Fashion Spotlight: All American Girl, Emily Maynard

by Erica Stolman | 0 comments

Ever since Emily Maynard stepped out of that limo a few years back, I think it’s safe to say most viewers of ABC’s the Bachelor fell in love. The sweet all American girl didn’t only have a story that was sure to bring you to tears, yet Emily Maynard’s style also made fashion blogger news everywhere. Whether it was her nail polish, lipstick, or scarf- people were dying to know, what is Emily Maynard wearing?

Unfortunately, she didn’t end up finding her true love the first time around with Brad Womack, but we aren’t sad about it! We are actually quite pleased, sorry to say, that we get a whole new season of Em’s great fashions choices while she is on her quest for true love. Good luck the Bachelorette this time around Emily!

emily maynard style

  1. Emily is the queen of scarves! Check out this fun tie-dye fringe scarf found here, Emily would for sure approve!
  2. Crown Vintage Perfect Wedge sandal are a pair of shoes that Emily actually owns her very self, grab your own pair here.
  3. Also a dress that Emily personally owns, this drop waist batik tunic can be found at Solow.  
  4. This beautiful ring is the exact one seen on Maynard’s finger in many of the photos we see of her. Looks like she found it right here.
  5. From the looks of it, Emily loves striped sweaters, and I found one I think she should own herself. Not to mention this sweater is incredibly affordable. 
  6. Pairing a blazer with a scarf & a vintage rock tee was one of my personal favorite looks by Maynard. She has also paired that simple black blazer with a variety of other adorable outfits. 
  7. When Emily stepped outdoors in a micro mini red dress & a turquoise statement necklace, heads definitely turned. Grab yourself your very own fun bib necklace to pair with an opposite, yet complimentary, color. 
  8. Stacked bracelets are a staple in Emily’s fashion arsenal. Here are some cute ones, yet feel free to add many many more! She loves to throw arm parties. 
  9. Emily loves herself a good vintage rock tee, this is one she wore while on an outing with Womack. Yet has been seen wearing them many other times as well. Channel your inner rocker! 
  10. Last, but certainly not least, Emily adores her signature boots. We saw her rocking many different pairs of boots while on the Bachelor, including our personal favorite, the Frye harness boots