Mid Finger Rings & Nail Rings… Would You?

by Erica Stolman | 3 Comments

Since the main thing we talk about on the Julep blog is mostly in relation to nails, it only makes sense that we discuss some of the more popular trends also associated with the hand. To be clearer, I am talking about “finger candy”… as some would call it. Whether you like to wear a ring on each finger, or prefer to keep it simpler, there are 2 finger trends that are catching many individuals’ eyes (mine included). These two trends are the nail finger & the mid finger ring.

Take a look at these trends, and let me know…. would you?

Nail RingsNail rings... first seen on the fingers of some our most favorite celebs (i.e. Beyonce), are now being worn by fashionistas everywhere. What do you think? Would you pair a gold nail with your favorite shade of Julep polish?

Mid FInger RingsNow this is one trend that I fell for, hard. I LOVE the idea of wearing a delicate ring (or not so delicate) just above the knuckle. Having a hard time finding a ring that small? Simple, rummage through your jewelry and find that toe ring you used to rock in the 90’s. That works just great!

  • of course, I would love to try out the nail ring trend! I first saw it on Cupcakes and Cashmere but do not remember what company she was featuring..

  • Jade

    Love it!!!!! I would love to try this trend! But where would you get the rings?

  • Stunning! I really love it.I I’d prefer to have it.