The February 2016 Collection

by Emily R | 22 Comments

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Six new ways to smolder, colors that show winter who’s boss (spoiler: it’s you), and one extra day to rock them all. Welcome to February, Mavens!

colors that leap

It’s Award Show month. Love month. Cold month (go to Mexico month?). And leap month! We’ve got eight new colors and 29 days in which to enjoy them. Let’s go!

  • New Year, Fresh Look

    The February Collection

  • rosie

    Rosie (It Girl): Charcoal gray with magenta glitter

  • meghan

    Meghan (Classic with a Twist): Flaming red crème

  • luz

    Luz (Boho Glam): Sunset gold metallic

  • kay

    Kay (Classic with a Twist): Warm taupe with gold microshimmer

  • jenica

    Jenica (Bombshell): Wrought iron metallic

  • hayley

    Hayley (Boho Glam): Beetroot crème

  • gieslle

    Giselle (It Girl): Midnight forest shimmer

  • finley

    Finley (Bombshell): Navy smoke crème

into the shadows

The February collection sees six new shades of newly improved component (stronger grip! Shadows don't slip) Eyeshadow 101. This crème-to-powder shadow stick is unbelievably easy to use (hence the name), and has a smudger on the other end for anytime you want a little blendy blend. Expect huge color payoff and crease-proof, stay-all-day power. Scroll through to see the new shimmers and mattes. Visualize the possibilities!

  • eyeshadow 101 hero

    Eyeshadow 101 in six new shades

  • warmgold-l

    Warm Gold Shimmer

  • warmgold-m

    Warm Gold Shimmer

  • warmgold-d

    Warm Gold Shimmer

  • slateshimmer-l

    Slate Shimmer

  • slateshimmer-m

    Slate Shimmer

  • slateshimmer-d

    Slate Shimmer

  • putty-l


  • putty-m


  • putty-d


  • oliveshimmer-l

    Olive Shimmer

  • oliveshimmer-m

    Olive Shimmer

  • oliveshimmer-d

    Olive Shimmer

  • cocoa-l


  • cocoa-m


  • cocoa-d


  • charcoal-l


  • charcoal-m


  • charcoal-d


GOING ape for nail tape

Listen, we LOVE nail decals and nail studs like the ones we've released the last few months. But our obsession of the moment is nail TAPE. Ours is a super thin gold line and it's very easy to use. You can do straight lines, diagonals, geometrics, any shape you want. It's an all-the-shapes tape. Our new mani s-tape-le. (You read this far, you get bad puns.)

  • nail tape

    Thin Gold Line Nail Tape doing epic things.

Happy Leap Year, ladies!

Leave us questions, comments, or enlightening manicure math below.

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  • Meryl Leigh Mason Simons

    So it’s the 20th of the month, but when I log in to my account it says that the window is closed to customize my box. What up with that?

    • Kelly Hills

      The window generally opens at 6am Pacific. Obnoxious for us East Coasters who wanna play immediately, I know. 😉

      • Jenny Harle

        It’s 10am Pacific and still no access to customize my box. Quite annoying.

  • mimz

    How come there is no official name for this months collection?

    • Good catch! We’re moving away from “themes” or collection names. There’s a lot of new and incredible information coming your way this year, and we’re looking for ways to talk about it all that’s more straightforward, less abstract. Thanks for asking!

      • mimz

        Awesome, thanks for replying! I can’t wait for all the changes – and the white konjac 😉

        • Looooove the white Konjac! Anything with Kaolin Clay is a yes.

  • pamc

    “We’d include enlightening manicure math right here except… Math.”

    REALLY, Julep? Is this an example of “Brave Pretty” or some other “empowerment” initiative?

  • Melissa Stern

    “Except…math.” Ew Julep!

    • Sorry to offend you! Truly. I’m not a math person, and I make jokes about it regularly.

      • Amber Fellows

        Nooo, there is no reason to make jokes about math! Just think, there would be no way of calculating your paycheck with out basic math concepts!

        • Say, since you’re so passionate about the topic, why don’t you take a stab at the enlightened manicure math of which I spoke? 29 days, eight colors. How many manicures? For accuracy you’ll need to account for time spent polishing, removing, and deciding on colors. An informal poll of Julep Swap could help calculate the mean value you’ll need for this arithmetic. I’m excited to see what you come up with!

  • Tanya Roberts

    I honestly have so many Juleps that I have a color already similar to each one of those. I think its time for me to cancel. This looks like the September collection to me. Doesn’t scream valentines. I love pink and hearts. this is a no for me.

    • Totally hear you, Tanya. My personal polish collection is OUT of control. As an insider tip though… We have a **super exciting** year ahead. Maybe consider skipping for now, so you can stick around to see what’s coming?

  • Diloolie

    I want to say that I’m so pleased Julep swatches the eyeshadows on light, medium, and dark skin. Not many other companies do that.

  • Tawny Martinez

    I’m a little sad that Rosie is listed It Girl on this post but isn’t included in the It Girl box… In fact, the only way to get her is through Polish Lover or Whole Shebang… Then Hayley is supposed to be Boho but is in the It Girl box… :/

  • Amber Fellows

    MATH??!! LOVE IT!!! It is a part of everyday life…literally, You can use math in ANY everyday life experience! Love It!

  • Laura Bryan

    I have the gold nail tape in my Julep box this month. There’s not much info on the product and would like to know more before I butcher another attempt at nail art! How should the tape be applied? Do you need to cut it to size or is it more like a gold foil? Or a sticker you put on top of polished nails? Does it need a top coat?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Laura! The nail tape will come with instructions but here’s a bit more for you!

      You can apply to bare or polished nails. Make sure they’re totally dry. Cut tape into strips of desired size with scissors or nail scissors or nail clippers. Once the strip is positioned flat on the nail, gently press it down and then any excess that extends past the tip of the nail can be filed off with a nail file in a downward motion (not back & forth, but one direction). Top coat is highly recommended; Oxygen Performance is our fave for this. The tape isn’t meant to be used folded on top of itself the way gold foil would be.

      Hope this helps!

  • Kristy Lewis Fuller

    When I scroll through the eyeshadow 101 colors the color “putty” is shown twice & in one pic it looks more peach or orangy, but the on 2nd pic it looks like its more light pink or a baby/pastel pink? Why is “putty” the only color listed twice and why does it look SO DIFFERENT in each pic?

  • Kristy Lewis Fuller

    Oops my bad its not the only color listed multiple times…all of the shadows are just on diff skin tones. Sorry, I wasnt paying attention and im brand new to this so im still learning how this works.