Friday Fun: “5 Fun New Ways to Walk in Heels”

by Meghan Carlson | 0 comments

Happy Friday! What are your weekend plans?

If they involve hitting the town in your favorite pair of heels, then you definitely need to watch this hilarious video by Akilah Hughes, who—along with being a blogger, improv comedian, and Youtuber—also has fabulous hair. And fabulous ideas about how to walk in heels!

As much as we adore our sky-high stilettos, we all know that walking in heels can be a real labor of love. So Akilah’s funny suggestions hit us right where it hurts—and made us smile instead.



We have to hand it to Akilah: after a long night (or just a long walk down the block) strutting through town in those favorite pumps, no woman can resist the pull of The Sit.

Source: Refinery 29