Fashion Do: Leather in the Summer

by Erica Stolman | 0 comments

how to wear leather in the summer

What’s the fun in fashion if you don’t break the rules sometimes? This summer we highly suggest that you to step away from floral prints and flowy dresses, and instead opt for something a bit edgier. Like leather.

In the past, fashion critics have strongly disapproved wearing leather in the summer, but the times are certainly a changin’. This fabric is now becoming a summer staple in fashionistas wardrobes everywhere, and we are completely on board.

If this trend is something you’d be interested in trying, here are a 3 styling tips to help you pull off summer leather fashionably & flawlessly: 

+ Dress it down. When wearing leather in the summer, it’s important to make sure you don’t look overdressed. The best way to do this is to think about fabrics. If your wearing leather on the bottom, wear light fabric shirts or cotton graphic tees.

+ Play with colors. Black leather with a black top is much more suited for the nighttime, not an afternoon of window shopping with your girlfriends. To make leather appropriate for the daytime, be sure to include bright pops of color.

+ Fun accessories. When it comes to a leather outfit, you can really add a playful feel to your total look with your choice of accessories. Keep it light and fresh with a cute yet sophisticated sandal, a printed clutch, and some fun jewelry.

leather in the summer

1. Laser hem faux leather shorts found here.

2. Coral button front chiffon shirt found here.

3. Star print clutch found here.

4. Arrow tier necklace found here.

5. Clear strap colorblocked sandals found here.

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