How to Style an Oxford Shirt

by Sophie | 1 Comment

Start raiding your boyfriend’s closets, ladies- oxford shirts are our favorite style piece for summer wardrobes. They’re polished and classy, and give off that “effortlessly sexy” vibe we all probably spend a little bit too much time working toward (case in point: we’ve noticed that achieving the perfectly tousled and teased bedhead takes more time than it really should, you with us on this one?). Oxfords are extremely versatile. They can be worn easily with a pair of skinny jeans and pumps, layered under cardigans and paired with boots, or thrown over a ruffled bandeau bikini for an alternative to the beach cover-up. Join us in jumping on the oxford bandwagon, and look effortlessly chic every day (even if your look requires a little more effort than you’d ever admit to).

1. Belt it. Throw on your oversized button-up over a pair of dark skinnies and your favorite go-to pumps, and use a simple belt to cinch in the shirt at your waistline. Leave the top few buttons undone for a more casual take. BAM. That was easy. And you’ll have people thinking you are the hottest thing around.

2. Trying to get away with showing off your gorgeous gams at the office? Pair your menswear oxford with a pair of shorts and a light blazer or sweater. Add a pair of strappy pumps or booties to complete the look. Is it just us, or is that handsome barista at Starbucks checking us out even more than usual today?

3. Edge up your preppy white shirt with a hint (or a lot!) of leather. Try a pair of shorts, a bag, or leather pants, à la Miranda Kerr, who reminds us just how awesome this classic staple is

4. Wear your button-up in the form of a dress. Shirt dresses are all the rage right now, which gives us another excuse to wear our favorite menswear pieces, in a more feminine fashion.

5. Don’t spend too much time loving your white shirts and forget about unexpected takes on the classic white oxford. We love pinstripes, polka dots, and even black for a modern twist.

6. Use your oxford as a layering piece under sweaters, cardigans, trenches, light scarves, denim jackets, blazers, pretty much anything that is layer-able. Very “model off-duty.”

7. Suncreen: check. Aviator sunglasses: check. Guilty pleasure reading material: check. Don’t forget your oxford for a day at the beach or lounging by the pool! It’s another one of the essentials. Throw it on over your bikini for a little extra coverage from the sun, or when heading out for dinner with girlfriends.

Although we love our weekly manicures and ladylike primping, feminine pencil skirts, and girly bikinis, this is one case when we really can’t resist borrowing from the boys.

How do you like to style your classic oxford shirts? We would love to hear your take in the comment section below!

  • Nashwa

    I’m a 19 y/o with an ambiguous style. I love oxford shirts, they go with everything and sometimes add a sense of sophistication to your whole outfit. I love wearing them under tweed jackets, gives that timeless chanel inpired look!