Happy Anniversary Sex and the City!!

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sex and the city than and now

Fourteen years ago today, ladies everywhere made 4 new best friends- Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte. We followed these four ladies as they lived the fab life in New York, fell in love, fell out of love, got married, had kids, shared memories, drank cosmos, and went shopping (lots of shopping). Once they stopped airing SATC on television, we still continued to watch them as they took to the silver screen in not one, but two fabulous Sex and the City movies.

Now that SATC has come to an end (as all good things do), we are all on the edge of our seats waiting to see the upcoming television series, The Carrie Diaries. This new show will give us a sneak peek into Carrie Bradshaw’s life before she hit the big city!

I wanted to celebrate the special day that Sex and the City ever aired 14 years ago by seeing how our favorite ladies have changed over the years!

carrie bradshaw fashion

Carrie Bradshaw was always a trendsetter of the group, from her signature name plate necklace to her fur coat that she rocked in almost all seasons, she was the style icon everyone looked to for fashion tips (including myself).

Miranda Sex and the City Fashion

Miranda Hobbes was much more interested in being a business woman rather than a fashionista, yet as time went on she begin to step up her game, ditching her dowdy overalls & business suits for glam dresses and fabulous shoes!

Samantha Jones Sex and the City Fashion

Samantha Jones, what to say about Samantha Jones. Well we all know that she was vixen of the group, and always loved to show a little skin. As the show progressed, and she got older, she began to dress much more her age- without ditching her sexy factor!

Charlotte York Sex and the City fashion

Sweet Charlotte York (later Charlotte York-Goldenblatt) was always the girliest of the bunch, with a strong love for vintage inspired dresses, and lacy details. Through the years she is one of the ladies who stayed dear to her signature prim & proper style, and it still suits her to this day!

So, which SATC character to you relate with the most?

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  • Has it really been 14 years! I love Sex and the City and miss the show. Thankfully I have all of the seasons on DVD 😉