Meet the August Maven Collection

by Meghan Carlson | 46 Comments


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New: Gel Eye Gliders


Easy to apply and gorgeous to look at, our new Gel Eye Gliders are designed to stay put while you wander (even underwater). Choose your favorite shade: Blackest Black, Smoky Plum, Rich Brown, and Smoky Taupe Shimmer. Learn more here, and see them in action here.


Boho Glam



Boho Glam: India

Freshwater blue shimmer



Boho Glam: Waleska

Eucalyptus green chrome with gold iridescence






Bombshell: Neha

Sari magenta shimmer



Bombshell: Tazeen

Full-coverage Bollywood gold glitter



Classic with a Twist



Classic with a Twist: Avni

African violet shimmer



Classic with a Twist: Katie

Orchid iridescent chrome



It Girl



It Girl: Joyce

Lava red shimmer



It Girl: Kirti

Persimmon iridescent shimmer



It Girl: Tammi

Lemongrass green shimmer



Modern Beauty: Gel Eye Glider in Smoky Taupe Shimmer & Sweep Eyeshadow Palette: Neutrals


Gel Eye Glider in Smoky Taupe Shimmer: Clinically proven to last for 10+ hours, this easy-to-use eye pencil delivers the creamy formula & intense color payoff of a gel eyeliner. The waterproof formula glides on, sets in 30 seconds, and then stays put. Because eyeliner shouldn’t stand in the way of adventures.

Sweep Eyeshadow Palette: Neutrals:  These five highly pigmented shades layer and blend to create endless awesome looks. Our shadow is easy on the eyes, and good for them too—each one is infused with our smoothing, reparative Power Cell Complex™.


Anniversary Exclusive: Happy Mani-versary



Celebrate three years of gorgeousness with Queen Anne (It Girl), a commemorative color that’s basically lilac glitter confetti in a bottle, plus three mani must-haves: Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum, Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops, and an ultra handy cleanup tool.


Anniversary Exclusive: Beauty Trailblazers


You’ll also find Queen Anne (It Girl) in this face-focused box, which includes two of our most-obsessed-over skincare best sellers: Bare Face Cleansing Oil and Blank Canvas Mattifying Face Primer.




Sushmita (Classic with a Twist)

Pashmina pink silk




Nail Moisture Mask — 3 Pack


Each pack includes one single-use treatment of of our nutrient-rich (and smartphone-friendly!) nail masks.


Konjac Sponge — 2 Pack


Stock up on an all-natural skin exfoliant made from the fibrous root of the konjac plant. It’s enriched with skin-clarifying charcoal for extra complexion perfection.


Essential Cuticle Oil — 2 Pack


Stock up on the all-natural blend that hydrates and strengthens your nails & cuticles. Pop one in your purse and keep the other on your desk.


Double Luxe


Wave goodbye to dry hands with Luxe Repair Skin Serum and Luxe Care Hand Crème. Each is enriched with Julep’s own age-defying, ultra hydrating Power Cell Complex™. On their own, they’re amazing; together, they’re unstoppable.


Start to Finish Eye Kit


Want an everyday eye look you’ll love? Create a flawless foundation with Blank Canvas Mattifying Eye Primer, use the shader brush to dab on some pale nude Eye Sheen, and lengthen those lashes with brown Boho Glam Mascara.


Lip Love


First, exfoliate your lips with Buff Lip Scrub. Next, add moisture and shine with Luxe Lip Conditioning Treatment. Finally, give someone a kiss.


Charming & Timeless Minis


For shiny lips that look and feel amazing, just add our sheer, subtle gloss. Charming is mauve and Timeless is nude; both are adorably sized. (.17 fl oz)


My Maven

If you opt in to My Maven, you’ll have the opportunity to swap out polish or products to create your perfect Maven box. Besides all of the polish colors and products in the Wanderlust Collection above (including all four shades of the Eye Gliders), here are the products you’ll have to choose from:

Maven Luxe

Switch to Maven Luxe and get over $60 worth of beauty innovations and bestsellers in every box. This tier is also 100% customizable, so you’ll still have the option to choose colors from the monthly collection. You will have the option to swap in all of the products listed above under “My Maven,” plus:

Have questions about customization? Go here to learn all about the new and improved Maven system—including info about pricing and skipping.

Ready to make your August Maven selections? Log in here, and let’s plan the next adventure.

