Nail of the Day: Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥

There are so many adorable/romantic/chocolately/sparkly things about Valentine’s Day, so why settle for the same pattern on each nail?

To create this look, I chose an assortment of pinks and reds, with Brigitte and Leighton for accents.You all know the drill by now…apply basecoat before, and topcoat after!

From left to right…

1.) Apply two coats of Salma, then paint a heart using Brigitte. Use a paintbrush to smooth the edges.

2.) Paint your nail with 2 coats of Carrie, then draw a triangle using Leighton. I used a striper tool to add the classic Hershey kiss tag. To give the kiss some texture, wait until the polish is almost dry, then press your fingernail into the polish to make it look more “crinkly”

3.) Apply two coats of Molly, then use a striper tool with Brigitte to draw a Cupid’s arrow.

4.) After applying two coats of Susan, make a small dot of Brigitte in the center of your nail. Using a striper tool, make three lines off that circle to make a candy shape. Drop a rhinestone in the center of the candy for some extra sparkle!

What symbol is the epitome of “Valentine’s Day” to you?