More Choices for Mavens!

by Jane Park | 45 Comments


Hey Mavens,

By now, I hope you know how important you are to us. Your feedback inspires us to do better every day, and it helps us evolve and improve our Maven program. During my Google Hangout today, I announced an exciting update that will bring more flexibility to your Maven experience. Starting with this month’s Maven reveal, you’ll have the option to pass on your Maven Box by choosing “I’m out this month.”

Here’s how it works: Once you purchase your first monthly Maven Box, you’re officially a Maven. So when the next monthly Maven Reveal rolls around on the 20th, you can log in to your account and enjoy all these fabulous options…

  • Customize your Maven Box. There are over 2 million possible combinations each month, and you can pick exactly what you want.
  • Choose exclusively priced Add-Ons to replenish old faves and find new ones.
  • Upgrade to the full collection if you’re coveting it all.
  • Send your box to a friend. It makes such a great gift! Just promise me you’ll keep a few for yourself, because you deserve a treat too.
  • NEW! Select “I’m out this month” and we won’t bill you for this month’s box (although you’ll be missing a good one).

You’ll still get all these great Maven perks, of course:

  • Free shipping & 20% off at
  • Exclusive savings in the Secret Store
  • Jules rewards to spend in our Jule Box and in the Maven Reveal

Plus, you’ll continue to influence all the decisions (and products) we make. We love collaborating with you when it comes to product design, naming, and deciding what to launch in retail partners like Sephora, Nordstrom, and QVC. And I’m always excited to hear from you at Maven Meetups, in Google Hangouts, and via email (

Thanks so much for being part of Julep and our incredible product innovation. I’m so grateful for you!


p.s. A MAJOR update to our iOS app is coming very soon, and we’re getting ready to start the Android version. Stay tuned!

  • Kailah Gonzalez

    yay thank you for that option!

  • Thanks for the option! I’ve always had that option though – is it because newer Mavens didn’t have it?

    • Meghan at Julep

      Hi Nicole, yes that’s correct! You shouldn’t see any changes, but now when you invite friends or family to join, they’ll enjoy the same options you do! 🙂

  • Karynn Campbell

    Oh man! That is great! I wish you would have done that before I had to cancel my subscription because I was one month shy of earning my skip box and my hubby said we couldn’t afford it that month. 🙁 I love your products! Can I reactivate my membership, or do I have to sign up again as a new customer?

    • Meghan at Julep

      Hi Karynn, please give our Beauty Advisors a call at 1-877-651-3292 and they can look into it and help re-activate your account.

      • Karynn Campbell

        Thank you! I just called and got my account re-activated 🙂

  • LouiseLapin

    How is this new…? Is it just easier to find now? I don’t get it…

    • Robin Barson

      If you signed up before they got rid of the skip option then nothing changes. But for newer subscribers, they were only allowed to skip boxes every six months. So basically they’re going back to the old system and letting everyone skip whenever they want to.

      • LouiseLapin

        Wow what a bummer for new subscribers. Can’t believe they did that! I would never sign up for a monthly service that I can’t opt out of each month- I bet they lost a lot of potential customers. Good thing they fixed it.

  • I am so excited to hear about the “I’m out this month” option. I feel that I can more confidently provide my referral code to friends and family who want to join with this option available to all again! It has really been my only hold back reason.

  • Yvette Price

    If every box is customizable, what happens to the Maven Luxe boxes?

    • Stephanie

      What’s the Maven luxe box?

      • Cheryl

        In the “old” program, with MyMaven or Maven Luxe, you were able to customize while everyone else was “stuck” with a style of box (I.e., classic with a twist) or they could choose another box. Believe it was $24 a month or more to customize unless you prepaid 3 months and then it was $20 a month at least for MyMaven. Luxe let you customize more but it was also more expensive. I think if you just joined, you were already put into MyMaven. Now everyone gets to customize… Wonder how this changes pricing!

        • Cheryl

          If you were an original Maven member, you pay $20 monthly for a box. They still have to upgrade to MyMaven or luxe to get customization. This was answered on Facebook by julep. So it sounds like luxe is still around!

        • Claire

          if not EVERY box is customizable, someone should edit this announcement to note that only MyMaven or Maven Luxe subscriptions have the option. The announcement is worded so that it seems like we all have the option to customize now.

          And if you just joined and are automatically a member of MyMaven, is the price of the box still just $20/month? That wouldn’t be fair to older members who pay the same amount but can’t customize.

          • Alison @ Julep

            Hi Claire – the customization flexibility is only for My Mavens at the $24.99 price point, regardless of when you join.

          • Claire

            Thank you for clearing that up 🙂 🙂

  • Lexie

    So is the “I’m out this month” feature just bringing back the skip feature that new members lost earlier this year?

  • Ali

    I agree with Yvette! What will happen with my Luxe subscription?

    • Meghan at Julep

      Hi Ali, this change shouldn’t affect your Luxe subscription at all!

  • Cheryl

    I am wondering if there will be a change in pricing for monthly boxes now that there are unlimited skips?

    • Cheryl

      I am grateful for the unlimited skips by the way! :). Thank you!

