Create & name your own Julep Color! *Contest

by Heather | 103 Comments

julep create your color

Enter to win the $10,000 custom color creation! We’ll mix the color of your dreams, we’ll put your name on it (or any name you choose), and we’ll send you 100 bottles. Think of all the stockings you can stuff!

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  • Sara quinn

    Omg I love this giveaway so much, I really hope to win this one I love everything about JULEP NAIL POLISH

  • Emily

    Julep has come to be the only polish I use and it is truly the best. With great customer service and deals you can’t go wrong! The idea of a contest where the winner receives a custom color is the best idea they’ve ever had! Whoever wins is incredibly lucky.

  • Rachel

    Sounds fun!

  • natalie b

    love this idea!!

  • teresa short

    I love nail polish!!!!!

  • Christy Dickey

    I don’t do all the tweeting and Instagram so I’m adding my colors here. Dark blue with silver glitter. Call it Christy or blue lightning.

  • Wow. What an amazing contest! This is awesome! 😀

  • Ellen

    Love the creative process. I paint. I’m a photographer. I love color. The idea of me being able to create a new Julep nail polish gets me very excited. I have dozens of Julep colors on my bureau. The next one could be my creation!!!! I’m in!!

  • Nora Mitnick

    I started loving nail polish several years ago, and as soon as I discovered Julep, I was hooked!! I paint my nails at LEAST once a week and am constantly trying out new patterns, finishes, and techniques. I come from an artistic background, so I would LOVE to design and name a Julep color. Plus, I haven’t seen a Nora yet!!

    • Actually, there IS a Nora. It’s a Matte Suede from the November 2012 collection!

  • I absolutely love Julep and I am so excited about this contest!

  • natalia

    This giveaway is awesome! This makes Julep even more cooler! I’m in love with every polish and every product I’ve purchase so far. You guys are the best!!!!

  • Kathy

    This is an awesome giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win such a cool prize as this!

  • Lisa

    I would choose a very light pink polish with baby blue, lavender, pink and white glitter and call it let them eat cake.

  • Harmony

    I love Julep, most amazing web subscription you can get. Id looove to win, but im sure all ladies do. This is a fun contest!! Good luck to all.

  • Kristin Pruitt

    Such an amazing idea!

  • Rachel Kurtz

    Ooh, how fun! This is getting my imagination flowing! Fun Fun!

  • love Julep and I am so excited about this contest!!!

  • Angi Smith

    Angi …… I’ve never had ANYTHiNG with my name spelled right on it! An orchid for 2014 with a microglitter would be perfect! 2014 is going to be MY year!

  • Sarah Roe

    This is an awesome way to get people to get involved and to express their creativity. I love this!

  • Creative Fun <3

  • Julianna

    I would love to win this! My name is very hard to find on things, because my name has 8 letters in it, and has two N’s in it which is even harder to find, if i ever found something with my name on it ( never lol) it would be spelled with one N! So this would be an honor to win! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! 🙂

  • rosalynn

    maybe im having a dumb moment but is this just for comments or is this where we enter? because it isnt very clear… anyways i would add a touch of white and a slight bit more blue to misti and call is rosalynn only because i want my name somewhere lol and i read through whole terms and conditions and still dont know if this is where I enter,.

  • My thoughts are a color called “Vintage Elegance” … a deep red, like those from the 40’s

  • 100 bottles of Julep nail polish. SWOON.

  • Chelanna


    • Chelanna

      And it would be awesome to see my name on something! Doesn’t happen to me, ever!

  • Heather

    I’d love a gorgeous oxidized copper sea green color–we’re talking Statue of Liberty green here. Maybe called “Ellis” as in Ellis island? I’m fascinated by that color! If it had a textured finish I would be in heaven.

