How to: Right Hand Nails

by Erica Stolman | 2 Comments

how to paint your right hand

You start to paint a beautiful nail art creation and you are in awe over how great it looks. Then you go onto your right hand, and it comes out looking like you let a 3 year old do your nails. Your perfect manicure is instantly ruined. Painting your nails alone on your right hand is hard, so adding in any sort of design seems to be impossible.

It’s not an easy task, but with a few simple tips you can definitely help to steady your hand and perfect your artwork… on both hands!

1. Paint your RIGHT hand first. People like to start on their left hand because it’s easier, but it is actually going to make things much more difficult. If you try to do the left first and then the right, not only will you be trying to tame your shaky hand, but you will also be trying to avoid dinging your fresh paint job as well.

2. Try practicing on a piece of paper using your non-dominant hand. You can even draw a little fingernail on the paper and practice filling it in and staying in the lines before you commit to your nail.

3. Make sure your right hand is on a flat surface. Your left hand should also be resting on the table to help steady it. If your design is simple (like a line or a zig zag), some people find it easier to hold the left hand and the brush still, and move the right hand only to create your design.

4. If your design is a bit more complicated and you need to move the brush around freely, you can steady your left hand with your pinky as you create your design.

5. Last, but not least, practice makes perfect. These tips will definitely help you out, but the key to mastering painting the right hand is simply practice, practice, practice. Over time you will get the hang of it and be whipping out beautiful right-hand nail art all over the place.

** If all else fails, and you really can’t get the right hand figured out, you can always make your own nail decals! **

  • Elizabeth

    How about making the article for everyone? Not just right handed people?

    I’m sure someone will say “well just replace where it says left with right”. But that’s not the point.

    You used “non-dominant hand” at one point, so I’m not sure why it dominant and non-dominant couldn’t have been used for the whole article.

  • Rose

    I agree with Elizabeth. Also I wanted to point out that left handed people use their right side of their brain. These people are considered to be more artistic, better imagination, etc. If you notice most actress/actors are left handed.

    Don’t ever forget about left handed people, most of them are in jobs that are related to creativity, design, makeup artists, fashion, etc.