  • Michelle Ramos

    I didn’t find the Happy Maniversary set or the polish remover two-pack. Are they not offered after all?

    • Michelle Ramos

      Never mind–it’s a box, not an add-on. Found it.

    • Michelle Ramos

      Never mind–it’s a box, not an add-on. Found it. But I didn’t find the remover two pack.

  • Nikki MacNeil

    I couldn’t find the remover 2 pack as an add on. 🙁

    • Michelle Ramos

      I couldn’t either. I think it may have been listed in error. I’d have been all over that.

  • ltraf087

    Why are you still Photoshopping the skin colour of your models’ hands???

    • Annalee

      I agree! I have warm [golden] toned light-medium skin and I would like to see what the colors look like on skin tones that aren’t generated via photoshop.

  • Jillian Brown

    Wish Queen Anne was an add on. I already have all the other things in the boxes Queen Anne is in. ._. And I’d much rather do the polish upgrade.

  • Zadidoll

    Annoyed! I can’t select what I want because it’s already sold out. It’s barely past noon on the West Coast! Third monthly I’m skipping because these boxes are selling out.

    • Tammy

      You might want to keep checking in as folks change their box. I was able to get a sold out box by refreshing the site several time….good luck!

  • Susan Forest-Rode

    Loving all the colors this month – again! Should I get them all? So much is gone from the add-ons already. Decisions, decisions. Gotta decide quick though, I guess, before it’s all gone.

  • Ann

    These colors are all hideous. Where do you all work that these would be appropriate? Disappointed again, Julep.

    • hopeandmemory

      not all of us work in places where loud nail colors are forbidden…

      • Ann

        Enjoy retail, I guess?

        • hopeandmemory

          wow, that’s rude and judgmental! plenty of offices don’t have super formal dress codes. mine doesn’t.

          • Guest

            How is it rude to reference a comment you made previously (which I saw when I clicked on your profile) where you said you worked in retail? Plenty of offices have varying standards. It would not be appropriate in my work environment to wear any of this month’s Maven colors/shimmery shades in general. I’m not interested in arguing with you. Great for you if you work in an office that allows you to wear trashy stuff. Mine doesn’t. In order for Julep to offer different selections in the future, I’m sure they rely on feedback- which I gave them. The latest selections for the Maven program have left me disappointed. Get over yourself.

          • hopeandmemory

            three years ago, yeah, i did. i’m not interested in arguing either, but i’m not gonna sit here and let you be nasty to me, either. you sound extremely condescending, and you did it again with the “trashy” comment, too. i made a simple comment and now you’re making insinuations about the taste and character of people who like brightly colored nail polish? unnecessary.

      • Cassie Rose

        Do you work every day? You couldn’t wear this on the weekends? I’m a professional, I love these colors, and I can totally wear them to work. I guess not all of us are that lucky.

        • Belle

          Some of us actually do work 6 days a week or just don’t see the practicality/safety of spending the little time we have off removing and applying nail polish.

    • Lynn

      I work in an office at a university where I interact with upper management almost daily, and any of there polishes are appropriate. I’m even going for the polish lovers upgrade!

    • Ftloosenfanzfree

      Not that it is really any of your business, but I’m a Certified Public Accountant at a Fortune 500 company and I could wear any of these colors without anyone batting an eye.

      They have 12 collections every year. Some will focus on bright colors and others will be more subdued. Some people only like bright polish and complain during the more neutral months. These collections are tailored to current styles, none of them were curated just to please you specifically or to please any one person in particular. There will always be people unhappy with the current collection, but there will also always be people who are thrilled. I understand it is frustrating when you fall into the former category, but there is no need for you to take out your frustration by being rude to the people who are excited about this collection.

      • Cam Collins

        Plus, there are many other options to choose from. Not thrilled with the polishes this month? Go with Modern Beauty, Core Classics or Luxe instead. Or just skip a month. I for one can’t stand the boring makeup palettes (“they’re neutral! they work on anyone!” is frankly bs), but I always feel that I have plenty of options and never “have to” take anything I’m not excited about.

    • C.