  • Sunnybre Stensler

    Ohhhh I Hope I win! LOVE LOVE LOVE! this is so cool 😉

  • Renee

    Really hope to win, like everyone else! 🙂

  • Ashleigh Roe

    Oh Merlin, this is AMAZING!!!! Even if I don’t win (but I really want to) this is a great idea! I’m irrevocably hooked on Julep, I even like it better than ButterLondon.

  • Tracey

    What a fun giveaway! Like some of the others mentioned, my name is never spelled right on anything, so it’s fun to think of a color I love having my name. Lots of fun! Thanks for doing this, Julep!

  • Ariel

    I’d love an Ariel color. They even have my mom’s nam ((Florence)) so they should have an Ariel 😀

  • Ruby Hernandez

    I want to win this!! I just dont know what color I would pick.. How fun though!

  • Jilliana

    This is an opportunity of a lifetime. I am wishing so hard that I win, I would be so indescribably happy. Thank you Julep. I love you.

  • Julep already has a polish with my name (Carol) and my Mothers name (Grace) but I’d be thrilled to name a Polish after my favorite Aunt! Who wouldn’t want to win??Unfortunately I’m not very lucky 🙁

  • Roxanne

    I’ve already got the perfect color ready to go. Along with the perfect name!

  • Vanessa

    Wow this seems incredible,, If they can make a golden nail polish that I can fall in love with that would just be Awesome!! I’ve been trying to look for a gold polish but no luck. One, they don’t have much at this time of year around and the ones that I do find are either to dark and rusty looking or just either to light that it blends in with my skin color.. I want some thing to imitate a real golden color and call it (Golden Sun Set) because I love sun sets “Who doesn’t?” That would just be a Dream come true.. 🙂

  • Annabelle

    I like Daisy Dizzy name for my nail polish


  • Lynda

    Love this giveaway!

  • Wow, great idea for a giveaway! Would be so amazing to win!

  • alejandra

    i like this contest is cool i like to do my nails paint i like color blue with white in one nail , and color grey in the other nail

    i hope i win

  • I’m rooting for my entries, as are everyone else. I’d love a matte silver with green fish-scale flakes, named after my namesake, the Greek Goddess Athena. Growing up with her name, I always had the stigma of, when introducing myself, already being held to HER standards. “Hi, I’m Athena” “Like the GODDESS?” *insert awkward nod*. As such, she always inspired me; Mythic or no; To be better. To be smarter, to be wiser, to be more empathetic and caring. But most of all, she inspired me to BE someone. To inspire my own people, to which I have done so as well as I can. I’ve seen probably more tragedy than anyone else in my family combined; And I’ve come out the other side a stronger and wiser person. And with each tragedy, I rallied the others who were losing their own hope and strength, and together we made it through. That’s what I love doing, and it’s why I love and support Julep so much. I’m a PROUD affiliate, and I will never cease to wholeheartedly and completely defend the company and its products; Even when a snafu arises. Because just as friendships and people hit bumps in their roads, so do companies. But if anything, it only makes the person, friendship, or company, all that much stronger. 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Would love to win this! I would name my color ‘Athena’ or ‘Aphrodite.’

  • Lisa

    What a creative and original idea! This would be so much fun to win!!!! 🙂

  • Dream About Me ~*

  • Denise Reeser Rodgers

    I could not figure out how to put the names in for th he two nail polishef. 1 is Princess Gracie. #3 join the rodeo. #3 is. My favorite #4 Gwenivere. 5. NyNy 6 . Berry berry. 7. Blue slipper.

  • Laura Mareike


    (yes, this required caps!)

  • I have been looking into Julep nail polish for some time now, Since the first time i seen there advertisement, and i have to say…there is nothing they can’t cover….. when it comes to fun, fashion, style, or just the color to match your mood, Julep has you covered. It’s a one stop polish shop full of sought out color and quality. They have something for everyone for every day of the the month. i mean it you think of it they have it and the best part is stays on, It’s the most amazing polish i’ve seen ever. Thank you Julep for giving us us the most amazing nail polish full of fashion for the everyday girl/woman, …..stacey

  • i would love to win this amazing chance to have a nail polish color made from Julep Nail Polar. It would be the greatest honor to see the name i created on a color i thought of on a Julep polish. i would name “Fantasia ” Color created by Stacey Travis Made by Julep Nail Polar. That sounds so amazing and i have already thought of the color thankyou for the chance to be apart of something amazing!!!!

