Nail of the Day: Lightening Bolt of Color

by Heather | 0 comments

This lightening bolt manicure is deceptively simple and completely electrifying!

Nails by Eilleen

  1. Apply two coats of Anne over your favorite basecoat.
  2. On just the tips, add a splash of Helena – the lines don’t have to be straight and perfect, as they will get covered up in the next step!
  3. Using a small brush, paint a lightning bolt of Hayden across each nail.
  4. As if this look isn’t bright and bold enough, carefully place gold sequins along the the top of the lightening bolt using an orangewood stick. Dip the stick in topcoat if the sequins are being stubborn and not sticking.
  5. Seal the sequins down and add shine with topcoat.

If you were to wear this mani, what color combo would you try?