Meet the January Maven Collection

by Kate Stern | 16 Comments





Mae: Soft lavender satin

Margot: Old Hollywood gold shimmer




Mona: Storm cloud grey creme

Abigail: Light peony pink silk



BG blog

Boho Blog

Hannah: Sage Creme

Noelle: Sandy beach silk




Farrah: Lilac Silk

Hope: Stark white satin

Annemarie: Warm cocoa creme



Vanish Cuticle Softener & Remover: This fast-acting formula quickly removes overgrown cuticles for a cleaner, professional-looking mani.

Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops: These nourishing drops will leave your mani touchably smudge-free in just a few minutes.

Essential Cuticle Oil: This all-natural oil blend nourishes cuticles and encourages healthy nail growth (with no painful hangnails).



The Resort Collection


Lani: Mediterranean teal blue creme

Anita: Berry sorbet creme

Malia: Brilliant coral creme


Cuticle Pusher







  • Chelsea

    Wow, this is my favorite collection since I became a Maven! I’m so glad to see more satin finishes, and that lavender color is right up my alley. The silk finish looks wonderful as well! I’m so excited to receive this box.

  • I would like to try

  • Lori

    Dissapointed!!! I can’t pick a single box that doesn’t have a pastel color? Also the modern beauty box doesn’t come with the cuticle pusher (and its out of stock as an add on) so what good is Vanish?

    All I want is a box with Mona, Hope, the Cuticle pusher & Vanish. But none of the boxes get me even close to having the 4 things I want without ending up with colors I don’t want and spending alot of money on add ons. :/ Very dissapointed this month Julep!

    Since I can’t get anything close to what I want I’m going to be forced to skip…

    • Desiree

      I would have liked that box too Lori!

      And I have to agree, I feel like the Modern Beauty box should have included the pusher instead of the oil. Sometimes their choices are confusing, to say the least. :S

  • Sarah

    So incredibly disappointed.

    This will be my first skipped month ever, I think you all at Julep really dropped the ball with January. (Sigh)

    Every box (except the Modern Beauty, obviously) includes an odd pastel that I can’t see anyone except for my Grandma wearing.

    Bring back fun, pigmented colors!

  • Juanita Kodish

    Iwant to Try-Please send me something

  • Shirley Elmer

    Would like to get ur giveaway!
    There r beautiful! It may help me from chewing on my nails!!

  • Mei

    WOW, the Bombshell selection is so ME and I really want to get the Vanish and Cuticle oil as well!! But I know things will NEVER go perfectly as I always wanted so I decided to do a little sacrifice by doing add on with my Jules. I really can’t wait to receive this box filled with love and hard work from Julep team!!

  • Laura

    I couldn’t just pick one!! So with the Christmas money my brother and his wife gave me I got to buy the entire collection!!! Super excited can’t wait till 2014

  • nancy goff

    I never got the email allowing me to see the colors for this box so I have no idea what I am getting.

    • Stephanie

      I never got an e-mail either! Didn’t help that the time frame to skip a box was right in the middle if the Christmas season. At least I’m glad with the items I got in my box (mine was the bombshell).

  • I got the Modern Beauty box for January, and I liked it, but I would have definitely preferred the pusher to the cuticle oil (not my favorite oil). And I thought Noelle was terrible in person! I hope to get lots of fun pinks next month!!

  • Amanda

    I love the January Bombshell box! But in it I received two small orange sponges and I am not sure what they are for?! can anyone help me??

  • Alicia

    I love the colors that I got, as well as the Ta-Da, but can anyone tell me what the two orange applicator-looking squares are for? I assume something to do with nails, but there is nothing in the box or on the site that mentions them…

  • Allye

    What was the little orange square sponges?

  • Marissa

    I don’t know what the pink sponge things are that came in my box. Any ideas?