How to Prep for Summer: Beauty Edition

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Now that summer is right around the corner, it’s never too early to start preparing for swimsuit season. We know how you feel about the winter woes of cracked heels, dry skin, and dehydrated lips, but we have the tips for you to feel confident about donning sandals, shorts, crop tops, and bikinis again (phew!).

Your poor feet are unfortunately subject to the greatest abuse (and not to mention, neglect when it comes to care), especially during the chillier months when your feet only see the insides of your rainboots and fuzzy slippers. As a result, you’re probably cringing at the very sight of the stiff white cracks around your heels (we know we are!) and dreading sandal shopping come warmer weather. Don’t worry though, restoring your heels to the smooth texture they once were last July isn’t a hopeless task! Here are a few tips for getting your toes flip-flop ready:

1. You can start by soaking your feet in a foot bath for 5-10 minutes. We love the citrus scent of our Sicilian Blood Orange Foot Soak, or you could also use a homemade one (by mixing 1 cup of milk with 5 cups of warm water.)

2. Next, you’ll want to use a foot scrub to remove dead skin from your feet. To both exfoliate and nourish, massage our Instant Warming Foot Scrub into your soles in a circular motion. We are feelin’ better already!

3. Next, scrub the bottoms of your feet with a file or pumice stone like the Julep Foot File, which also comes with a foot exfoliator that will soften and prepare calluses for filing.

4. Rinse and pat feet dry and then slab some Vaseline, or our best-selling Best Pedi Crème Ever, all over your feet and slip into a cozy pair of socks to seal in moisture.

5. To ensure that your feet get a speedy recovery, apply the moisturizer and put on socks every night before going to bed, and you’ll see healthier-looking feet within a week (we were surprised too!).  Once you are proudly sporting smooth heels again, celebrate with a bright pedicure! Some of our favorite colors for summer are Natasha, Blake, Minnie, and Lena!

How to Prep Your Feet for Summer


How to Prep Your Feet for Summer by julep featuring metallic shoes

As for the rest of your body, there are easy solutions to get rid of dry skin as well. During your normal shower routine, using an exfoliator like our Pink Body Scrub or Pomegranate Body Scrub after using your body wash is crucial to remove dead skin cells. Once you’ve gotten out of the shower and toweled yourself dry, thoroughly apply a moisturizer all over your body. Be sure to hit every inch of your skin to avoid any dry patches. We love our Elixir Organic 100% Argan Oil that not only hydrates, reduces redness, adds glow, and treats acne and scars on skin but also keeps hair conditioned, styled, and shiny. Be sure to apply daily to keep yourself moisturized! Also, don’t forget your hands, which get the most dry because of frequent washing and other activities (yep-doing all those dishes is drying). It’s a good idea to moisturize every time after washing your hands to keep them moisturized. Hand and Cuticle Stick is a great option to carry around in your purse to care for your cuticles.

Of course, maintaining a healthy diet and regularly exercising are absolutely crucial to look and feel your best (but it’s okay to veg out on the coach every once in a while!) Beauty shines from the inside out, so taking measures to feel your best will ensure you look your best, too!

What are some beauty tips you have for getting summertime-ready? We’d love to hear them in the comments section below!

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