Blonde or Brunette for These Ladies… You Decide!

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Trending topic of late? Natalie Portman's new blonde locks. Which is precisely why I decided to put together this post. Celebs are known for switching up their hairstyles on the regular... which I would probably do as well if I could afford the constant salon visits and the extensions needed after a too short cut. From blonde to brunette or vice versa, the below celebs have had some shocking color transformations- and we want to know what you think looks better on these leading ladies?? Natalie... Read More

Fashion School: About the Accessories


Accessorizing is an art, and we want to help you master your technique. From purses to sunglasses, an outfit isn't complete without the perfect "add ons". Here are some handy tips to making sure you are accessorizing.... properly! + Consider your total look. If you are going for a rocker chic/edgy look consider metals & leather; if you are feeling a bit more girly- sparkles and pearls are sweet & sophisticated; and lastly, if your style is more boho turquoise is always a great go-to. + Keep... Read More

Trend Spotted: Pretty in Plaid


We are head over heels, smitten for plaid this fall. Who isn't? It's the time of the year for pumpkin lattes, autumn skies, and of course- cozy warm fashion staples. Nothing better than a perfectly worn-in flannel or a chic pair of plaid flats for a cool autumn day (or even night)!! Will you be swooping up some fashion forward plaid pieces this fall? Here are our current faves....  Gap 1969 Always Skinny plaid pants. "Plaid It All Up" red plaid clutch.  Tulle "Plaid to Help" dress.  Blue lapel... Read More

The Rebirth of the Bomber Jacket!!!


What is it that they say... everything comes back in style every 10 years? Yea, I think that's exactly what they say... and it is so true!! This year we have seen the "rebirth" of many trends including (but not limited to): flared jeans, crop tops, vintage denim shorts, and our personal favorite- bomber jackets. As we enter the fall season and begin to prepare our wardrobes for cooler weather, be sure to make a little room in your closet for a bomber jacket... or two. Here are 5 of our personal favorite... Read More

Throw Yourself the Perfect Arm Party!!

A party isn't complete without a fashionista, and a fashionista isn't completed without a party... specifically one worn on her wrist. If you follow fashion trends, you are well aware that loads of bracelets/watches piled on is all the rage, yet not always easy to pull off. You need the perfect combination of watches, stretch bracelets, bangles, and even friendship bracelets to pull off this look flawlessly. Below are some key ingredients (i.e. bracelets) that are essential to this arm equation!!... Read More

Fall Fashion Favorite: Slouchy Sweaters


If you haven't caught on yet, I am pretty excited for fall to come. Yes... I love the cooler weather & all the fabulous seasons (hello Thanksgiving dinner!!), but what I am most excited for this season is the fashion! I can't wait to layer my clothes, bundle up with a chunky scarf, and most of all... pull out my slouchy sweaters from the back of my closet! A slouchy sweater is a staple in any fall wardrobe & will look great with just about anything... giving you that comfy chic look you long... Read More

Fashion School: How to Dress for YOUR Body Type!!

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This topic is one that ladies often have a bit of trouble with. What is my body type? What should I wear to compliment my body type? Is there anyone else out there with the same body type as me? Well that is what I am here for- to help all of you better dress for your silhouette so you can enhance your fabulous figure with the right pieces! Once you get the hang of it, shopping will be easier and unflattering pieces will soon be a thing of the past. Yippeeee! + Rectangular body shapes usually mean... Read More

Eye Makeup Trends for Fall 2012


Autumn is a great time of the year to experiment with new makeup, colors and trends. The cooler weather allows for darker shades that won't melt off in the summer heat. Here are three Eye Make-up trends to steal straight from the Runway (Fall 2012 RTW): 1. Smokey Blues and Grays - Try smudging a creamy blue/gray shadow over the entire eyelid. Line the inner corner of the eyelid with a shimmery silver gray. Pair with a bold brow and several coats of volumizing mascara for added oomph!    2.... Read More

Back to School Fashion: Accessory Must-Haves

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Now that you are back in school, not only will you notice a change in the temperature, but also a change in fashion. It is officially time to swap your clutches for tote bags, your sunglasses for real ones, your sandals for flats, your heels for boots, etc. I think you get the point.... Accessories can make or break an outfit, so make sure you do it right with some of our favorite fall fashion add ons.  Tan skinny leather belt found here.  Geek chic glasses found here.  Leopard flats found here. ... Read More

The Best of the 2012 Emmys: Manicures


Nails have really stepped up their game to becoming a bona-fide fashion accessory. As you could see at this years Emmys, no outfit was complete without the perfect shade of polish (or nail art, in Zooey Deschanel's case). Check out some of our favorite nail looks of the event, as well as some great polish ideas based off of the best colors seen on the red carpet! P.S. Did I mention they even had a "mani-cam" on the red carpet this year? Yup, celebs would come by and show off their perfectly polished... Read More

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