For the Fashionable Mama: 6 Adorable Diaper Bags for Fall

by Erica Stolman | 1 Comment

celebs fashionable diaper bags

Whether a new parent or a veteran mom, there is no doubt that you are well aware about how important it is to have a reliable and sturdy diaper bag. At one point in your life great shoes and cute clutches may have been your favorite accessories in your wardrobe, but once you hit parenthood- that all changes! Now your most beloved item in your closet is your worn in jeans, comfy tees, and your handy diaper bag (which is also probably your latest handbag of choice). With all that being said, just because you now have some little ones to chase around- who said you have to sacrifice fashion? The celebs seen above sure have mastered the “mom chic” look with relaxed outfits and eye-catching diaper bags!

  • When on the search for the perfect diaper bag, here are somethings to consider:
  • + Is a changing pad included? Changing pads are a great add on when it comes to buying a diaper bag, yet if the bag doesn’t have one you can always get one for pretty cheap at most baby boutiques/stores.
  • + Make sure the straps are long enough to fit over your shoulder, but not too long that the bag will drag when hand carried by the straps.
  • + Choose a durable, moisture-resistant fabric like nylon or microfiber that can be easily wiped clean (atleast for the lining).
  • + Look for bags with lots of zippered compartments and pockets. Storage is essential, especially when you need to keep dirty diapers separate from bottles and pacifiers.
  • + Choose a color and pattern to your liking, but remember that dark colors are less likely to show dirt and stains.

Here are 6 of my personal favorite diaper bags that I wish I owned… and I don’t even have kids!

  1. Matt & Nat forest green diaper bag found here.
  2. Petunia Pickle Bottom boxy brocade diaper bag found here.
  3. Timi & Leslie Charlie II diaper bag found here.
  4. Ju-Ju-Be “Be Hip” diaper bag found here.
  5. Timi & Leslie Dawn diaper bag found here.
  6. Jonathan Adler Skip Hop duo diaper bag found here.

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