What to Wear to Summer Music Festivals

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With summer upon us, we are excitedly anticipating the many music festivals that await us. One of the highlights besides enjoying live music from our favorite bands is dressing up to go see them! Of course, we don’t want to compromise comfort for chicness, (especially since we’ll be dancing the day and night away,) so it’s important to pick outfits that will keep us going all day. Here are some outfits that will keep you cute and dance floor-ready!

If you’re more of a no-fuss dresser and prefer to keep things simple, something like a crop top or tank top with belted shorts and cute sneakers or booties is a great way to go. Make things a little more interesting by accessorizing with a sun hat, fun bracelets, and a statement bag to keep it fun and casual.

Festival Style

If your style is more sweet and feminine, a dress is a great way to go. Play with prints and colors and don’t be afraid to mix and match. Go boho chic with a maxi dress or exude flirty fun with a short summery one. Accessorize with a cool belt, tribal jewelry, fringe vest, ankle boots, and bucket bag for a twist on your average girly look. To give off a more playful tomboyish vibe, pair your dress with sneakers (think high-top Keds and Converse). Too much out of your comfort zone? Pick a simple dress and pair it with matching neutral accessories for a glam but casual look.

Festival Style

Not feeling shorts or a dress? Wear a romper or overall shorts to stand out from the crowd. While overalls have had a bad rep in the past, don’t believe the accusations about them being strictly for farmers or that they were cool when your grandma was young. Overall shorts are a cute and trendy way to stay fab in the summer. Pick one with prints or plain denim and rock the look with high-top sneakers and a cute shirt worn underneath. If you decide to go with a romper, be sure to belt it around your middle to accentuate your waist. Add some tough black boots, woven bracelets, and a straw hat to complete your outfit.

Festival Style

Since festivals go on for a number of days, have fun experimenting with different styles and outfits. You can be sweet and girly one day and retro chic the next. One of the most important things to remember is to think Cali boho chic. (Free People is a good way to go when in doubt). Choose pieces that are colorful and have a lot of print-action going on. Remember, this is the time to be bold with color blocking and mismatching prints. Also, don’t forget your sunglasses! Not only are they going to protect your eyes from the sun but are also another item for you to accessorize with. As for your hair, let it flow freely au natural, braid it into a fishtail ponytail, or put it up in a casual bun. Don’t forget the infamous floral headband! Although not required, this is one accessory that has festival style stamped all over it. Lastly, up the ante with bold patterned nails and voila, you are so ready to hit the music scene!

What do you think constitutes festival style? Have any other suggestions of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • vita

    these are all nice, but i would strongly advise against the romper/overalls – using a restroom at a festival is not pleasant in and of itself, the thought of having to strip down and have all this excess material to hold while trying to squat in a filthy porto – not cool