How to: Fake That Summer Glow

by Erica Stolman | 0 comments

Before we all hit the beach or the pool, it is important we get that coveted summer glow. The last thing you want to do is throw on your brand new adorable bikini, and look incredibly pale. I am not an advocate of the tanning bed as they will prematurely age you & will cause sun damage, yet there are other ways to make your skin look tanned.

Here are some easy tips & tricks on how to fake it… a tan that is.

ways to fake a tan

  • Self- Tanning Tips & Tricks: 
  • – Before using any self tanner, the number one trick to shave, shower, and exfoliate! You don’t want anything getting in the way of your sexy summer glow, and dry skin will do exactly that.
  • – Use a lotion that gradually tans you, this type of lotion will create an even and very real looking tan. My personal favorite is Jergens Natural Glow
  • – Instead of your regular tinted moisturizer, swap it out for one that has a bit bronze & shimmer to it. I personally use Stila’s Bronzing Tinted Moisturizer. Not only does it look natural and gives your skin that fabulous dewy look, but it also has SPF (which is always a MUST). 
  • – If you want some quicker results, or need a boost for a night out on the town, spray it! No need to head to your local tanning salon, when you could easily do it at home. You may need a friend to get your back, but Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Sun is easy to apply and never looks streaky or fake. Don’t go too dark though, just two shades darker than your skin will work, or else it may be a bit too drastic. 
  • – Swap out your rosy pink blush for a quality bronzer. Victoria Secret’s Loose Bronzing Powder goes on easy, and makes your skin look tanned & flawless. It is also light weight, and doesn’t clog your pores!
  • – Last, but not least, you need a quality highlighter. Apply Benefit Sun Beam to your cheek bones, forehead, and the bridge of your nose. The light shimmer will highlight these areas, making your skin look radiant & glowing