How to Dress up a Pair of Shorts

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how to wear shorts at night

People often designate wearing shorts for summer days, but as many celebs have showed us, shorts are actually perfect for a night out on the town! To master this look there are a few things you need to know about how to wear shorts without looking too casual or revealing too much skin. Here goes…

  • + Don’t go too short. Way back when, the length of girls’ shorts/dresses/skirts were measured every morning to make sure they were appropriately dressed. Teachers would have the student(s) in question place their arms by their sides and if the shorts were above the fingertips they’d have to go home and change. If the shorts were longer than where the fingers hit- they were good to go. I use this rule as a guide for many ensembles, but especially shorts!
  • + Don’t go too long. Your shorts should hit around the middle of the thigh, any longer may either be too conservative or it may look like you’re headed off to play a game of golf. Neither one of which is a good look for drinks out with friends.
  • + Avoid sky high heels. Super high heels could easily turn your chic look to something a bit more vulgar… if you know what I mean. Stick to a basic, yet chic, heel with an exposed toe (closed toed shoes/booties cut you off at the ankle and will make your legs look shorter).
  • + Consider the fit. You do not want your shorts too tight or too sexy, nor do you want them large and baggy (hello frumpy!). Try on a few pairs first, eventually you find the perfect pair of shorts for your body!
  • + Tan your gams! Since you are showing off your legs full force, a tan will not only make them glow- but will also camouflage any imperfections and make it look as if you have been hitting the gym on the regular. I keep my legs nicely colored all year long with Jergens Natural Glow lotion. Just a little beauty secret of mine :).
  • + Pick your fabric choices wisely. Denim should be strictly designated to the day-time as they are just a bit to casual for a night out on the town- especially the shredded kind. When rocking shorts after the sun goes down it is best to opt for a silk or cotton blend fabric- this will dress up your look in an instant.

how to wear shorts at night

  • + Floral print blazer found here.
  • + High waisted black shorts found here.
  • + White button up chiffon blouse found here.
  • + Metallic gold skinny belt found here.
  • + J.Crew navy clutch found here.
  • + ASOS simple black Hollywood heels found here.
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