Meet the October Julep Maven Colors

by Heather | 50 Comments

Julep in October: Simply Bewitching

October is all about making magic with color (and candy corn of course). It’s such a great time to have a little fun with the spirit of the season.

We put together some wickedly fun crackled nail looks, click here to check them out.

American Beauty

Eloise: Smokey indigo blue creme

Sabrina: Zesty orange shimmer crackle

Boho Glam

Hermione: Bright white creme crackle

Lisa: Warm pebble grey creme


Ursula: Blackest black creme crackle

Keira: Deep merlot red creme

It Girl

Glenda: Radiant silver metallic crackle

Leslie: Black and silver specked shimmer

Caroline: Darkest burgundy shimmer

Classic with a Twist

Boris and Nicole: Autumn red-brown frost

Gwyneth: Sheerest pink clear





  • Kathryn

    I’m not the biggest fan of crackle. I also am not particularly interested in the Classic with a Twist option, despite not having any crackle polishes in it. The only reason I would buy this box this time is for the Quick-Dry Drops product. But alas, I think I’ll be skipping this month 🙁

  • KD

    I think this month’s offerings are different. I have never tried crackle–so since I am a Classic With A Twist, I might add a crackle option also!

  • Nannette

    I don’t care for the crackle look at all & I don’t love the CWAT box, so I’m having a tough time choosing this month. But I definitely want to try the drying drops! Gosh, what’s a maven to do???

  • I think I’m going to try the It Girl package this month. I’m not a fan of black crackle but the silver crackle intrigues me. I also really love the Caroline plus you can never go wrong with a silver/black glitter combo!

  • Ki

    I know crackle is good for Halloween but I’m still kind of surprised it’s the theme for the maven box. Crackle is kind of out of style at this point…

    • Misty

      That’s what I was thinking – kinda later to the crackle game, isn’t it? I should have thought they’d go with foiling or something that’s just now picking up steam.
      I an curious about the drying drops, but I don’t know if I’m curious enough to get this months box…

  • Laura

    Keira, Lisa, and Eloise are all gorgeous colors! Unfortunately I don’t like the crackle style, so I am skipping this month.

  • Lisa

    Eloise is beautiful!!!!!

  • Courtney

    Well that’s a bummer.. I’m usually the CWAT and I’m really not feeling those colors and I definitely wouldn’t switch for a crackle polish… I guess I’ll be skipping….

  • iris wirag

    i can’t wait to try they color’s very nice

  • Shan

    As much as I like a few colours in this collection, I am fairly disappointed. I wish there were better options without crackle, because I really want those drops, and CWAT makes me yawn.. Oh well. I guess I will be passing for the very first time this month. 🙁

  • Misty

    UGH, forgive typos – on my phone…

  • Sue

    I too am not a big fan of crackle but one color ($14) and quick dry drops ($14) is still a better deal than if you bought them separately! Thanks Julep. Also love the set-up of the new Maven Box page.

  • Catherine

    I don’t use crackle very often, but I don’t mind them if the formula is good. The colors in my It Girl box are pretty reminiscent of colors I already have in my collection so I’m doing a switch. I went with American Beauty because it seemed the most unique, the orange crackle will be fun for Halloween, and I wanted to get the Quick Dry Drops. Not skipping, because I certainly want to try these colors in my box switch.

  • Lisa

    I guess being that it is a polish company they have to offer all polishes at least one time that is out whether its popular or not. I do not really like crackle but I love julep and for my polish fetish sake I can do solid nails and one finger crackle or french with crackle tip. I am a die hard french manicure person. I can do my friends and family nails i guess. i have no complaints.

  • I was really hoping for some awesome, unique colors to go along with the quick drops… Guess I’ll skip the month and wait for the quick drops so I can purchase it separately.

  • I’m going with American Beauty for the orange crackle, I figure I’ll get a good Halloween mani or two out of it. Excited to see that Sofia is an add on for the same reason. My 3 year old will flip over glow in the dark nails! Also adding on Kiera and Caroline, because I have no vampy Julep colors.

  • lizzie

    I agree! I am not into crackle at all! However, I love that they are doing something unique, you gotta keep it fresh! BUT, I LOVE all the regular shades, I wish I could just get them. 🙁

  • Sarah Jane

    I remember crackle when it came out in what, 1999 or so? I liked it but It wasn’t a big hit then. It’s way more a hit this decade…. I don’t mind crackle polish. It’s an easy way to add a twist to your polish without a bunch of trouble to do it. I like my American Beauty Box. I think Crackle screams Halloween. Please leave out the nasty candy corn though.

  • Channing

    I’ve never used crackle but I like the style, even if it’s not a “current” fashion. Very appropriate for Halloween, for sure. I love the color selections and I’m having a tough time choosing… might have to go with the whole collection. Also – please do suede soon! I like these, but I would love suede.

  • Jessica

    I’m pretty much over crackles at this point, so it’s going to need to be a skip this month for me. Hopefully next month has something that really draws me in.

  • Chris

    I got them all! WooHoo!

  • I love them ALL! I bought the entire collection and added the glow in the dark Sofia. I cannot wait to get them to start creating some awesome manis!

  • Sue

    Love it girl!!! 🙂

  • Cori

    I am not a huge fan of crackle polish, but sometimes to extend the life of my manicure, I will add the crackle to cover up a few chips and get a new look in minimal time.

    I love the color combos for American Beauty, Boho Glam and Bombshell. I usually get bombshell, but this month I am definitely going to add Eloise, Sabrina and Lisa.

