Matching Nails & Lips is BACK!

by Tiffany | 0 comments

Matching your nails to your lips is BACK! I have been waiting for years for this return 🙂 You see- I just kept doing it since the 80’s hoping that one day it would be “IN” again and Ta DA! The best part is that since the 80’s colors have evolved and products has gotten better/more health conscious. Skin tone,ingredients and sheen have all been considered now and fashion is dialing in details.

A fun way to think about fashion is to mix up how you choose to build your outfit. My Friend and Style Guru – Darcy Camden and I were chatting. She had said “Instead of picking your pants or shirt first and styling around that.. Step outside of the box and dress yourself to your shoes or a great piece of jewelry!” The next opportunity is dress for your nails! There are patterns,textures and colors that can inspire you all day long! I see my hands more then I see anything else and it thrills me to peek down and have a happy pop of color that is an amazing accessory and detail that cannot be missed.

My Pick of the day is Samantha! In lieu of the “Dress for your Nails” I’ve matched her to one of my Favorite Lipsticks Y.S.L Rouge Volupte lipstick on 027 Rose Paris

Xoxo Tiffany