Meet the July Maven Collection

by Meghan Carlson | 26 Comments


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Boho Glam (from left): Tamara, Lorenzana, and Bare Body Milk


Boho Glam: Lorenzana

Shiitake crème



Boho Glam: Tamara

Lipstick red crème



Bombshell (from left): Lissa, Beverly, and Bare Body Milk


Bombshell: Beverly

Boysenberry crème



Bombshell: Lissa

Tumbled turquoise crème



Classic with a Twist (from left): Kelsey, Vicki, and Bare Body Milk



Classic with a Twist: Kelsey

Powder peach crème



Classic with a Twist: Vicki

Pink flamingo crème



It Girl (from left): Braiden, Linden, and Dawn


It Girl: Braiden

Graphite stardust (matte glitter)



It Girl: Dawn

Citron crème



It Girl: Linden

Pool blue crème



Modern Beauty: Bare Body MilkMint Condition Pedi Crème



Bare Body MilkSo perfect for summer skin, our lightweight lotion leaves a soft, silky finish that’s not heavy or greasy. Enriched with milk thistle, citrus oils, and our fresh Beach Tonic fragrance.

Pro tip: After you step out of the shower, apply Bare Body Milk within five minutes. This locks in moisture and helps your skin stay hydrated all day.

Mint Condition Pedi Crème: A must-have for pedi season, this fast-acting foot crème exfoliates and moisturizes with alpha hydroxy acids, shea butter and coconut oil.

Pro tip: Apply Mint Condition as the final step of your pedicure for long-lasting moisture and gentle exfoliation. Also works wonders as a night treatment on elbows and knees.




Bare Body Polish


Get rid of rough stuff with a vigorous (but gentle) scrub powered by coconut shell powder, pumice, and skin-loving botanicals. Lightly scented with our summery Beach Tonic fragrance.

Pro tip: Use Bare Body Polish to exfoliate your legs before you whip out your razor—removing dry, flaky skin will help you get a closer shave.


Boho Glam: Tegan

Rustic red stardust (textured matte glitter)




Do Over

Out with the old mani, in with the new! Clean Slate Polish Remover Pads and our new Clean Slate Polish Corrector Pen make it easy to switch and perfect your polish on the go.

Clean Slate Polish Corrector PenAn easy, convenient way to erase mani mess-ups, this corrector pen delivers conditioning nail polish remover through a chiseled precision tip. Includes three refill tips.


Independence Yay



This 4th of July, pledge allegiance to red, white, blue, and glitter with January (Classic with a Twist), Brigitte (Classic with a Twist), Michelle (Boho Glam), and America (Classic with a Twist).




Celebrate freedom and cool finishes with Tegan (Boho Glam), a new rustic red stardust, Monaco (Bombshell), a dazzling mariner blue crème, and Tracy (It Girl), an ocean blue sea salt.


Forever Young


Show off brighter, younger-looking hands with the help of Brilliance Glycolic Hand Scrub. Shield them from the sun with Solace Oil-free Sunscreen with SPF 30.


Before & After


Give every manicure a happy beginning and ending with Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat and our fast-drying Freedom Polymer Top Coat. Use the cleanup tool to wipe away messes along the way.


Magic Tricks


Clear the way for a prettier mani with Vanish Cuticle Softener & Remover. Make it dry much faster with Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops.


Hot Commodity


No need to sweat the heat—just toss Blank Canvas Mattifying Face Primer and Luxe Lip Conditioning Treatment in your makeup bag. A neon hair tie and pretty pink Laree (Bombshell) complete this summery set.


Lavender Blue


Cool off with two cool tones: jet-set blue Jeanne (Boho Glam) and wisteria shimmer Elisa (Boho Glam). Add extra shine with our fast-drying Freedom Polymer Top Coat.


My Maven

If you opt in to My Maven, you’ll have the opportunity to swap out polish or products to create your perfect Maven box. Besides all of the polish colors and products in the Poolside Collection above, here are the products you’ll have to choose from:


Maven Luxe

Switch to Maven Luxe and get over $60 worth of beauty innovations and bestsellers in every box. This tier is also 100% customizable, so you’ll still have the option to choose colors from the monthly collection. You will have the option to swap in all of the products listed above under “My Maven,” plus:


Have questions about customization? Go here to learn all about the new and improved Maven system—including info about pricing and skipping.