  • Suzanne

    ya’ll all sound so snobby “crackle is so last year” ..”I find it passe and trashy”… so they chose to do crackle.. possibly because julep is based on design/style… skip it if you dont like it but no need to be mean

  • Carolyn

    I like the CWAT this time although usually I go with AB. Don’t like crackle and don’t think it is appropriate for those of us who are not in our 20s-30s. I love a beautiful manicure and not afraid of some trendy colors, but crackle does not cut it

  • Nesse

    I’m not a big crackle fan but I’m CWAT and as much as everyone’s saying the colors are bleh, I’ve been wanting these two colors for a while. Boris and Nicole is always either sold out or I’m not feeling like paying $14 for hah Gwyneth is perfect for French tips. And i almost bought quick dry drops in the store. Glad I hadn’t. Happy with this box!

  • Kathryn

    i’m getting the American beauty box with Boris and Nicole as an add on…cant wait to get my box in the mail!!!! 🙂

  • steph

    I’m going to second the whole: not a fan of crackle or the classic with a twist option, would have loved to try the drying drops, but skipped. Would have loved a 2 creme + drying drop option, but oh well. I think I’ll shortly be cancelling because I’ve not been seeing options I’ve wanted to buy.

  • How. Do I exchange?

  • Roquinna

    I love that you guys added the”Maven Choice” box! Thanks for listening to us 🙂 I def love the Autumn colors- keep with the colors related to the season/holiday look and I’ll be happy!
    Also added the quick-dry drops (which I REALLY hope work) Sofia- I love the whole glow-in-the-dark idea and can’t wait to try!!!!

  • dreamzz

    My thoughts exactly!

  • Kathy

    Has anyone tried the quik drying topcoat, feedback?I am not interested in crackle polishes have only used once but it just didnt apeal to me. I am CWAT and would like to try the drying drops as I just finished OPI ones I had. I use a lot of topcoat a quikdry one would be great. Im the worst for waiting for drying. Without quik dry wouldnt even do nails much! I guess the colors in the box are ok just nothing I need at this point and its always good to use what u have as they do dry out regardless of how well they are stored. Having a reasonable selection and adding as some go out. I once tried a surprise box and got base which has proven to be excellent.

  • So I just ordered the American Beauty intro box and I was going to skip october because I really hate crackle polish with a passion, but then I saw Maven’s Choice and I was SO HAPPY! I absolutely love Eloise, Lisa, and Keira and I’m really excited that you put those 3 together. Thank you for listening, it really made my first order start off the right way 😀

  • Leslie

    So bummed. Have been waiting forever for Julep to come out with “Leslie”! They finally do & it’s black! So blah. Wanted it to be a fun color. Even more bummed it’s not in a box with drying drops! Sure wish we could make our own box with the new colors for the month.
    Thx for finally coming out with Leslie tho.

  • Jessi

    Aw, Man! This is my first month and I already have to skip! Not a crackle fan and the CWAT sheer polish isn’t my style either. 🙁 What a bummer!

  • mel

    Just got my box yesterday and am pretty pleased with the colors that i got. I got the classic with a twist because it was the one withour crackle (love crackle but i already have some). Im not too fond of the light pink, but the burnt orange is amazing!! i also added on elliose and leslie. Love the added Candy Corn. was a great surprise, but im not sure what to do with the glitters i got in my box. Any ideas for the glitter?

  • mel

    Just got my box yesterday and am pretty pleased with the colors that i got. I got the classic with a twist because it was the one withour crackle (love crackle but i already have some). Im not too fond of the light pink, but the burnt orange is amazing!! i also added on elliose and leslie. Love the added Candy Corn. was a great surprise, but im not sure what to do with the glitters i got in my box. Any ideas for the glitter?

  • I just got mine and while I’m not a fan of crackle I had my niece help me choose and the Red and Black that came in my It Girl are BEAUTIFUL! The crackle is a silver so it’ll be fun if I don’t give it to my niece… I was going to get the glow in the dark for my add on but got Eloise (the blue) and I love them ALL! My roommate hasn’t got her box but got her add on. I told her it’s probably a golden box and she said it’s probably just lost/slow (she’s not an optimist like me!)

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  • I actually really do like crackle, and I have since it came out. I really think it adds something extra to a mani, and I thought the 12-piece set was a great deal, so I bought that. I paid $50 for $154 worth of product, and I’m quite happy about it! I’m excited for what’s coming in November. I am really looking forward to Julep coming out with a Matte or Suede polish, and I hope it’s in the November box!

  • lizzie

    I just got my box and I love it! Here is why julep is my favorite box of the 3 I get every month: 1. options. I get to see what im getting and I have choices. And if I dont like what I see, I can skip a box without having to cancel my account like with other boxes. 2. The special care taken to make the box look nice, diffent colors, ribbon, not to mention the fun surprises in each box! candy, glitter, a free polish. Awesome. Thanks julep for being great!

  • Tracie

    I sure want to receive such awesome nail polish colors. I sure hope I will get them.

  • Marlene Love

    I am so glad I didn’t get crackle with my Classic With a Twist polishes! I absolutely love them! And the glitter/candy corn were a cute touch! 🙂 Loved this month!

  • I just finished putting Eloise and Sabrina on my nails and am in LOVE!!! I never would have ever thought of getting an orange crackle but now I want to try it over top of everything!

  • D A

    what the heck to I do with these sparkle things?

    • Erica

      We wrote a post on how to use them 🙂 find it here!

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