Introducing Julep MANven

by Ben Friedlander | 0 comments

Introducing Julep MANven

At Julep we try our best to not discriminate, that is why this April we are introducing Julep MANven, five new style profiles inspired by the men of Julep. We simply can’t ignore the fact that women aren’t the only ones out there that like to paint their nails, so we have created five new style profiles for the men in your life to choose from.

+ Da Bomb: For the party guy in your life. Da Bomb’s nails are as flashy as his beer pong skills.

+ Bro Glam: For your everyday bro. Catch him in the club with his sunglasses on while he tries to seduce your girlfriends with his new polish.

+ Modern Dude: For the modern man, a style profile for that guy who works a 9-to-5, but still likes to have his nails done for an important work presentation.

+ Dad-Like With A Twist: A style profile for the Dad who wants to teach his daughters how to keep their nails as perfect as his are.

+ IT Guy: For the guy that is constantly on his phone, but doesn’t want to smudge his nails while sending out an important work e-mail.

Has your husband or significant other or brother or friend been asking you about your polish? Then send them our way, we now have their monthly polish fix covered with MANven.