      I’m surprised by all the backlash to this comment. I happen to agree that Julep tends to lean toward bright colors that aren’t exactly office appropriate. I wear some of them anyway because I do love the colors, but end up feeling really self-conscious during meetings and hiding my hands as much as possible. I’m sure the people that work in more conservative offices wouldn’t even bother with a nail polish subscription like this so that’s why the comments are skewed in one direction. It would just be nice to have one muted, neutral option in a month to choose from for those of us who love nail polish but still have to take their work environments into account!

    • Susan Forest-Rode

      You can always wear the brighter polish on your toes and a more neutral color on your fingers.

      • Gypsy

        Just a few suggestions for colors that come in a bundle you wont use.
        I also bought the matte top coat to keep in my travel kit when I go visit veterans,the elderly, ect. for anyone who thinks a color is too bright I top it with the matte top coat to be more appropriate for their personal needs. This kit goes with me only when I go to visit others I know not everyday. I am not sure if this is still an option to purchase but you might ask Julep about it. I know any place I have ever worked were my nail color needs to be toned down the dress code was always close toed shoes also. So under my shoes I could be as wild and crazy as I wanted and so I did.
        Any polish or item I am not going to use often becomes part of a gift to someone who will love it. Even if its a stranger that I meet that is having a bad day. Yes I also have a few small gifts in my purse for others outside the home even children. I have a little cosmetic bag I keep them in my purse for others because my husband and I are always at hospitals, drs and VAs with his health. In fact the last hospital visit I was going into surgery and a little girl was there very upset that her mom was going into surgery also. I pulled her grandmother aside and showed her my little grab bag and asked her if I could give the child a gift to help take her mind off her worries she said yes. The little girl got to pick out her favorite color and a little tinker bell note pad key chain. Across the hall while waiting for my surgery I heard her tell her mom when you get out Im going to paint your nails to match mine so you will feel better. Because the pretty lady made me feel better. The whole family waited with my worried husband who was alone to help him while I was in surgery and to give me hugs afterwards. I was so blessed it meant the world to me. No we are not rich in fact quite the opposite. I purchase things on sale at places in bulk for a few bucks when we can afford it. Like oriental trading company and add nail polishes and other things from my monthly box that I know I will never wear for my little treasure chest.
        There are also places that help people get back on their feet and find jobs I donate their also more subdue colors that I will not use.
        I may not be rich with money yet I have always received a paycheck no bank can cash!

  • Charlene3

    Hi, I’m new to all this, where do I find some of the duo items listed above?

  • junebug745

    As a shimmer and glitter lover, this box is a welcome change from last month (which I skipped). I’m just disappointed I can’t get Queen Anne! Hopefully, we’ll be able to purchase it later on.

  • Cheryl

    I think this is the best collection yet! A collection of beautiful jewel-toned colors. Thank you, Julep!

  • K.

    I’m surprised to see so may negative comments! I’m loving the bright colors, this might be my favorite collection yet! I do wish the upgrades didn’t sell out, This is the first month I’ve really wanted to! I guess I’ll have to check back later…

  • Guest

    I am so thankful that we finally have no creme polishes to be forced to choose from this month. As a rule, I skip all months where Julep includes a creme formula in every single box because I think creme is their worst formulation. It is always thick and extremely hard to apply. These colors are beautiful. I just wish they would have predicted the demand for a non-creme, non-neutral palette and supplied more for this clearly great demand. Not even completely through day 2 and almost every single box and color is sold out.

  • Melissa

    I’m really looking forward to this month’s Maven box. I work as a R.N. in a long term care facility, and all my sweet little grandmas (and even some of the grandpas) love seeing what I do with my nails. They like it even better when I bring in my polish and provide Melissa’s Midnight Manicures on sleepless nights. As far as the colors go, the colors I try and don’t like are usually adopted out very quickly by a happy lady. Thank you Julep, for giving me such a fun way to bond with my residents. 🙂

    • Meghan at Julep

      That’s amazing, Melissa! Such a sweet and inspiring story. We’d love to see photos and hear more about Melissa’s Midnight Manicures if you’d ever like to share.

