Rules Shmules: White After Labor Day is A-okay!!

white in winter FI

There are some general rules in fashion that I just can't seem to follow no matter how hard I try... and the one about not wearing white after Labor Day is probably my most-broken fashion rule of them all. Most of my closet is built around neutrals (black, white, grey, tan, etc.) so to ask me to knock one of those shades out for a few seasons just isn't reasonable for me. I personally think next to black, white is one of the chicer and more sophisticated colors one can wear and it can easily be transformed... Read More

For the Fashionable Mama: 6 Adorable Diaper Bags for Fall


Whether a new parent or a veteran mom, there is no doubt that you are well aware about how important it is to have a reliable and sturdy diaper bag. At one point in your life great shoes and cute clutches may have been your favorite accessories in your wardrobe, but once you hit parenthood- that all changes! Now your most beloved item in your closet is your worn in jeans, comfy tees, and your handy diaper bag (which is also probably your latest handbag of choice). With all that being said, just because... Read More

Back to School Fashion: Book Bag Edition


When I was in high school backpacks were not necessarily considered a "fashionable" accessory, but more of an outfit ruin-er. Nowadays, backpacks are so cool that students and non-students alike can't get enough of these over the shoulder book bags- myself included. Whether you go for a tribal print bag or a leather one, you will be sure to be the envy of your fellow fashionable peers- and there is no doubt they will swoop in on your style. Will you be getting your hand on a fun & fashionable... Read More

How to Dress up a Pair of Shorts

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People often designate wearing shorts for summer days, but as many celebs have showed us, shorts are actually perfect for a night out on the town! To master this look there are a few things you need to know about how to wear shorts without looking too casual or revealing too much skin. Here goes... + Don't go too short. Way back when, the length of girls' shorts/dresses/skirts were measured every morning to make sure they were appropriately dressed. Teachers would have the student(s) in question... Read More

Time to put on Your Party Pants Ladies!!


Whether you are going out on the town, on a date with your main man, or just a day out window shopping with your friends- a pair of patterned pants are the quickest & easiest way to turn your look from so-so to jaw dropping. Have you guys already jumped on the printed pants bandwagon or is this a fashion trend you would rather pass on? #1 tip for wearing printed pants: keep it simple on top, always!! Black lightweight blazer with over-sized lapels found here. H&M printed trousers found here.... Read More

A Maxi or a Mini…. What’s Your Skirt Style?

mini versus maxiFI

We have been trying to decide what we like better: mini skirts or maxi skirts? Maxi skirts are so comfy and casual, yet mini skirts can be fun and versatile. These celebs have mastered both the mini & maxi skirt summer trend, and we want to know- which skirt style do you prefer? + While Jessica Biel looks chic and adorable in her nude body con skirt, she really pulled off a simple black maxi skirt to perfection while taking her dog on a walk. + Jessica Alba looks fun and playful in her bright... Read More

The Frugalista Diaries Summer Favorites!

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Though I'm not the biggest fan of summer and the heat that comes along with it, I've grown quite fond of a couple of this season's must have trends. Everything from leg baring shorts to delicate hi-low hemlines have quickly made their way into my closet for stylish wear over these next couple months. Here's a few trends that I'm loving for summer. Which one is your guys' favorites? Sheer Garments I'm going to have to say sheer has been a close call for favorites this season, whether I've worn it... Read More

Fashion Focus: We Love our Flats!!


We all know flats are feet friendly, but nowadays they are fashionable too. From drivers and loafers to ballet flats and oxfords, whatever you prefer- there is a style of flats that will fit your personal style perfectly. Here is your go to guide to rocking the most fabulous summer shoe style around- fun & flirty flats. Sperry Top-Sider boat shoe found here. Old Navy mustard bow tie flats found here. Mel shoes mutual mint-erists oxford flats found here. Gold rush hour flats found here. Neon yellow... Read More

Get the Look: Geek Chic

geek chic FI

( this baby is our current fashion icon. ) Remember that somewhat nerdy kid who was always picked on a bit in grade school? It's my educated guess that those same kiddos are having a pretty good laugh right about now considering the fact their signature look is all the rage in the fashion world. Channel your inner Screech, Carlton, or Urkel the next time you hit the mall and grab your self some geeky chic items to incorporate into your day to day style!! What do you guys think- will you be raiding... Read More

Leather in the Summer… who Would’ve Thought?

summer leather FI

I love leather, even in the summer heat I will still wear some leather every now and then. Since leather is a fabric known to keep in heat, it has been strictly restricted for the cooler seasons. Well I think that it is time to toss that whole idea out with the garbage and incorporate some leather into your summer look. To look chic while still remaining cool & comfortable, opt for lightweight leather, leather skirts & shorts, leather vests, and maybe even a day dress with some fun leather... Read More

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