Get Organized: Nail Polish Organization 101

by Erica Stolman | 8 Comments

Ever since I started with Julep, my nail polish collection has grown tremendously (as I am sure you could imagine). Prior to owning all of these polishes, I had no problem keeping all 10 of my colors under my bathroom sink. Now, that’s not possible… there are just too many. I originally bought a box from Target to hold them all, but once I got them in there, I realized how unpractical that idea was. I can NEVER find a color without dumping all of the polishes out on to the floor, which is a complete and total pain. Plus, I am very OCD when it comes to organization, and this nail polish situation is FAR from organized.

I started to do some research and see how other people were storing their polishes, and I got some really great ideas & inspiration. I am sure there are others out there looking for a more effective way to store their precious polishes, so I decided to share my findings.

Do you have a great way to organize multiple nail polishes? If so, please share! 

nail polish storage

  • Some Ideas I am Loving…
  • + Paint small white labels or even some hole punch reinforcers with your color and stick it to the top of your bottle.
  • + Paint a nail wheel with all your colors and on the back write a number with a Sharpie. Using a white label (or a piece of one) write the corresponding number down and stick it to the top of your polish. This is great because the nail swatches give you a really good depiction of the actual color.
  • + Use a spice rack and hang it on the wall in your bathroom for easy access and great visibility. Looks like your very own nail salon & if you’re feeling really crafty, you can even paint it!
  • + Use a set of clear drawers and lay the nail polishes flat with bottom of the polish facing outward so that you can see the color through the drawer.
  • + Ever seen those things that hang over your door and store your jewelry in clear pouches? Get one of those bad boys and use it for your polishes (found here)!
  • + I love the idea of using a tiered pastry stand to display polishes, my only problem is I don’t currently have any tabletop space. But, if you do have room, this idea is cute & practical.
  • + A chic serving tray is a great way to store polish as it is cute, and easy to access. Of course, this isn’t the most efficient idea if you are trying to save some space.
  • Other Storage Tips… 
  • + Storing your polish in the fridge helps prevent your color from fading (as it does naturally with age). Not to mention this also helps to prevent clumps.
  • + Obviously you can’t fill your whole fridge with nail polish, so only keep a few of your favorites in there. For the rest, you do want to make sure they are in a somewhat cool & dry place. That probably means your bathroom (If the shower is nearby) isn’t the best place for your polish.
  • + Keep your polishes upright! When they fall on their side, it is harder to mix the pigments back together.
  • + After you are done painting your nails, wipe off all the extra polish (using acetone if needed) on the threaded part of the bottle. This will make sure you have a very tight seal and that there is no air in the bottle, as air dries out polishes.
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  • I normally keep my polish in foam board nail polish racks i made after finding a tutorial on YouTube, but right now, since I’ve moved home for a bit, I have my polish in the clear plastic shoe boxes you can find in packs of five at Target, organized by color. And for swatching, I found some advice on making Swatchicles, false nails on popsicle stick to swatch polish, and I keep them by color in plastic cups! Anyway, that’s how I do things…

  • Cathee

    It’s kind of crazy that there is no “real” solution for nail polish storage – at least in my area. There’s clearly a market for it!

  • I just purchased a clear acrylic rack like the type that they have at nails salons because my polish collection was all over the place in my room. I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can arrange all of my nail polishes!

    • Erica

      yay! I have a similar type & and I love it!!

  • Great write up! It’s weird that i just did one on polish storage (shelf life) and organization. I found two great ideas that could literally cost a polish junkie about $2.00 on Pinterest. Not here to advertise my site but please review my blog NailsAreMyCanvas(dot)com and tell me what you think!

  • Lacey

    I keep some of my polishes in a large caboodle. I have them sorted by color and with a nail wheel of the colors.

    PS… It also makes it easier to travel with to a friends house!

    Here is a picture

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