    • Meghan at Julep

      Hi Cheryl, no change in prices. Just more options 🙂 Thank you!

  • Good choice Julep! I’m already “grandfathered” in, but I think adding back the option to skip monte than once every 6 months is the right thing to do for your subscribers. I’m sure they appreciate it!

  • Jennie Day

    I’m really glad to hear this! I’ve skipped a lot of boxes recently because I couldn’t customize and didn’t like the pairings, but I was reluctant to upgrade to My Maven and lose the option to skip.
    I really hope that after this, you’ll stop changing the Maven program. I really think yours are the best nail products I’ve used, but like another commenter said, I’ve been hesitant to recommend the Maven program because the many changes over the past year have been really confusing.
    Keep it up, Julep!

    • Ftloosenfanzfree

      If you were grandfathered in with unlimited skips, upgrading to MyMaven would not have lost you that ability before anyway.

  • Princess Augusta

    I don’t see the “I’m Out” Option. I really don’t want to cancel my subscription but I’m also not in the mood to go negative in my bank account this month for stuff I don’t need. Where’s the option?

    • Meghan at Julep

      Hi! Sorry about that. Our tech team has been working on it, and the “I’m out” option should now be showing up for you! I would advise logging out and then logging back in. Let us know if you’re still not seeing the option!

      • Princess Augusta

        Almost spoke too soon, the option is there but still not working! But at least I see that it is getting there! Thanks, I just needed to save the money this time around!

        • Meghan at Julep

          Oh, shoot. This is not my area of expertise, but I’ve forwarded this along to our tech team and they’re working on fixing it as soon as they can. Thanks for your patience. Please try again later!

  • Gloria Quinteros Garcia

    Ok. I’m a bit confused. I’ve been a Maven for at least a year. I don’t see any difference in what I’ve been able to do. Am I missing something?!?!

    • Heather M

      Me too. I was excited for the changes… I’ve been on the brink of canceling my subscription for months. But I don’t see a single difference either. Argh!!

  • kendraps

    I can’t find the I’m out this month option. It sounds great because if it’s real then I won’t cancel my subscription.

    • cac922

      I couldn’t see it either but I called it in and she opted me out for me. It might have something to do with the browser or something. I don’t know but if you call into to Julep they will opt you out for you.

    • Meghan at Julep

      Hi! Our tech team has been working on this, and you should be able to see the option now. Please try refreshing your window and/or logging out and logging back in to your account. Let us know if you still don’t see it. Thanks!

  • Gail Carroll

    I don’t see anything different either. You still can not customize the ultimate upgrade. I have taken this every month and it is expensive. It runs about 120 or 130. I still have not received the one for Nov. Credit card has been charged a month and still no box. Argued with the help people on email for 2 weeks then finally called to find out someone had typed my zip code in wrong. So maybe I will get it soon. Love the products but I have never had this much trouble ordering something. The customer service on email sucks. It takes them two days to get back to you and then it takes them another couple of days for research. Then they wanted me to take pictures of what I had received like I was lying. When I called it took the girl 5 minutes to figure out what had happened. If anyone is interested from julep and want to reprimand these two people I have the emails on my phone. You are going to end up with a lawsuit. I work in customer service and this is unacceptable. All I want is my products shipped to me in a timely manner. A month Is a little long and 2 of the polishes were no longer in stock had to get replacements. I would not recommend to anyone it makes me ashamed for you. I think you should work on the problems you have instead of going around and making speeches. No customer service, no product, no business.

    • Meghan at Julep

      Hi Gail, I’m sorry to hear that. Please send an email to and we’ll do our best to get this sorted out!

  • cac922

    How do I opt out this month? I don’t see an “I’m out this month” selection. Is it supposed to be under the “what do you like to do with your box?” All I see in there is “send it to me” and “send it to a friend”

    • Meghan at Julep

      Yes, the “I’m out this month” option is located in the same drop-down menu asking, “What would you like to do with your box?” on the “Edit My Box” page. If you’re not seeing the option there, please try refreshing your window and/or logging out and logging back in. You should see it now. Let us know if you run into any issues. Thanks!

    • QuietMadness

      If you get the Julep app–you’ll see a “skip my box” option on there. I’m not sure where the “I’m out” option is on the web page…but I’m so glad the option is THERE, period.

  • Suzy

    Hi! Can you please tell me if I will still have access to the next secret store if I skip this month maven box? Tks!

  • Tiff T

    OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Being a teen, I couldn’t afford last month, hahaha, so I had to unsubscribe!!! I AM SO GLAD YOU GUYS DID THIS!!!!!

  • Guest

    Don’t see “I’m out this month” option. Tried refreshing page and still isn’t appearing? Anxious customer (need to opt out by Dec. 24), really dont want to be charged! Please help!

  • Vanessa Lui

    Don’t see “I’m out this month” option. Tried refreshing the page and logging out and back in, still isn’t appearing? Anxious customer (need to opt out by Dec. 24), really dont want to be charged! Please help!

  • Jessica Maleni Becerra

    Can the first month of our subscription be skipped?