Comic Con Takes on Comics & Fashion!

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Each year when Comic-Con comes to San Diego, it isn't uncommon to run into a variety of interesting characters walking the streets of downtown. This year I personally caught a glimpse of the Joker eating at a local restaurant, and quite a few Wonder Women window shopping on their way to the event. The costumes are always a site, but this year all eyes were on the celebs in attendance! Instead of donning odd costumes, some our favorite leading ladies opted to rock the runway in some seriously cute... Read More

4 Perfect Summertime Workwear Looks

For those of you who work in an office setting, fashion choices can get hard once summer hits. You want to look appropriate and cute, yet the heat makes wearing anything but a swimsuit and/or day dress difficult. And in most cases, those 2 pieces aren't considered to be "appropriate work-wear". If you have to work during the summer *sigh*, you might as well look good while doing so! Here are four outfits that will keep you looking hot and feeling cool when heading off to the 9-5! + Black shirred... Read More

Finish the Look: Buckle up!

Belts are a great way to add the perfect "finishing touch" to an outfit, and are always a chic accessory! Skinny belts, thick belts, woven belts, elastic belts, western belts- no matter what kind of belt you're wearing, you must make sure you are doing it right! A belt worn wrong could make you look bigger than you are, or could shorten your torso (both two things that you do not want!). Here are some helpful tips to guarantee you are rocking a belt to it's fullest potential. + Pick a location. Whether... Read More

Cattitude is Everything!

Once famous fashionistas; Sarah Jessica Parker, Katy Perry, & Alexa Chung, were spotted wearing Charlotte Olympia's cat flats, fashion lovers everywhere got a serious dose of cattitude. Feline fashion is all the rage, and I don't mean that in the sense you should start dressing your cat in stilettos and skinny jeans, because that'd be weird. Whether you're expressing your love for cats on a sweater, or wearing a skirt covered in feline faces—this is one trend that will have others going catnip... Read More

Trend Alert: Tasty Tribal Prints

Summer fashion is always my favorite! The prints get bolder, the colors get brighter, and people like to have more fun with their outfit choices (woo-hoo). Tribal prints are being donned by fashionistas all over the world, and people just can't seem to get enough of these wildly eccentric printed garments. Anyone can be apart of this widespread native inspired trend, but just remember—everything in moderation! Super Trader tribal print clutch found here ($22). Cara Couture tribal fringe statement... Read More

Fashion Myth Busted: Horizontal Stripes for all Body Types

At one point or another in your life, I am sure you have been advised against wearing horizontal stripes. I have been told many times by my fashion elders that if you want to look long and lean, dodge these types of stripes at all costs. Well, I am here to tell you this is absolutely not true, and the timing couldn't be better because stripes are so in for summer! Fashion is all about breaking the rules and having fun, so if you want to wear stripes—than wear stripes! And wear them proudly! Here... Read More

We ♡ Rose Gold Fashion

Dip yourself in rose gold this summer, and you will be sure to take the fashion world by storm. This fabulous shiny hue has been gracing the arms/necks/and fingers of many in the form of jewelry, but it doesn't have to stop just there. Try pairing some relaxed denim cut offs with a cute pair of rose gold flats or even a slinky rose gold sequin dress for a night out on the town! Let's get your opinion, is rose gold going to make an appearance in your fashion future? Style Stalker young revolt dress... Read More

Overalls for all… Yay or Nay?

When I think overalls, I always think of my best friend in the first grade who couldn't get enough of the things. I was constantly so jealous that she had so many pairs of overalls, and I had none! Eventually my parents decided to get me a pair and I don't think I ever took them off. They were denim printed with huge flowers on them—and I was obsessed—until they went out of style & I got teased. I am sure some of you can probably related with my nostalgic story of overalls, which is why what... Read More

Get the Look: Fourth of July Fashion Inspiration

fourth-of-july-fashion2-580x522 FI

It's that time of year again—the time where we all gather around the BBQ with our friends and family to celebrate one of my most favorite holidays: the 4th of July!! Whether you are at the beach soaking up the sun, or having a backyard bash, you are going to want to be the best dressed person in attendance, right? Well, let's just make it clear right now, there is a fine line between being fashionably festive versus over the top and obnoxious, and it is a line we do NOT want to cross. Luckily... Read More

6 Runway Shoes and Their Affordable Counterparts

Whether you like it or not, flatforms aren't going anywhere for a bit. That being said, you might as well test out this fun footwear look while you still can. Instead of spending a full paycheck on the Donna Karen pair, save some cash and grab the equally (if not more) adorable Matiko ones. If you recall, I have already discussed my obsession with sneaker wedges in a previous post. Yet I still haven't made the jump and bought myself a pair. I just couldn't seem to justify dropping that much cash... Read More

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