Julep Idea Lab Survey: Lipstick

by Meghan Carlson | 3 Comments


We’ve got some gorgeous stuff in the works, and the Julep Idea Lab is your chance to weigh in.

Ready to talk to us about all things lipstick? Take our latest survey below!


How old are you?

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What is your go-to product?

When do you usually wear lipstick?

What is your preferred lipstick coverage?

What is your preferred lipstick finish?

I prefer my lipstick finish with:

What features are most important to you in choosing a lipstick? Select all that apply, then click 'Next.'

What shade ranges do you tend to wear most? Select all that apply, then click 'Next.'

I prefer my lipstick:

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  • Athena Hacker

    For the love of all that is beauty, PLEASE make any lipstick-in-the-making FULLSIZE. I mean competitively, not “julep” full size. I LOVE the lipsticks from the jazz collection, but the ones I can wear take so much to be opaque, and are so tiny to begin with, I tend to just let it sit to keep from using the whole thing.

  • Terrie Williams

    Please make your lipsticks gluten-free for us celiac. Thank you.

    • Krista S

      I second this request!