by Meghan Carlson | 5 Comments


  • Katia Grinkov

    Can’t wait for body oil and body konjac!

  • Corinne Marshall

    Dear Julep,
    I know you probably get these requests all the time
    about polish names but it’d be really nice to see Corinne show up. I was
    hoping that maybe you could come up with a nice
    glitter top coat with some green, blue, and purple in a clear or nice
    black jelly base and call it Corinne. Thanks for listening.
    Sincerely yours,

    • corinne driscoll

      I concur though I’m partial to pinks, pearly whites and glitter! =)

  • Moon_Song

    Can we have a peel off base coat? it would be super fun and easy to get off glitter polish/nail art and so we can easily switch polish colors!

    • Candice Williams

      I have seen on Pinterest where Elmers glue was used as a base coat to make a peel off polish. I have never tried it, so I can’t say if it works but it is worth a shot.