skirts were in style, and that was when I was in middle school and was a bit fashion challenged. Looks like I, and all of you, get a second chance at rocking a denim skirt.. .and this time I plan to get it right. Whether on the street or on the runway, denim shirts of all lengths are getting the attention that I think they deserve. What do you all think, should denim shirts make a comeback or would you prefer they stay where they belong... in the... Read More

Trend Spotted: Peter Pan Detachable Collars

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Just like Peter Pan, some of us just don't want to ever grow up, and that (in my opinion) is totally acceptable. This is the precise reason that I am currently loving Peter Pan collars so much right now. They give me that reminiscent vibe from some of the dresses I rocked as a little girl, yet are still totally fun and fashion forward. Throw on a leather or studded collar with your favorite dress, and instantly you will have a fun and chic look for a day shopping with your girlfriends, or even a... Read More

5 Funky & Fun Urban Turban’s


Whether you are sporting a braid, a high bun, or no hair style at all- an urban turban is the perfect way to spice up your do! At first I wasn't so keen on this new hair trend as I am not a huge fan of headbands, but once I tried one on a turban headband for myself, my whole opinion changed (I am actually wearing it right now)! It is a fun, and simple way to spice up your look or to mask a not-so-fab hair day! What do you guys think? Would you rock an urban turban? Nasty Gal pitch black turban found... Read More

Pinterest Wedding Inspiration


If a wedding is in your near future, chances are your days are spent planning out every last little detail for your big day. I haven't been married myself, but I am well aware that wedding planning can be time consuming, and extremely stressful. Let me help ease some of that stress and introduce you to your new wedding planner, Pinterest! Clear your calendar and set up an appointment with your computer, because it is time to get some creative wedding inspiration! I have compiled 10 of my personal... Read More

Studs & Spikes for Everyone!

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So you want to show off your rough and tough side a little, but don’t want to scare people away with jewelry and clothes that can second as a deadly weapon? I completely understand where you are coming from. Everywhere I turn lately all I see is studs & spikes galore, and it is a trend is 100% adorable, yet it is also one that can easily go amiss if done incorrectly. Here some tips & tricks on how to wear studs without looking like a gothic teenager, but rather a fabulous fashionista! -... Read More

A Lesson in Fashion: How to Mix & Match Prints


Let's test out your fashion abilities, starting with the art of mixing and matching prints! This look not only graced the 2012 runways, but also became a widespread trend that people can't seem to get enough of. You may be thinking that you couldn't pull this off if you tried, and I am here to tell you that you couldn't be more wrong. You simply just need a few helpful pointers & you will be on your way to properly mixin' & matchin'! - Patterns that are very different are the easiest way... Read More

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