  • NY’ANA


  • Jennifer

    Would love to win! I would name my color “Shayna” after my gorgeous daughter. <3

  • just entered!!!!….fingers crossed….nails awaiting….

  • I tweeted it but im still going to post it. A matte hot pink called Hot Fuss

  • adriana guardado

    I wil name my product Isabellas glamour

  • Hilary

    I love this idea I never find any of those key chains or mugs with my name on them when my family goes on vacation. It would be awesome to finally see my name on something. Does anyone know how you tell Julep what color you want to use?

  • fleur

    Love this idea! great giveaway !

  • Nicole Bacha

    “Nicole Noir”


    OMG great giveaway

  • it would be much easier if the links in the box above were the same as the links on the left. I tweeted it on the left but it didn’t count in the box! If you want people to do it you should make it easier.


    whoo this would be nice

  • Jaime Brown

    I would love to make a purple and white nail polish half of the brush would be white and the other half will be a dark purple, and I would call it Amethyst Twist. Thank you this was fun:)

  • Tina DeLucat

    I love this contest…I really do hope I win. I have always loved nail polish since I was a little girl. Everyone complements me when I do my nails. They say it looks so professional and they really do. I love Julep nail polish and all the beautiful colors it offers. I would pick the name Serenity after my beautiful niece. She also loves nail polish. She buys different colors and she just loves doing her nails. A beautiful pink shade would be wonderful for her. I don’t use tweeter or pin interest. I would be more than estatic if I won because I never win anything…and to win something I love would make my Christmas even better… Thanks so much for the wonderful Christmas cheer. Tina…

  • Dayna Smith

    I can’t follow on instagram because I don’t have it. I would take all sparkly colors and call it Bejeweled

  • I love all the colors. You could do alot with all the colors. Very Nice.

  • I have been a cosmetologist for 18 years, I have always been told I have a special for colors, I have always done make-up,nails,and of course we can’t forget about coloring hair!!! I have had an insane amount of extra hours of training so I could be a corrective color specialist!!! So need less to say I LOVE COLORS!! I think adding a little color to everything always has a way of waking things up!!!!!!!!

  • Delayne

    🙂 awesome idea


    I would love to win this!!!! I think when you do your nails it makes you look pretty 🙂

  • Donna Geisendorf

    Mix aqua with pink and a dash of purple

  • Jennine

    As a lover of Julep posh and a person who has a sort of unique name spelling I would LOVE to make this happen! A polish named Jennine from my fav nail polish company? YES, PLEASE! =D

  • mariemaclean

    i would love this for my daughter

  • Melody

    This giveaway is too amazing to be true!
    Hope I could win this!
    This will be the best Christmas present ever!

  • I would love to win and name the new color “Zewlea” pronounced zoo-lee. I would want to make some sort of mardi gras colors incorporated into it. This polish would be unique and look amazing. Thanks.

  • Sarah

    super excited for this contest!! I love Julep and I have been wanting to try new colors from them!

  • Savvy

    I would LOVE a color similar to Enchanted’s Love the Way You Lilac, even if I could only have a bottle or two. It is so beautiful and would look great on everyone’s skin tone!

    Hope you want this color too!

  • This sounds like a ton of fun, plus with running my own fashion blog it would be amazing to share an experience like this will all my followers

  • Elizabeth Comiskey

    I would create a deep purple/blue nail color and call it Elderberry Potion.

  • Dawn Kasarda

    I would love to win!. I would like glittery pink, gold, orange shimmer…just anything that reminds me of a sunrise.