      • Melissa

        I’d love to share photos. Due to Hipaa they’ll have to be hands only, but I can promise at least one set will be rocking India. 🙂

    • Gypsy

      That is wonderful of you! Years ago as an in home nurse I
      did the same thing. Now to this day my husband is a disabled vet and I
      know many veterans in our area. When I can I make them there own
      pedicure kit for the men and go to their homes and take care of their
      feet for them. With the many health problems they have it is more
      pleasant for them and they are able to walk better. For the lady
      veterans I give them a manicure and pedicure with there own kit to keep.
      At the beginning of the year I had the pleasure of giving my neighbors
      mother that I have known all my life a manicure. When I asked her which
      color she wanted she said I want them Just like yours! She was a
      rocking granny. Blakely with a thin coat of Paris over top. She kept
      saying she finally got to see Paris! I love watching her for the next 4
      hours staring at her nails she would move so she did not mess them up.
      Her son was so happy and thankful that he was so happy he was crying
      tears of joy. A few months latter we lost her but I wanted to thank you
      Melissa for your beautiful heart and to Julep for helping me create
      beautiful life long memories!
      Shine on,

  • Kes

    I signed on a couple days ago to pick a box on my cell phone. I thought i changed to the upgraded one with all the colors but apparently it didn’t save my selection on my phone. Now i cant upgrade as it is all sold out! Everything sells out faster now. It seems like you don’t even have an opportunity to switch out anymore. My friend tried to switch out yesterday and everything she wanted was sold out too. Now we are both going to skip this month! This is the third month we have skipped in a row since the colors we want are all gone. Sad!!

  • Mary McCarthy

    Thanks for offering such a variety of add-ons this month. I’m super excited to finally get my hands on some Konjac sponges, and I really like the eye kit as well. I totally would have gotten the Luxe hand cream too if I hadn’t already in a mystery box. I hope you will continue this! =)

  • Were all of these boxes 19.99 including the Modern Beauty & both of the Anniversary boxes?

  • Brianna Flores

    i got queen ann and waleska and the brown gel liner, but i didnt get the screen cleaner. although i did get 2 jolly ranchers.

  • Gypsy

    I loved my box this month it was like Christmas so many fun and sparkly things! I cant wait to find some nail art that this clumsy person can do with all the beautiful colors.

  • Robin Martz

    I am SO HAPPY with my Bombshell Maven this month! I got some ad-ons, which is something I do often, and I was delighted with all my stuff!! I also got Sushmita which is a matte bright pink and I LOVE it! I also got “NEHA” which is a gorgeous magenta which is frost finish. LOVE IT!!! I got the eyeliner in smokey plum which is amazing because it really STAYS where you put it until you take it off. I just hate eyeliner that smears all over the place and ends up UNDER my eyes. The Blank Canvas is wonderful and really does it’s job. I am NOT an orange fan, in ANY way, but to be honest, the extra “Kayla” I got as an extra is really very pretty! The glitter in it is multi colored and very pretty. I was surprised I liked it! Oh and I also got “Cameron” which is a Stardust Finish and I just LOVE textured nail polish! It has great shine to it and bright glitter. I do love glitter!It is a very pretty lavender color. I just want to say that I am a Julep fan! The polish is more expensive than others for less BUT, if a person does the Maven, you get LOTS of extras and perks so you can’t go wrong! I have said before that if there is something wrong, Julep will do anything to make you happy! The customer service is GREAT and I am very happy with Julep! I’d say even more but I’m getting a migraine and have to get off of my laptop! HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYBODY!!!

  • Fred Whiteman

    Hey Julep! Any word on when these colors will be available again? I’m really wishing I’d added on a bottle of Avni when I had the chance.

    • Gypsy

      I pulled out the Avni last night and used it. I personally love it. Now with my wand from julep I can paint my nails again. After I shattered my wrist due to an accidental fall my hand and arm will be deformed for life after months of surgeries and what I call a halo type contraption holding my dominate hand, wrist and arm together. I call juleps wand my magic wand. The wand has been a blessing to me personally. When the world gets stressful I step back and turn to my favorite colors of polish and paint my nails. Sometimes what others may veiw as the simple things in life can mean the world to some one who has never had the time,money or luxury to enjoy them.

      I can understand others frustration with shipping and ordering errors when that is your one luxury in life and you have devoted your life to helping others it can be heart breaking to be judged over a negative comment made about the one little thing in this world that may be a big thing to you. I have been with julep for a few years now and they have always done everything they could to fix any problem with my orders the best they could. I was so humbled,honored and blessed that they named a polish after my given name. During the beginning of the start of their company.

  • Jennifer S.

    When will these colors come back?

  • Jennifer S.

    When will these colors come back??

  • Jennifer Steimel

    When will these colors come back?