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  • Lisa

    Wow, once again, Julep did a disgusting job at photoshopping not only the nail polish, but THE COLOR OF THE MODEL’S SKIN!!! It’s obviously the same hands (the caucasian hands featured in the ‘nail polish designs’) used for all the skin tones. Get your act together and hire models of different skin tones – please stop this horrific practice you have been doing regularly. Don’t think we don’t notice.

    • JO

      How do you know these hands are “caucasian”? Why is this such a horrific practice? I feel like I’m watching children at play with all of these useless posts complaining about something so silly! I am happy so many people have such great lives that photoshopped hands are at the top of their worry lists but it’s still annoying so please STOP.

      • SoCal Indi

        This is why people such as Lisa get ragged on. So glad someone else is brave enough to not sit in the back of the bus! Next you’ll be waving the Confederate Flag!

        • Karen

          SoCal I don’t even understand what you’re saying?

          What people are saying re: Lisa’s comment is that it’s not racism, if they’re simply photo shopping the complexion colors.

          There’s another nail polish co. that also shows the polish color and if I remember correctly, when you look at the hand, you turn up or turn down the color on the hand…it gave me a pretty good idea of how different colors would look on me…I wasn’t concerned that the model wasn’t truly Irish-American with very light skin and pink/blue undertones!

      • Ann

        Well said. People are dying all over the world as a result of REAL institutionalized racism… and these people are complaining that the photo that represents an item they use their disposable income to purchase isn’t pc enough. Wow.

      • Andrea Holbert

        OMG – JO I COULDN’T AGREEE MORE!!!!!!!!!! O Photoshopping hands it’s just “Soooo Horrific ” please Get it Together People Do u Watch the News !!!! I Personally DO NOT CARE IF THEY FREAKIN PHOTOSHOP – and nobody else should Either !!! Julep is a Amazing comp that does Great things for the community and Empowers Women !!! Not to mention has Awsome Quality products – free of harsh chemicals and Ships super fast —- now that’s what we should care about people – Not Hands!!!

  • ltraf087

    Hey Julep, why do you insist on photoshopping the skin colour on your model’s hand??? All it does is make me NOT TRUST YOUR SWATCHES. Real people and real photos please. It would make us buy more polish.

  • Kim

    SERIOUSLY it’s almost racist that you think you can fool us with the photoshopped skin tones as if finding models or even just coworkers of different color is so freakin’ difficult.

  • Kailah Gonzalez

    Why is it that so many Julep Mavens are so rude? I think the photoshop job is well done, and it allows us to see the colors of the polish against different skin tones. I think it’s thoughtful that Julep does this, whether or not it is photoshopped. If they took the time to paint the nails and photograph three different people, I doubt that they would ever have the time to put up as many swatches as they do. Does it matter that we can tell it was photoshopped? No… And for those who are claiming it is racist…do we know which skin tone the original hand had? No. So stop complaining and appreciate that Julep takes the time to do this so you can see what the different polishes will look like.

    • Nichole

      While real swatches instead would be great, I agree. I have an in-between skin tone, and I was delighted to see swatches closer to the middle range of the skin tones Julep has used before. All I’m really trying to figure out is which colors will look best on me, I don’t care if the nails shown were actually painted or photoshopped. Just try to get as accurate a match to how it will look in real life as possible and I’m happy.

      If they do decide to change it up, though, Llarowe uses nail bloggers’ pics for their swatches. They’re basically professional photos, and the blogger usually reviews the polish as well. I would LOVE to have a few reviews and more swatch angles of the Maven colors floating around during the selection window.

      • Candace McAfee

        Actually, it DOES matter about the photoshopping of the nail color. I want to know what the color ACTUALLY looks like. There have been several occasions when I have purchased a polish based off of these swatches and it has not been true to the picture.

        • Ftloosenfanzfree

          Kailah’s comment seems to be about the photoshopping of the skin color, not of the polish color. I agree with her that the edited skintones are helpful and practical, but I also agree with you that the edited polish colors are not usually that accurate which is problematic.

        • Susan Forest-Rode

          I find that their swatches are not that accurate most of the time which is why the bloggers’ pics are better. I agree that Julep needs to do a better job of showing us the true colors.

      • Susan Forest-Rode

        Their actual nail color is often times a bit off so I agree that the bloggers’ pics are usually better. Sometimes you can search or go to your favorite one and find that they have posted pics. The thing is you’ve got to pick your box ASAP as things sell out fairly quickly and then it makes it difficult to switch later.