  • cranberry with a wee bit of silver and gold shimmer Holidays is the name

  • Jennifer frank-lopez

    I would love a silver chrome and name it mirror mirror 🙂

  • Cristina

    I would love a nail polish with a color like “Bette” (like a red-violet) but with the texture of the nail polish “Elle”! and name it Kristie

  • Rachel

    How do you enter? I can’t find where you actually pick a color and name it.

  • Elisabeth

    how do i do this I would love to do this but i see no way how

  • Amanda Browne Dyer

    The Name : SugarBear (it is what my husband calls me)

    The Color: A base color very similar to “Faye”, but a stronger appearance with the fine gold glitter from “Andrea”

    Awesome giveaway!

  • A vanilla creme with raspberry, gold and peach micro glitter. Called ‘Daydream’ =)

  • Ellie Ludwig

    I love Julep! I’d make a glittery kelly green polish called lucky.

  • jacki

    Love julep!

  • Elisabeth

    How bout a deep pink with a gold metallic sheen, named Kezie

  • Susan

    I’m confused. It says to come back tomorrow and do the same thing to earn more entries but it won’t let me. Why not? What do I have to do?

  • Vee

    Love this contest! It would be so great to win!!! My nickname is Lady Vee and my signature color is blue…I’d LOVE to do this!

  • Tonya Gospich

    I would love to create a julep color! So fun!!

  • La Vada

    This is a brilliant idea, for you guys to give us such an amazing opportunity,not only about the money, but for us to show you what we’re capable of, the things we like, the things we’d like to see in the future. Overall, it’s a fantastic contest that anybody would be grateful to win (:

  • i hope i get lucky this time… love the texture n polish shades of Julep.. #fingerscrossed

  • Lori Haigh

    I would like to enter the “create your custom Julep color” contest, but can’t see how to. I am qualified for 4/9 entries. Should I just email it to you here?

    Thank you for your time!
    Lori Haigh :o)

  • Jenn

    Rosemary – after my amazing momma. Coral with berry rose micro glitter

  • love to see a hot pink with jolie

  • Alexandra

    I was thinking of a nice green color polish, maybe somewhat sea green? Something similar to #00cc99, #33cc99, #66ff99, #99ff99 (these are html color codes, btw).

    And going with a sea theme, the polish would have some nice shimmer or glitter in it as well, maybe of a teal or silver or gold color. 🙂

    The name of this polish would be Cordelia, which fittingly also means “of the sea” 😀 This whole concept was inspired from my friend’s recent trip to Greece, after showing me a whole bunch of gorgeous pictures she took of the waters 🙂

  • Alexandra

    Or how about a hot pink. or a pink-ish maroon color polish with latex finish. It shall be called Cassidy 🙂

  • Christina

    I just received my first box and I am already receiving so many emails from friends and family who want to subscribe under my profile.. thanks Julep Maven yall are the best! Best wishes and luck to everyone… love Mrs. Bawa 🙂

  • This isn’t actually related to the contest, since it’s over and all. but I wanted to share a very “surprising” moment recently – Christmas Eve to be specific. I love the boxes you use for shipping – silly I know “just call me the box lady” as my family already does. Anyway, my husband, who was doing some last minute wrapping, used one of the boxes with the packing (pretty cool stuff by the way) and when my 18 month-old great niece opened the box with her gift, she was in awe of the packing, no the gift inside. Yes, I know the packing was not appropriate for an 18 month-old, but apparently that was not a thought my husband had, so back to my great niece, all she could do after taking-out her gift was to touch the packing (confetti) and say “wow” over and over again. It was hilarious and so cute all at the same time. Mentioning this was just my way of saying not only are the colors you guys offer amazing, so is the packing.

    Thanks for the laughs…
    Brenda Henricks

  • Amy

    which color was created?

  • Stacey Stiles

    Does Julep plan to do this contest again?