Live with Jane: April Maven Sneak Peek

by Meghan Carlson | 5 Comments

It’s sneak peek time! This morning, our CEO Jane Park kicked off the upcoming Maven window in everyone’s favorite way: by giving an advance look at all the gorgeous polish colors and beauty products coming your way on the 20th.

Wait until you get a load of this month’s nail colors. You might want to bust out your sunglasses, because these beauties are BRIGHT!

Oh, and of course there’s more. This month we’re also launching a new manicure essential, AND an exciting new beauty product that will put the finishing touch on your look, no matter what your makeup style is. What is it?! If you want to know, you’ll just have to watch…

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  • Katia Grinkov

    Can’t wait for body oil and body konjac!

  • Corinne Marshall

    Dear Julep,
    I know you probably get these requests all the time
    about polish names but it’d be really nice to see Corinne show up. I was
    hoping that maybe you could come up with a nice
    glitter top coat with some green, blue, and purple in a clear or nice
    black jelly base and call it Corinne. Thanks for listening.
    Sincerely yours,

    • corinne driscoll

      I concur though I’m partial to pinks, pearly whites and glitter! =)

  • Moon_Song

    Can we have a peel off base coat? it would be super fun and easy to get off glitter polish/nail art and so we can easily switch polish colors!

    • Candice Williams

      I have seen on Pinterest where Elmers glue was used as a base coat to make a peel off polish. I have never tried it, so I can’t say if it works but it is worth a shot.