    • SoCal Indi

      Sorry can’t give credit to Julep for not using real people’s hands. Considering the CEO is not caucasian it’s a complete fail on their part to not celebrate cultures around the USA.

      • Kailah Gonzalez

        Why does this have to be about race or culture? It’s a picture.

    • margo

      I don’t think it is rude that maven’s are expressing their opinion. I agree with the opinion that the photoshopped pictures are well done but they are unrepresentative of the true colors. You cannot capture the true color by simply changing the skin tone on the hand. The natural tone that shows through beneath the nail often changes the way a polish looks on different skin tones. This may be more important the more sheer the polish color is but it should be taken into account. I personally would rather see more accurate photos than photoshopped photos even if they aren’t as perfect looking since Julep’s return policy doesn’t allow for returning polish once it is tried.

      • Kailah Gonzalez

        I think it’s rude the way people express their opinions.

      • Glee

        It’s generally difficult to get accurate or true color representations of color if you’re seeing the images digitally online… Depending on how everyone’s computers, phones, tablets, and other devices are calibrated, (i.e brightness, color, etc.), the colors are going to appear differently than it would in real life. That’s goes for anything sold online like clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other color cosmetics. So whether the skin tones are photoshopped by Julep, or images are taken and posted for blog, unfortunately colors won’t be perfect to people’s expectations. I feel Juelp does a pretty good job of offering a varity of picture profiles to represent the color of the polish. Unless you’re able to test the color on yourself at a brick and mortar store, you’re essentially taking a chance on purchasing anything online.

  • Lauren

    Is Tamara an orange leaning red or more of a true bright (maybe fire engine) red? Thanks!

  • Love the brand! Like Nichole’s comment below, I definitely appreciate the medium range skin tone this month too. I really don’t think the hand-coloring is THAT bad, but it might be helpful to have a virtual “try it on” feature similar to OPI’s website.

    You know what else might be helpful? A swatch grid, or some way to compare similar nail colors side by side. Like Lauren stated below, it’d nice to see how “orange” Tamara is compared to other reds and oranges in your repertoire. Or if Linden is closer to Gunta, or to Donna. Other nail color brands, especially those that produce mass quantities of nail polish (OPI, Deborah Lippmann, Chanel, and Essie) have some great color swatches on their site, making it easy to compare. Sort of becoming an industry standard…

  • Susan Forest-Rode

    Where does it tell you how many Jules you need for each selection?

  • Jessica Jacklin-Neerenberg

    I agree with Kailah. Yet there is a simple solution that most people are forgetting here……….if you are THAT unhappy, then don’t be a MAVEN or buy the product!!! While I feel that it is more than OK to let Julep know how you feel/your opinions etc (which they do need for future development); – it isn’t OK to complain about it over and over…while still purchasing the product, being dis-satisfied and then bashing Julep over and over. Yes it is your opinion….but why come on here and rag over it time and time again? I am sure Julep reads all this and in my experiences with them they have gone above and beyond to make me happy, but you can’t satisfy everyone – that just isn’t the way the world works. In my opinion they seem to try to change things up and strive to improve based on Maven’s wants – however there will always be people who are unhappy in any brand. What do most people do when they are unhappy with a brand?….stop buying it, give feedback – politely!, wait and see if it gets resolved, maybe purchase it a time or 2 more and then if still dis-satisfied STOP! The conscious consumer doesn’t complain over and over and over while STILL buying the product she complains about! Instead use your power of choice and and don’t purchase what you don’t like. If you say you feel the colors aren’t realistically shown, they WHY take the chance over and over again when you are pretty certain you will be disappointed? Take your money elsewhere. I understand the gist of what people are complaining about……but seriously, grow up – this is nailpolish and beauty products, buy it and like it or stop if your so dis-satisfied – the choice is yours. I am just sick of coming on here and reading the spew over and over. Complain once or twice…….then let others take the floor and express their views.

    • Maria

      Agreed. If anyone is seriously unhappy and find themselves doing nothing but complaining about Julep, then just stop being a maven and stop buying the product. It’s not like they are the only nail polish company in existence. There are plenty of others to buy if anyone is unhappy about Julep.

    • I am also agree with Kailah

  • Margo D

    Does CG, OpI, Essie, Butter, RBL, swatch you at all? Hell no, but you buy it any way. Julep goes above and beyond on that level. I’ve misjudged a color but damn, if you have a modicum of creativity you make it work or pass it on.